Nicki that music from u luv it free dom | Reviewer: Young Destiny | 1/10/13

Nicki i jeust luv u and all of ur music u the best in all, that me young destiny i whant to be like u. well i'm a boy 18 years old i werna rep like lil wayen l luv young money, that is all for nawo

i luv u nicki | Reviewer: munashe | 1/10/13

i love u nicki minaj (onika tanya maraj God bless u a a real female weezy i lyk ur song beez in the trap tat wat i call true hip hop kikiki mwaaa luv u keep on producing good music with excellent lyrics

like ur music | Reviewer: michelle | 1/8/13

i luv u.u ar a wonderful rapper,different nd outstanding.i luv most of ur songs such as va va voom,the boyz,starships,freedom,i am ur leader,superbass,nd d rest of dem.u ar so amazin.tanks

You are my role model! | Reviewer: Nelly or lisa(full name is nelisa) | 1/6/13

Hala onika maraj,nicki minaj,nicki lewenski,barbie, wOw i just don't know what to say because you are so amazing!..your life story proves that nothing is impossible if you just keep trying.I love your music and whats even cool is that i can sing or should i say rap it!..your album pink friday:romans reloaded:re-up is sick!!! Realy dig it..and oh i'm nelly from South Africa nd i'm 16...if you ever wnna say something call me on 0730895475, GOOD LUCK, all the best this year and the coming years!

You're an inspiration | Reviewer: Londy | 1/6/13

Hey onika miraj i lv ur music and i lv u because u do whatever u put ur mind to and that tells me that i can do anything that i want only if i put my mind to it,you are unique from other female rappers because you sing and rappe at the sametime,by your rapping skills you have inspired me to rappe sing and rappe at the sametime because before you came in the industry i thought i was crazy rapping and singing at the sametime,i know most of ur sngs lyk starship,va va voom, pound the alarm,freedom,superbass,stupid hoe,playtime is over,right by my side,nicki i would lv to see u in my country soutg africa doing what you do best.

south africa | Reviewer: allistar | 1/3/13

Hy nicki I am a boy and I love ur songs with my all heart am spichless but my class maits at school and my freinds says I am a gay I should I love a gal instant of loving boys like lil wayne• I love u nicki and I love any song of yours can I please hear ur voice nicki 0762775796

Nicki 1 fan | Reviewer: Kenya | 1/4/13

I luv your muzik. I'M your 1 fan. I'm 10 years old. I luv you so much.I luv your new songs Vo Vo Voom,Fredoom, The Boy. I need help I'm great At basketball but all the boys in my class won't let me play because I'm a girl. What do I do Give up my Dream or not. Let me no sune please.
Dear Barbai

Inspiration | Reviewer: Nicki Fanatic 1307 | 1/4/13

Hey Nicki, If you ever read this I want you too know you are my inspiration. I love you and your music. I know EVERYTHING there is too know about you. Yoi inspire me because you're not afraid to be different and you don't let the haters negativity affect you. I am a 13 year old girl living in Augusta, Georgia. I would love for you to do a show near me. I would love to cheer you on while you do your thing on stage. Lastly, my favorite song is Pound the Alarm. Love, Ur Numba One Barb

nickson | Reviewer: manix nickson Ombui | 1/1/13

Hi.onika Minaj .I am ur 1fan .I would like 2 usher u to 2013 with happines. I am 14yrs old &I would like u 2 visit Kenya Coz most singers such as sean P viaul,p square and I would like u 2 also visit kenya.

Nicki | Reviewer: nickson aka nicki minaj) | 1/1/13

Hi,onika Minaj I am ur 1fan I usher u 2013 with much luv .I saw u act at the cartoon ice age 4:continental drift together with Drake & it was a good. animation from both of u Guy's.I would like both of u 2 visit Kenya Cox Sean.Paul, psquare and the rest & I would like u 2 also come. I liked ur latest song : VA VA voom & beauty& a beat ft Justin _

you took my breath away | Reviewer: Barbieletso | 12/30/12

Barbz I don't have much to say but that I loved you from the 1st moment I saw and heard from you , you became my heroin some time and I became an onika maraj freak and numba 1 fan of your syle,personitly,music and all the others that I didn't mantion and nicki I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH plus I habe all your songs and know them by heart if you ever come across my message and want to reply text me at 0718687271 i'd reply immedetly . YOURS TRUELY BARBIELETSO

Nicki minaj biography | Reviewer: Kimberly molina | 12/30/12

Nicki minaj i think u are awesome and that u are the greatest rapper in the whole intire world.And onika one last thing i'm your number 1 fan.I lov u , but not in the lesbian way.Later alligator.:)

how are you | Reviewer: madison | 12/29/12

nicki you are a person i have never kown this about you before because i am your 1 fan out of all of them so i dont understand how you became a big hit.why did you want to do this in your life dont you miss your home and family while you are on the road taking trips and performing at concerts all over the world.nicki you have wicked songs and i have listened to all of your songs you ar the best rapper i have ever heard before anyone else.i am a huge fan of you because you ar a awsome person to me nobody can take your place of where you are now

How much i love you | Reviewer: Gugulethu | 12/27/12

Hi nicky lewenski i love u so much really are preciate you of who you are en what u chose to be,i looovvveee ur songs so much guess what i know how 2 rap en sing ur songz en im proud en al i can say iz im so proud of u

The real u | Reviewer: Dominique | 12/26/12

Okay I really love ur music. But some time you get on my nervous sometimes you do stuff that is true but sometimes ppl jus don like you and lie about you and I get it so jus know that im on your side it's a lot of ppl on your side so jus take care of your self and know that you have a bounce of friend like me and a whole lot of fans out there so if you feeling loneliy you got me and your fans and don't forget about drake because I know he will not leave your back and when I say that everybody will agaree with me right so your not A lone