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nicky the bezt | Reviewer: vanessa | 11/4/12

Nicky ur the bezt ur a barbie just like me. I love ur music don't ever give up cuz there is only one nicky and its the best of all don't listen to what people say and hate on u because they hate cuz they can't be like u.

My rapper oh gosh....... | Reviewer: Marothi given | 11/4/12

Hi nicki minaj,you are my rock i love your songs when y rap you makes my head crazy, and you are beutiful i think one day you should come to south africa i just to see y as for that song starship damn nicki your my rock im still a learner if i finish my education...... im coming where you are to see much luv

kirra x | Reviewer: your the best | 11/3/12

i love you nicki manaj i i would love to meet you !!!!! i am so sorry to hear about you dad being on drug and about your mother but it is ok because you have turned out beautiful !!!!!and i love you somg your the best !!!!!!!

nick mnaj | Reviewer: monisha hall | 11/2/12

i love nick baceuse she is someone what is good that want nick is all about

all about nicki | Reviewer: shadarrion mckinlry | 11/2/12

you is the bast and you are a nice young lady fuck lil k9im

Nicki Bitch | Reviewer: Amber | 11/1/12

I love u so much!!! You rock and I love every damn song u have on your cd!!!!! I will someday meet u. Who ever does not love u that I hope they go to hell cuz you should not judge someone by there looks or if they even done somthing bad....KEEP YOUR BAD COMMENTS TO YOURSELF!!!!

Im your #1 fan xxoxxxo | Reviewer: India xx | 11/1/12

NICKI I LOVE YOUUUU I'm your biggest fan I love every song you have sang and got both albums I know when ur birthday is ok right now I sound like a freak !! I really wanna go ur concert

Nicki'z Minaj Onika Maraj baddest bitch | Reviewer: Oarabile Shuping nicki'z fan | 10/31/12

Nicki Minaj i love u u u u u u u u u u u u u u um a guy who listens 2 ur gr8 rapping i jst love u,me en mi gals Kabelo Jantjie,Refilwe kgositlou,Ontlametse Khonkhobe en me Oarabile Shuping.hands off th baddest bitch nicki nicki.dis is my moment 4 lyf.

my rolemodel | Reviewer: nicki love | 10/27/12

nicki ur awesome and i luv ur songs u gotta come to ogden utah. u should come on may 27 to my house cuz i started listening to ur songs when i was 8 or 9 and im 11 now which means u gotta keep playin 4 me.

how Much i love Nicki Minaj <3 | Reviewer: Erykah Givens | 10/28/12

Maaan , Nicki FORGET The Haters i'm You #1 Fan And i can prove that. its barbies ALL Day you get money so of course these females/Males Going to hate sweetie Your BEAUTIFUL and your so different that's why i love you. No body can say your like them Or trying to be like them because your Nothing LIKE anybody You the Only Onika Tanya Miraj <3 .

my IDOL! NICKI MINAJ (ONIKA MARAJ) | Reviewer: MIKE ! | 10/25/12

NICKI MINAJ !!! im the one who is listening of your songs all day !!! never mind those hatersss nicki .. because haters can sharpen you ! atleast you're showing your true personality than hiding it nigga ! :)) ILOVE YO NICKI KEEP IT Up

By Nikki I'm your true Barbie | Reviewer: Kelia | 10/24/12

I was doing a article about. U and I would like to me u in person so come to Atlanta ASAP mean as soon s possible I listen to your songs all the time and kn u have a lot of hate but Ii don't care I your best friend I'm with you to the end girl I like yo swag and hair

Fuck | Reviewer: Lil g | 10/22/12

Hey fuck u that sayz bad stuff abth ma star...u ain't beta than keep ur bitchy moth shut..u are annoying...and another thng she'z not a whore...i love u girl u are my insperation and my rolemodel...

10/22/2012 | Reviewer: shon | 10/22/12

hey im a big fan of yours i was doing a triva about you so i thought i should come on here i would like for you to come to albany georgia and prefrom at the race track, but you might not be able to come am yor best fan if you can please give me a shout out im a true Barbie

I BEEZS IN THE TRAP and ya i love theme strippers

bye Nikkic

just a fan | Reviewer: sofia m. | 10/16/12

hey nicki i did research on you an it was fun and intresting i always wanted to be a singer an i tell my family im going to be as much as you one day so i hope by time im 16 im 13 now that i can be a young singer/rapper an hope to do a song/rap with you.So god bless always with me bye

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