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My inspiration | Reviewer: Krista soul | 12/4/12

Hi nicki minaj!!!!!!! You are my role model for life and I love the way you sing,dress and your personality. I think that you are amazing for surviving what you have been through in your life and I really respect you. I've been told by heeps of people that singing is my natural talent and that I am special because I can do gravel. I had egnored them until I herd your songs and then I decided to persue my dreams I luv all of your songs but I am inspired by your new song va va voom and I am really touched by your song moment 4 life. Nicki it is because of your songs that I have survived some family issues the same as yours and I don't ever want you to stop singing because you are amazing and you are loved by all of your fans. I luv you Nicki!!!!!!!!!!

"Gosh" i luv u nicki | Reviewer: Olivia | 12/3/12

Hi nicki,female wizzy,Barbie bitchn ymcmb Queen,,,, U d best. Am Olivia frm Nigeria n am ur great fan,luv ur song,styles,art n everytin abt u. Heard u cumin to Nigeria n i will do my possible best jst to see u....... Luv u xo xo xo much'''08102704838''''

..this thin he shakin.. I ain even tryina find out who he datin.. | Reviewer: Nicki's Barbie | 12/1/12

Hi Nicki, ma name's nicki's Barbie. I'm from Nigeria. I must confess I love er'thin boud you. Your songs, your clothes, your hair, you are really ma role model. Heard you re comin to Nigeria, i can't wait, i'd love to perform va va voom with you on stage! Please do come to Nigeria. mmuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Love ya pleni

the queen of rapp | Reviewer: atalicious muleya | 12/1/12

i am athalia muleya from SA in musi town and am 15 years old. i want to be a singer one day and a rapp singer like the queen of rapp nicki minaj.i love u nicki minaj and i wish to be like u one day. u are hot i must say and u are my role model. i love your cloth oh my gosh they are so beautful as u nicki. i love u so much

Yuhh Awesome But............ | Reviewer: Beatriz Gonzales | 11/30/12

Okay Nicki I Fucking Love YUhh Like No Joke Okay I Love YUhh Songs And Omg Im Jelouse Haa.! /.\ But Im Mexican... I Saw What Yuhh Posted About Mexicans Being Lazy Like Really OMG SHUT THE FUCK BITCH.! All The Vegis & Fruit Yuhh Yeah Us Mexicans Picked And Growed That For Yuhh Okay All Of Us Work Are Ass Of For A Better Tommarow And Stop Talking Shit About Us So Please Shut Yuhh Mouth, But Other Wise I Love Yuhh, Yuhh Music Your Body Yuhh Personality, Besides Being Racist, >.< But Yeah I Love Yuhh


Wish i waz famous | Reviewer: Khanyisile maseko | 11/29/12

Ppz nicki minaj really does my world gal i'm so proud of you,i'm khanyisile maseko 4rm SA i'm 14 yrs old turning 15 on de 11th of december i attend school at eletsa secondary school

no.1 fan | Reviewer: taylor | 11/29/12

hey nicki. wat u doin. im just chillax'n with all my sisters admiring all of ur songs i am the youngest of six girls. we r one of ur biggest fans . my sister knows all ur raps and is soo in luv wif u. my number one wish is too finally meet u in person. i am school captain of my school and i would really love it if you could come to sarah redfern p.s...
plzzzzz, mmmmwwwwuuuuaaaahhhhhh c ya!!!

How i feel about you | Reviewer: Khanyisile maseko | 11/29/12

Hey nicki i'm khanyisile maseko 4rm SA i'm 14yrs old i jst wanna let u knw dat i luv u so mch ur my role model,i really luv di new song the boys dis song drives me crazy,i wish i was famous so dat i can be able to see u one day

Nicki nicki nicki i put it in you kidney!!!! | Reviewer: Dakota Fanning | 11/26/12

hey nicki you are sooooo pretty in love your clothes too i love that new song va va voom it is so cool did you really meet a boy meet a boy when!!!!

sincerely, Dakota
get that money!!!!$$$$$

Jst luv every thing about Nickli minaj..... | Reviewer: Cleverub | 11/26/12

Hi Nicki minaj,,D young money queen,,i'm cleverub 4rm 9geria,nicki i luv d way u sing,d way u make ur ryms,d way u brend ur rapps,,,d way u push female rappers 2 d wall by showing them wat rapping is all about,infact ur more dan a diva,,,4me u r d world best''' hw i wish u'll 1day visit NIGERIA,,,,kip it up baby me luv ya,,,, 4rm dat cleverub!"""08062193259"""

i am in luv with u | Reviewer: tasheana simpson | 11/26/12

i luv u nicki manji i am absessed with u u make me smile my brother them think i am stupid cause i like u that's not stupid because i like u and i am a girl thats y they think i am stupid u is so..... sexy and u have a big booty...... lol

Heaven angel nick | Reviewer: Charles seoka | 11/24/12

Hey nick my nym is charles nd um frm S.A i jst wna let u knw tht yoh ur music rocks nd pls kep it up...i love hw u sing nd also ur dancing moves i jst wish i could see u performing onda stage wth ma eyes oneday lovin ur music girl.

We luv u btfl grl | Reviewer: Alinah n kgaogelo | 11/22/12

Hello btfl grl..we luv u m n mtr wt kip it up..ur btfl voice..u sing lyn an angl grl i realy min it..wen we fnshd wth our studies our fst slrys we gona by a cr js to cme n c u..btfl,sexy n lvly yoh u rock our wrld grl..we luv ..uuuuuuuu..mxhwaaaa..

Nicki Minaj! | Reviewer: Shohada Memur | 11/22/12

Hey!Im shohada nick name sharky! Can you please come to Gosforth Central Middle School? Its in newcastle in England! When you come can you please give me a autograph even though i have your autograph but i want another one. So does my friends louise, zainab, holly! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and I LUV U! ( as a singer)

Nicki Minajs no1 fan! | Reviewer: sharky!!!!!! | 11/22/12

Hey! sup nicki? I am tots in luv wid ur clothes and everything! HAHA! lol i like ur song va va voom! It is awsum! Can u make more songs like dat? Oh btw if u can can u meet me at Gosfath Central Middle School in gosfarth in newcastle in engaland! LUV U!

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