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U my idol wish 2 b u ... | Reviewer: Aniyah | 12/10/12

I just wanna say u my # 1 idol and i want to be like u i wish i were u i work on music but not in studio my and my sista we workin hard to 4 fill our dream we listen to ur music from in spiration and wen we become famous ima thank u on da stage...P.S dont worry bout hataz just stay with it keep goin and do ur thing....rise above haterz .remmemba day aint nun to keep it 100%...

I will like to see u in person | Reviewer: REYNA APONTE | 12/9/12

hi nicki i like how u just being your self and not acting like them other rappers. Eny way i want to tell u that when i was a baby my mom left me cuz she was on drugs. My dad he could'nt take care of me eather so my grandma took me she's the one tat takes care of me till this day and right now im 14 years old im going to trun 15 in April 11th 2013 i will love to see u but i cant because i could not aford it one ticket for me and the other for my grandma but eny way thats my dream to see u. I will love to see u and to send me 2 tickets. I live in walkegen il 920 south jackson st 60085
:) i will be so happy if u send me 2 tickets!

I love u barbie | Reviewer: Naomi Chika | 12/7/12

I am one of ur greatest fans.....I jux love to listen to ur songs wen am happy I listen to em. Wen am sad, I make myself happy wit ur songs. I love ur new song "Va va voom" I LOVE YOU NICKI....u re d best of em female rappers

Come 2 south africa n c my natural body | Reviewer: Nicky kodisang | 12/7/12

Nicki i thnk u shuldnt hv chnged yo fce n body lyk dat bby doll god made u lyk dat n u chngd it,i hv a real body similar 2 y0s if u ar gven ur gvn bt if nt u shuld jst live it hw it is,or u using yo body 4 yo music 2b board let me tel u if ur using yo body ur crazy coz u really knw hw 2 rap n yo voice is licious lyk my bodylicious body

omg | Reviewer: kia | 12/6/12

i'm your biggest fan and all the people that hate you just hating cause they aint you and cant get like you. but don't quit what tour doing because i couldnt live w/o your music !!!

I endorse this message I love so freaken much | Reviewer: Team Minaj | 12/6/12

Hey, Nicki I love so much, I just love ur new album the re-up
I love all the songs on there. The are like so amazing my tag songs
Is the boys, va va voom, I endorse these strippers, and I'm legit.
Love u mmmmmmmmaaaaahhhhhh

shite | Reviewer: sucks2bu | 12/4/12

You a crap Singer artist like all the other auto tuned fucker's out there my dog could sing better than you you look like a fat whore who needs to write a song That doesn't include your voice or slut whore every 5seconds. But well we all know you just want the money and don't care about music you fat black wanker

Ninki Minaj is d best female rapper. | Reviewer: Mustapha hauwa Angel. | 12/4/12

Am hauwa but my nick name is Angel am 13 , am a muslim . Am frm nigeria . I love everything about u Onika Minaj . Am a great fan of urs i love ur raping and i also lyk u becoz u work hard to get wat u want . Call this number when u at Nigeria.

My inspiration | Reviewer: Krista soul | 12/4/12

Hi nicki minaj!!!!!!! You are my role model for life and I love the way you sing,dress and your personality. I think that you are amazing for surviving what you have been through in your life and I really respect you. I've been told by heeps of people that singing is my natural talent and that I am special because I can do gravel. I had egnored them until I herd your songs and then I decided to persue my dreams I luv all of your songs but I am inspired by your new song va va voom and I am really touched by your song moment 4 life. Nicki it is because of your songs that I have survived some family issues the same as yours and I don't ever want you to stop singing because you are amazing and you are loved by all of your fans. I luv you Nicki!!!!!!!!!!

"Gosh" i luv u nicki | Reviewer: Olivia | 12/3/12

Hi nicki,female wizzy,Barbie bitchn ymcmb Queen,,,, U d best. Am Olivia frm Nigeria n am ur great fan,luv ur song,styles,art n everytin abt u. Heard u cumin to Nigeria n i will do my possible best jst to see u....... Luv u xo xo xo much'''08102704838''''

Hi Nicki, ma name's nicki's Barbie. I'm from Nigeria. I must confess I love er'thin boud you. Your songs, your clothes, your hair, you are really ma role model. Heard you re comin to Nigeria, i can't wait, i'd love to perform va va voom with you on stage! Please do come to Nigeria. mmuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Love ya pleni

the queen of rapp | Reviewer: atalicious muleya | 12/1/12

i am athalia muleya from SA in musi town and am 15 years old. i want to be a singer one day and a rapp singer like the queen of rapp nicki minaj.i love u nicki minaj and i wish to be like u one day. u are hot i must say and u are my role model. i love your cloth oh my gosh they are so beautful as u nicki. i love u so much

Yuhh Awesome But............ | Reviewer: Beatriz Gonzales | 11/30/12

Okay Nicki I Fucking Love YUhh Like No Joke Okay I Love YUhh Songs And Omg Im Jelouse Haa.! /.\ But Im Mexican... I Saw What Yuhh Posted About Mexicans Being Lazy Like Really OMG SHUT THE FUCK BITCH.! All The Vegis & Fruit Yuhh Yeah Us Mexicans Picked And Growed That For Yuhh Okay All Of Us Work Are Ass Of For A Better Tommarow And Stop Talking Shit About Us So Please Shut Yuhh Mouth, But Other Wise I Love Yuhh, Yuhh Music Your Body Yuhh Personality, Besides Being Racist, >.< But Yeah I Love Yuhh


Wish i waz famous | Reviewer: Khanyisile maseko | 11/29/12

Ppz nicki minaj really does my world gal i'm so proud of you,i'm khanyisile maseko 4rm SA i'm 14 yrs old turning 15 on de 11th of december i attend school at eletsa secondary school

no.1 fan | Reviewer: taylor | 11/29/12

hey nicki. wat u doin. im just chillax'n with all my sisters admiring all of ur songs i am the youngest of six girls. we r one of ur biggest fans . my sister knows all ur raps and is soo in luv wif u. my number one wish is too finally meet u in person. i am school captain of my school and i would really love it if you could come to sarah redfern p.s...
plzzzzz, mmmmwwwwuuuuaaaahhhhhh c ya!!!

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