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i love nicki | Reviewer: pearly | 8/18/13

Hey nicki, you are the best and the fastest rapper av ever seen on earth, ,,I love your style,•°your,Hair-do,your ¶make-up,,your dressing and your figure.I love you so much muahhh• Friday<3..oxoxox•••

AWESOMENESS | Reviewer: khanyi | 8/18/13

Hey MiSs nicki you are 2 AWESOME for words....when haters bring you down you just come back up and Kick some EXTRA ASS!!!!..Thank you for AWESOME music!!!* hope you come back 2 SOUTH-AFRICK soon eey!!!
Lots of LoVe
Khanyi your twin Roman

you da boss | Reviewer: charlotte char-zeal latjies | 8/16/13

The best female rapper of all time. Love you nicki minaj, nicki lewenski, nicki the ninja. Roman, martha zolanski, rrrrrrrrrrrrrooosaa!!!! Wish you all the best, and most importantly God bless you. <3

Y i love nicki | Reviewer: Millie | 8/16/13

Ur my role model i love evritin abt u, u r the best female rapper, i love rappin too, u are cute and biutiful nd i love pink, ur song pound the alarm nd whip it down is very nice jux dont fall our hands people all ova d world are lookin on to u, pls come to lagos nigeria we r waitin 4 u

my friend Nicki.... | Reviewer: glenda | 8/12/13

Thx for inspiring me Nicki! I love you......everything about you! Keep doing what you are doing! ~giving the people what they want......more Nicki! Muha! Your friend always!!!God bless

Best female rapper nicki ;) | Reviewer: Yaashna minaj | 8/11/13

heeya nicki the names yaashna pillay ima big fan of you & i love all your songs and dresses i just wana tell you dat....

I love you nicki i love you nicki i love you nicki i love you nicki i love you nicki i love you nicki i love you nicki i love you nicki i love you nicki i love you nicki i love you nicki i love you nicki i love you nicki i love you nicki i love you nicki i love you nicki i love you nicki

What Up | Reviewer: Angelica Martinez | 8/9/13

I don't like you everything about you is fake You had no ass and boobs. Fake as bitch cause she know nobody would of wanted her if she had no ass or boobs and you ugly as fuck but I guess that plastic surgery fixed your uglyness that is a sin because you in reality didn't like the way god made you SMH just to get guys ..

Nicki world | Reviewer: Young emxy | 8/9/13

Nicki..see i just dont know what to say...if i see a word more dan special,splendid,beautiful,compareless..i will call u so much i love ur music especially ryt by my side nd i knw all ur lyricz...wish u can come to lagoz,nigeria wish to see u in my lifetym be4 my death comez even people call me ''oko minaj'' meaning minaj husband..just stay blessed..u are too gud..muah

Ths is 4 u nicki | Reviewer: Lauretta | 8/6/13

Ey nicki i dnt knw hw 2 say ths bt i really wanna see face2face even ur songs i lv them all especially Dear OLD NICKI even here at home they call me nicki minaj i wish i could shake ur hands 1 day nicki i love u so vry much im 4rm south africa in johannesburg i jst want u 2 knw tht evryday i search ur lyrics in intenet nd practise nd now im the bst rappeq jst bcoz of u thnk u nicki

You diss like a BOSS! | Reviewer: Demon Rapper | 8/2/13

I really like your tracks because of the beats and the lyrics are bad ass! I'm striving to be a rapper and I have many rapper role models. So thank you Nicki. Just do what you do and God Bless You!

Why I love and like about Nicki Lewinsky | Reviewer: Alexandra | 7/31/13

I love nicki the ninja because I love rap and swag,I love style and I love Barbie's, its like I'm your twin sister I have curves and chinese eyes like you,it's like I know your songs meaning all of your songs.I'd like to meet you and see your face I'm a Black girl from South Africa in Freestate I Love you Nicki .0735119143

barbiebitch | Reviewer: pertunia | 7/21/13

hy nicki minaj ths is pertunia am 14years old i lyk u nicki ur my role model sum ppl talk bad abwt u bt i jst tell thm dat nah u are da bst and i lyk rapping wow u are my rock nicki lov u.

Let Rap | Reviewer: salim smart | 7/19/13

i love anything about you minaj, i can slea my father house just to meet you, i love rapping and i love you stly of rapping, see your my roll modem. Up Africa great Nigeria. Smart by nicname, call me on dis 07037788880

how i feel about nicki | Reviewer: yaya | 7/16/13

I look up to you as a nice person who keeps going on and dosent look behind her i look up to you as far as rapping and lifestyle goes i hope that you keep on going dont stop because when you stop i stop and then i will think that i will never make it in the real world i know that your grown and that you can do whatever you wanna do but can you please slow down on the cursing please because when i repeat your words i have to stop and then keep goin im not trying to be rude this is just mi opion

I love you nicki | Reviewer: hillieee nnamani | 7/13/13

Nicki I love you so much, you are my role model and I want to be like you. I rap too, but just in school. I also love all your alter egos especially Roman and Martha Zolanski. I wish you all the best. Please follow me on twitter @Hillieee_N

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