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Nicki world | Reviewer: Young emxy | 8/9/13

Nicki..see i just dont know what to say...if i see a word more dan special,splendid,beautiful,compareless..i will call u so much i love ur music especially ryt by my side nd i knw all ur lyricz...wish u can come to lagoz,nigeria wish to see u in my lifetym be4 my death comez even people call me ''oko minaj'' meaning minaj husband..just stay blessed..u are too gud..muah

Ths is 4 u nicki | Reviewer: Lauretta | 8/6/13

Ey nicki i dnt knw hw 2 say ths bt i really wanna see face2face even ur songs i lv them all especially Dear OLD NICKI even here at home they call me nicki minaj i wish i could shake ur hands 1 day nicki i love u so vry much im 4rm south africa in johannesburg i jst want u 2 knw tht evryday i search ur lyrics in intenet nd practise nd now im the bst rappeq jst bcoz of u thnk u nicki

You diss like a BOSS! | Reviewer: Demon Rapper | 8/2/13

I really like your tracks because of the beats and the lyrics are bad ass! I'm striving to be a rapper and I have many rapper role models. So thank you Nicki. Just do what you do and God Bless You!

Why I love and like about Nicki Lewinsky | Reviewer: Alexandra | 7/31/13

I love nicki the ninja because I love rap and swag,I love style and I love Barbie's, its like I'm your twin sister I have curves and chinese eyes like you,it's like I know your songs meaning all of your songs.I'd like to meet you and see your face I'm a Black girl from South Africa in Freestate I Love you Nicki .0735119143

barbiebitch | Reviewer: pertunia | 7/21/13

hy nicki minaj ths is pertunia am 14years old i lyk u nicki ur my role model sum ppl talk bad abwt u bt i jst tell thm dat nah u are da bst and i lyk rapping wow u are my rock nicki lov u.

Let Rap | Reviewer: salim smart | 7/19/13

i love anything about you minaj, i can slea my father house just to meet you, i love rapping and i love you stly of rapping, see your my roll modem. Up Africa great Nigeria. Smart by nicname, call me on dis 07037788880

how i feel about nicki | Reviewer: yaya | 7/16/13

I look up to you as a nice person who keeps going on and dosent look behind her i look up to you as far as rapping and lifestyle goes i hope that you keep on going dont stop because when you stop i stop and then i will think that i will never make it in the real world i know that your grown and that you can do whatever you wanna do but can you please slow down on the cursing please because when i repeat your words i have to stop and then keep goin im not trying to be rude this is just mi opion

I love you nicki | Reviewer: hillieee nnamani | 7/13/13

Nicki I love you so much, you are my role model and I want to be like you. I rap too, but just in school. I also love all your alter egos especially Roman and Martha Zolanski. I wish you all the best. Please follow me on twitter @Hillieee_N

Nathiya Musicfreak | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/13

Hi Nicki minaj... I love rapping too! Your rapping are so wonderful! I loved rapping since 6 years old.... I know a bit of rapping and singing and even I wrote some songs.... My dream is always to be singer like you and build a home for the young people who are orphan.... But your singing is so awesome!!!!

Best female rapper nicki | Reviewer: franklin leonard | 7/8/13

Nicki ur d best female rapper i knw, ur cute i love all ur music especially my best fly, sex in d longe, and beautiful sinner, atimes i follow ur rapp and try 2 study it, cuz ur my role model.

Why I love so much | Reviewer: Zukhanye,you can call me Caroline | 7/5/13


my review | Reviewer: Tinaysia | 7/1/13

Nicki i hope u reed dis

I love ur song, Marilyn Monroe and high school andsometimes I realize how complex ur life was At and u r my idol and
I love the way u dress (at least someone can APPRECIATE SOME ONES LOOK)
Sorry 2 to be misery but did u go out with a guy named James? Answer on twitter, jay love 11433

«««best female rapper of all times»»» | Reviewer: keisha nieveldt | 6/30/13

I love u nicki u my role model,the reason 4 tht is because u strong,beautiful,great personality nd just down 2 earth OMG cnt believe I 4got 2 saY u a fashion icon•|LovE uR music my farourite song is high school><nd u tell it like it iS¤•|twitter__@nieveldt follow me mwahZzZ“•^|¤<”

hi nicki | Reviewer: tajanee | 6/29/13

my review is nicki i wannt to be just like you but i want you to know that you are my role model i wannt to have your happiness iwant to be just lie you and i like how u win best female rapper at bet awards 3 years in a row you will win this year too i beleive in you you can do i have faith keep doin what you do luv always

hlw nicky....u knw wht u r my role model,u r jst a facisnating person in da wrld and ur! Is so hot and i wsh i cld rape lyk u..u r da bst rapper in da wrld in my phone is all abt ur songs only...i luv u minaj and also ur songs...mxaaaaaaah

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