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nickson | Reviewer: manix nickson Ombui | 1/1/13

Hi.onika Minaj .I am ur 1fan .I would like 2 usher u to 2013 with happines. I am 14yrs old &I would like u 2 visit Kenya Coz most singers such as sean P viaul,p square and I would like u 2 also visit kenya.

Nicki | Reviewer: nickson aka nicki minaj) | 1/1/13

Hi,onika Minaj I am ur 1fan I usher u 2013 with much luv .I saw u act at the cartoon ice age 4:continental drift together with Drake & it was a good. animation from both of u Guy's.I would like both of u 2 visit Kenya Cox Sean.Paul, psquare and the rest & I would like u 2 also come. I liked ur latest song : VA VA voom & beauty& a beat ft Justin _

you took my breath away | Reviewer: Barbieletso | 12/30/12

Barbz I don't have much to say but that I loved you from the 1st moment I saw and heard from you , you became my heroin some time and I became an onika maraj freak and numba 1 fan of your syle,personitly,music and all the others that I didn't mantion and nicki I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH plus I habe all your songs and know them by heart if you ever come across my message and want to reply text me at 0718687271 i'd reply immedetly . YOURS TRUELY BARBIELETSO

Nicki minaj biography | Reviewer: Kimberly molina | 12/30/12

Nicki minaj i think u are awesome and that u are the greatest rapper in the whole intire world.And onika one last thing i'm your number 1 fan.I lov u , but not in the lesbian way.Later alligator.:)

how are you | Reviewer: madison | 12/29/12

nicki you are a person i have never kown this about you before because i am your 1 fan out of all of them so i dont understand how you became a big hit.why did you want to do this in your life dont you miss your home and family while you are on the road taking trips and performing at concerts all over the world.nicki you have wicked songs and i have listened to all of your songs you ar the best rapper i have ever heard before anyone else.i am a huge fan of you because you ar a awsome person to me nobody can take your place of where you are now

How much i love you | Reviewer: Gugulethu | 12/27/12

Hi nicky lewenski i love u so much really are preciate you of who you are en what u chose to be,i looovvveee ur songs so much guess what i know how 2 rap en sing ur songz en im proud en al i can say iz im so proud of u

The real u | Reviewer: Dominique | 12/26/12

Okay I really love ur music. But some time you get on my nervous sometimes you do stuff that is true but sometimes ppl jus don like you and lie about you and I get it so jus know that im on your side it's a lot of ppl on your side so jus take care of your self and know that you have a bounce of friend like me and a whole lot of fans out there so if you feeling loneliy you got me and your fans and don't forget about drake because I know he will not leave your back and when I say that everybody will agaree with me right so your not A lone

Life stages about nicki minaj | Reviewer: Alice | 12/24/12

Nicki minaj was from a troubled family her father was on drugs and her mother was struggling as a single mother so nicki was struggling with her mother and after finaly gradutated at high school and were she studied for acting and singing so she is from jamacia so many people say minaj is from china so that a lie

l love ur music and would like to see u in person | Reviewer: shantelle chirume | 12/24/12

dear nicki my name is shantelle l live with my mom and dad in zimbabwe and l love ur music vry mch l want u to cme to my contry and hve a const l know its in zimbabwe psquar came,akon come,bricek and lace come and sean paul come so why cant u nicki l want u to come and l lve ur real name and also can u pt everything about urself and l want to ask do u hve hair canser and do u hve plastce sejary are u black girl tell the world about urself girl dont hide ur true colour we lve u but and u know bt if we dont know u we wont lve u girl this is from ur biggstet fun who lve u but must tell u the truth l lve u nicki shantelle chirume 12 years old and reply me lve u

i wanta a sista like u | Reviewer: Tara Barclay | 12/25/12

Nicki! your song Marilyn Monroe tells a bit of my life, my dad is impatient and he call me idiot or stupid from mistakes, its normal for a school girl to make mistakes, (i'm 12) so its normal right? my dad used to hit me on my ass, he call it as a small power and he can play golf, so for me its strong, my dad dont hit me anymore coz he's scared i dont love him. My dad slapped me hard once (i was 9 that time) and i learnt from you that you suffer once and you are successful now. i found out that suffer can turn to success, success may turn to suffer.

Love u barbie | Reviewer: Emmanuel | 12/22/12

I love u onika bbe. . . .im 14yrz. .nxt year im turning 15yrz. . .i live with my mum n i dnt evn knw my dad cz she left me when i was 2yrz. .so i just love ur song lyrics n i also love luv ur criziness. . .lolz. . .i dnt lyk 2 b a singer bt i wuld love 2 c u shaking dat big ass of urz on stage . .yeah lv u my future sugar mama lolz. . .i wsh i culd fck doz big ass of urz tjoe. . . I luv u mncwah. . .4rm ur namba1 fan in south africa durban

I <3 u Nicki | Reviewer: Harleigh Freeman | 12/20/12

dear nickie my family has just moved and i heard about you from a friend i lisen to your music all the time i love u and me and my best friend have had dreams of going to your concert and meeting you i would love if you came to Atlanta Georgia and preform so i can go and will you mention you you luv you

TeggaP | Reviewer: Godspurpose | 12/19/12

I luv nd admire u Nicki Maraj..i always hope each tym i watch nd listean tn your musick dat one day i'm gonno see u, talk 2 u, shake hands wit u, hug u nd even take a snap shot (photograph) wit u....i luv nd admire ur style, ur mode of dressing nd the way u rap....may God help me 2 b famous in d future so dat i wil see u nd my dreams wil b achieveD.. I'm from Nigeria, from delta state nd i live in one of the most interesting place in delta state and in nigeria as a whole...ONE LOVE FROM ONE OF YOUR FAMS GODSPURPOSE.

loving this tanya maraJ | Reviewer: NHlanHlA hlOngwANE | 12/17/12

Hey nick aint seenin at bad thing abt ja ur jst mavelous the way are ur beautiful,born stunner as u are lolz am d8tn sum1 jst like u sh goes by the of khensani mlambo AKA tanya maraj n I love her a lot lolz jah bt bby tanya ur stunner dy u ar hey posted by numbr 1 fan nhlanhla hlongwane cheerz peace

Hey your muzik rocks | Reviewer: Lynn.Shamy | 12/18/12

Hey Nicki thanks for your muzik l luv t it motivates me and an inspiration its helps me to keep on keeping on especially in the presents of my heytaz. A lot of pipo say u are fake but dnt mind the shit as long as you are okae with the state you are in it dont matter

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