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Performed by Nicole C. Mullen

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call on Jesus | Reviewer: sandy | 5/16/07

i first bless the Lord who created everything. i love the song and you Nicole who sang it;it's a reconfort in my situations let the glory of our Jesus Christ be on you and your family.
i live in London and Loving Jesus.
God bless you!
from Sandy

Wow! This is Great | Reviewer: Odunlami Olatunde | 5/10/07

The song "Call on Jesus" had really ministered to my life. It made me understand the fact that JESUS is the answer to all situations.

Infact, I really thank God for this song.
Nicole C. Mullen, may God uphold you till eternity. So that we can together sing for the Lord when the trumpet shall sound.


About the song Call On Jesus | Reviewer: Odunlami Olatunde | 5/10/07

The song had really changed my life.
It made me understand the fact that everything is possible under any circumstances.

I really thank God for this song. It's inspiring.

Call on Jesus | Reviewer: Farhana Nazir | 5/8/07

I am pakistani christian worker and i was so inspire by this song. I really appreciate your thoghts for gospel songs. Call On Jesus is wonderful song.

love it | Reviewer: jesery | 5/6/07

this song is great everytime i listen to this song my emotions just breaks loose.

kid | Reviewer: anonymous | 5/5/07

this song is beutiful ill sing it in front of my church i love it so much.

WE LOVE THIS SONG | Reviewer: Lina & Margie from Fiji | 4/30/07


Call on Jesus/Redeemer | Reviewer: Juanita White | 5/4/07

I was down stairs cooking one Saturday evening and just happened to came up stairs. As I glanced at the TV I saw this woman singing this beautiful song,(Call on Jesus), then she followed it with (Redeemer). As I listened to her sing, tears began to fall from my face and the spirit of the Lord came over me. I immediately began to thank and praise Him. My heart was filled with unspeakable joy. Before she finished singing, her name appeared at the bottom of the screen. With tears in my eyes I got on the phone and called my neighbor hood Christain book store and asked if they had those songs. They had to order them. I have them now. Within 12 hours I have learned both songs and will be singing them one Sunday. God took me to a much higher level in my walk with Him after an anerurysm and three brain surgery's last year in 2006. Now, Nicole inspires me, she make me smile and she makes me cry, but most of all, she makes me proud to see a sista praise the Lord like that, (in her own little way). The show she was on was Show Time at the Apolo and I had never seen her before. In time I will have all of her music. You go Girl, I love you. M.Juanita White.....Millington Tn.

A nice inspiration | Reviewer: carri | 5/3/07

the first time i heard this song i liked it very much then i heard it on the radio over and over again and i just started to love the song soon i was hearing the song at school, home and church and it is really a powerfull song it can help people who are going through a hard time .....:) i LUV thi s song !!!!!

graduation | Reviewer: shanniella | 4/29/07

i love this song!im not even 12 yet and i want to sing this song at my graduation because i wanna encourage my class mates who r going to high school that they can always call on jesus anytime no matter what and this is my#1 gospel sopng.what about u???

call on jesus | Reviewer: joshua moulton | 4/20/07

call on jesus is a good song the youth in are church sangs that all the time

So solemn and yet very touchy | Reviewer: Niyi o | 4/20/07

I admire this song so much,especially looking at how It's bn performed on her concern. We christians in nigeria love your songs, choreography,and so on...God bless you

sad................... | Reviewer: shakira | 3/23/07

this song is a very touching,i just love it i have heard it a long time before but when this girl at my skool sang it one morning it really got me thinkin,nicole is singing a realy true song,sometimes you wanna get away from all the madness aroung you and you just wanna be alone

Inspired | Reviewer: Mary brand | 3/5/07

I am not even in my teens yet, and this song really intruley talks to me already! We sing it at my church and I never totally knew the words, but I just bought it on itunes and I'm listening to it like crazy!! I really feel like what Nicole Mullen is singing is totally true and it really makes me realize,.... ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH JESUS!!!!!! i luv this song!!!! :-)

Possible | Reviewer: Nino | 3/3/07

I don´t know where this woman did get this inspiration.But i can say only,that this could only be the present of our Jesus Christ.This song is more than good.It is wonderful to see how our God gives those wonderful presents to his Childrens. God bless his peoplea and our Sister Nicole for this Song.

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