I luv nicki minaj | Reviewer: Evie Sparks | 2/25/14

Nicki u're just too good...You've got spunk and class, i love your music and you have a great voice. I used to hate rap b4 but now, i love it. I love listening to 'Fly'...itz an amazing song, like u said, it must be surprising, u're just amazing!!

my favorite female rapper.. | Reviewer: Challe from Zimbabwe | 2/22/14

Hey Nick..i just like the way u rap,ur art of joining words is very unique.i can't get enough of ur song called,u c right through me,..hey I like that song,I always sing it,I hope one day I will b famous like u coz singing is also my talent,I will b very happy the day we r going to meet u,I know I will coz the world is too small.

Nicki minaj is my idol.. | Reviewer: Snenhlanhla mkhize | 2/20/14

Nicki minaj i love you so much and i hope 2 see or meet you 1 day i wanna be jst lyk u you.. I can sing and i wanna be a illuminate..im only 16 yrz old doing matric this year.. Even at school they call me nicki ..NICKI MINAJ YOU ARE MY IDOL

All bout you | Reviewer: Chyanne | 2/15/14

Nicki i love that you pulled yourself put of that horrible situation with your father and your mother struggling. People might say that your are fake and whatever but I believe that you are whatever you believe. You inspire me to do what I always want to do which is become a rapper and or singer.

Nicki my boo.... | Reviewer: Stephanie | 2/13/14

I really love your songs.No matter how people discriminate you,I will always love you.Nicki,you strived and you survived.I admire that a lot.I admire you.I hope and pray that I get to meet you someday.My name is Stephanie from Nigeria..PEACE OUT!!!!!!!

Babatunde | Reviewer: Victor akinbuli | 2/9/14

Nicki i really luv ur musics cos ur music is 1 of d fins dat keeps me goin..... I am just 16 years born on febuary 13 1997 in nigeria at akure.....before wen i was in my former skul all my mate do rap bt it was only me dat was odd out of all of dem so wen dey wanna start rapping dey will ask me to leave cos i cnt rap so i jus got home nd to my fone nd downloaded some of ur musics nd started listenin to dem den i learnt rappin.nicki i luv ur musics i wish i could see u nd talk to u so dat u will teach me hw to rap more beta.if u could do dis for me i assure u.i will neva let u down nd u will keep on shinning.nd keep up doin d good job....may God bless u nd keep u....hoping to see u.i luv u nicki

Really? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/14

I can't honestly believe twelve year olds listen to her, and refer to her as a 'hero'. She might have grown up in a troubled family, but I really can't see how her lyrics are inseperational.

A band I listen to the singer had grown up in a broken family also. He didn't grow up with a father, then his mom left and he was forced to live with the man he never knew. Another band I also listen to the singer never knew his mother, and his father got him hooked up on drugs which landed him in prison. But their lyrics mean so much, lyrics that can actually be called inspirational.

Just because you grew up in a broken family doesn't mean anything. Some who did grow up like that are in prison, or shooting up heroin.

I am NOT saying you're not aloud to listen to her because honestly I don't really care. But don't refer to her as a hero when she doesn't even deserve the title.

XxTRA_ CUL | Reviewer: EMMY - XxTRA_ CUL | 1/30/14

Pls i dn't 1 2 make mistakes my Dear Nicki Minaj.I Luv u n d way u makez me 4get my sorrowz. yes off course, I really do. May our Gud Lord Blezz u n d Memberz of ur Entired Family'z Ameen.Tnx

following her dream | Reviewer: yasmine leon | 1/18/14

Im 12 and i live in south Carolina i can sing and my mom told me the only way to follow your dream is to believe in yourself which is what i do anyways and u r my role model u r beautiful creative spontaneous and unique and i love u thanx for being my inspiration

My rapstar...Nickiminaj | Reviewer: Young Nicki | 1/15/14

I xo love d number one female rapper in the word,who is far better than most male rappers.I love your charisma,dressing,rapstyle,hairdo,makeup,everything,have learnt xo xo much to rap like u,ma favourite music of you is'masqurade'....xo love it....hope to see u in Nigeria soon...love u*kisses*

Nicki's big fan | Reviewer: Isaiah | 1/13/14

Hey there nicki am isaiah i live in south africa i just want to say i love u so much many people say am ur son and u r my mother so what am trying to say is keep doing the good and great job of rapping and one other thing is i cant wait to downlaod ur new album coz i have ur albums so keep up doing the good. Oohhh one thing nicki mhm congratulations of ur pregnancy wish u the best nicki

Nicki u are the hottest | Reviewer: Happiness Lontana | 1/10/14

Hey nicki....one day i wish i could meet u...coz i love nd u are adorable for me.....nd i love your song "RIGHT BY MY SIDE" U KNOW WHAT THIS SONG COMMEMORATE ME MY B.F WHEN HE'S NOT BY MY SIDE#IM lontana 4rm RSA!

Hw much l luv Nicky .Reviewer Memory from Zimbabwe | Reviewer: Memory | 1/6/14

I just like the way my sis rape the songs and in my future l wish l can meet u somewhere.My best song from u is (Starships) u did it well it makes me being intrested on hip hop songs my sis may God continue blessing u

Terrible | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/14

Don't get me wrong, I respect your childhood and what you raised yourself up from, but distinctly, your music is garbage. You offend other singing icons with far more experience than yourself like Mariah Carey, and you spend your life singing songs filled with curse words and foul expressions. I respect you and your fans and dignity, but I am not a fan of you.

Mthatha in south africa | Reviewer: Princess nandipha makaula | 1/1/14

Hey nicki its me nandipha bt u cn cl me nana am only 12years.u drive me crazy people say am the nxt nicki and i always laugh i love u gal i wish i cn hug u nd meet u u drive me crazy i lv u wth al ma heart