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My role model | Reviewer: Jayyyyy | 3/4/13

Hi nicki am jainab but my friends called me nicki minajazzz am going crazy because of you I love you nicki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am not just a fan but consider you as ma role model, my friend

love nd miss u nicki | Reviewer: little angel | 3/4/13

im 19 nd im from nigeria, im ur number one fan here nd i miss u soooooo much.i wish to fly in a starship nd meet u in person nd i also knw dat day will be my greatest moment of life. 08134563001 is my number nd i hope u read my msg. I luuuuuuvvvvvv u nickiiiii

Love you Nicki | Reviewer: sara | 3/2/13

Hey Nicki :)
your music is great and i think you're doin great on American Idol 2013!!! I hope I can meet you ine day because i think you're really tough and I wish I was too :)

Nicki i luv you music very much | Reviewer: Tumelo | 2/27/13

Hi i am Tumelo they call me 'Lowpress', thats my rap name and all they from S.A i adore your musice very much expecailly when you with DRIZZY i heard alot songz of DRAKE talkin about you i luv them i act just lyk DRIZZY.DRAKE when it comez to 'RAP' I'll rap just u and DRAKE,mwahhhugz crazy about you

Sweat under your Wool instead | Reviewer: Someone's Mother | 2/24/13

I think you mean 'manger,' or mange for EATING in French.
Menage does not mean eat, it means 'also,' such as menage a trois.

I would like to suggest to you Nicki to look to where you are going in the future, meaning transforming into a very nice 'lady'.
Do remember to use your manners under all circumstances, and maybe not even give credence to someone who may stoop low; just say nothing, remain silent.
This is very classy instead of getting all upset etc.
Try to practice this and remember to be like a little lamb and sweat under your wool.
You already have everything else perfect!

zimdolicious 4rm gugulethu at S.A | Reviewer: miss minaj | 2/20/13

hi miss minaj my name is zimkhitha from S.A im 14 years old. i jst wanted 2 tell you i admire ur music and u. and i jst can helq the fact that i cant wait to see like real.when i see you in magazine,television,DSTV,music shows,awards i jst go crazy like i am an qshyco love u miss number

NICKI | Reviewer: Omoh tee | 2/20/13

Nicki u're an embodient of encourage nd success 2 young girls lyk me.i'm 16 nd still in high school,i luv ur songz very much,especially "UR LOVE",cnt go a day witout listening 2 it.i'd luv 2 meet u sumday.LUV U NICKIIIII...

LOVE U mORe daN AnY1 elSe dWl | Reviewer: LiL MISS NICKI MINAJ(jadene pillay) | 2/21/13

Nicki u rock,u r da most fabulous Female rapper I have ever known.Just keep doing wat u do sweety coz no1 can stop u from being dat AWESOME.I know dat some day I will get 2 meet u in person n I just hope dat day comes soon,n dat would definitly be my MOMENT 4 LYF;)HavE a GuD lyF al dA be$t in da FuTUre mwaH.LOVE u 2 much......u truly are the best!!!!

like hey Nicki | Reviewer: Nomsa | 2/17/13

whatever girl, you can be so bitchy to the contestants on Idols, cant you use some of your acting skills and hide what you are really feeling and anyway it is all subjective, and are you trying to be a lady gaga look alike ?

OMG xo goin crazy | Reviewer: Hilda Maraj | 2/15/13

Nicki,am xo in luv wit u,wen am upset i listen 2 ur music,am xo goin crazy bcos of u,i come 4rm Nigeria,nd my fone numb is 08101022660,Nicki pls giv me jst ur numb nd i wud do all u wnt

NICKI ILOVE YOU ! | Reviewer: Erykah Monique | 2/14/13

i am your BIGGEST Fan i love you sooo MUCH ! Your so diffrent i loooki up to you so much your the love of my life . I Would LOVE TO Me you one day (tear) that may NEVER Happen thought \ Anyways LOVE YOU <3

Ur amazing | Reviewer: Mini Nicki Minaj | 2/13/13

Ur amazing and so pretty,I love your music and fashion.My sis and me listen to your music all the time,we have your album.I love your songs especially Pound The Alarm it's amazing like you!I would love to meet you in person,I hope you read this.

Truth | Reviewer: RJ | 2/6/13

Nicki Minaj has clearly forgotten what it takes to get to the top,the manner that she has been treating contextants on American Idol is nothing short of embarrassing. Either she has forgottenn what it takes to get to the top or she got their on her back like her pose in XXL. On top of all of that she has very limited 3-5 years we' ll be referring to her as Onika Maraj.

Nick fan | Reviewer: Pranawika gurung | 2/12/13

Hey Nick! I m pranawika i m a vry big fan of urs and jay sean wen i 1st listen 2 urs nd jay song i was crazy if u could met jay den tell him about me ok i m da no1 fan of jay.I m vry far frm u all i m frm darjeling.Keep rocin all da time

Luv you nicki!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Little minaj | 2/12/13

Im lindiwe,a south african barb,my friends call me little minaj.i can rap just like you and im writing my own raps,you will see me in the future.i really luv you and i'm your only #1 fan..........halla to the barbz out there keep on luvin' her *kisses 4 u*

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