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Nicki Minajs no1 fan! | Reviewer: sharky!!!!!! | 11/22/12

Hey! sup nicki? I am tots in luv wid ur clothes and everything! HAHA! lol i like ur song va va voom! It is awsum! Can u make more songs like dat? Oh btw if u can can u meet me at Gosfath Central Middle School in gosfarth in newcastle in engaland! LUV U!

nicki minaj's number 1 fan!!!!!!!!!1 | Reviewer: Louise | 11/22/12


07938579530 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/20/12

Nicki minaj ur amazing ur a brilliant singer u rock my world i amb going to ur concert i really want to meet ye because ur u really really really pretty , ur really nice , really really funny n im ur no1 fan , i wish i was ur sister ur amazing i love you to peices ! I hope i meet u soon beacause u put M into music with a capital M and i love you love ye love ye love ye love ye

Moses peter in facebook | Reviewer: Moses but my friend young money | 11/19/12

Hi Nicki hw ar u doing,u know i luv u& al about u,iluv ur songs,ur raps,hw u luk,ur dressing,infact all de things u do.u know despite ur gud job there might still be bad wishers but dat wont stop ur growing up right? so kip de gud going.luv u better. 08132093995

i adore you nicki | Reviewer: tambi martin | 11/19/12

hey nicki im martin from cameroon just want to let you know that im ur number one fan down here i luv u so so so so much pls never stop singing till u leave this earth cuz i adore ur songs

I lve u nicky | Reviewer: Priscella | 11/17/12

Hi nicky m name is keamogetse priscella bosman and i'm i was born on 1997-22-09 and i am i female and i am frm kakamas south-africa and why i snd u this cause 1day when i'm m3ting u then u can remember me nicky u are m fan cause i lve ur,i lve u when u sing and do everythg i lve u so so much and 1day whn i'm dne wth schl and i'm gng to new york cause 1day i'm gng to study fr an actress why? Because a wnt to mke a flm wth selena gomez and se is my fan 2 both u are why u are m fan because the way u sang uh its beautiful no matter wht the people say cause i dnt care because u and selena are m only fans lve u both mwha

#1 fan tshwarelo seabela | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/15/12

Nicki i dnt care abt u past,i care abt the present you rock ma world evry beat of your rappng skills i luv uuuuuuuuuuuuuu onika maraj keep it up your only female rapper alive 2 me i luv u wth a capatle leter L

Omotolani sexy | Reviewer: Omotolani | 11/15/12

Nikki u are the best among the rest keep it up gud job.nd u are also a gud rapper out of all the rappers pls don't relent keep bumbing gal u are gud nd matter of fact u are my birth day mate wish u cum to nigeria(08183439987)

My wishes | Reviewer: Mmabatho | 11/15/12

Hi nicki u know wat i lv uuu so much i wish i could be u but people lyk to tears me bcz of my body but i just ignore them but its alright im gonna be sexy lyk u but im beutyful gal and they are going to be ashamed when they see me sleeming

YUNG G NIKKI | Reviewer: jessica idahosa | 11/13/12

Hey nikki ur like my inspiration. I write my own raps in my free time
although im just twelve. I go on this
website called stardoll and i made this
wig tht looks exactly like the one u wore on superbass. It would so mean the world to me if i got to meet u

Nicky am ur best fan | Reviewer: Loretta | 11/14/12

I luv ya niky ur ma role model.i lyk al ya songz nd rapin.ur beaty inspires me hw i wis 2 be lyk u smday.i also which u cud visit nigeria so dat i cn c u.hey nicky dnt mind wat dey say abt ur luks i stil luv ya.mwah

Im in luv wth the way u luk | Reviewer: Alinah | 11/14/12

Hi nicki i luv uuuu..ur butifl,sexy..i like ur nose man..i wsh i wr u..hoh i ws goin 2 b slfsh.kip on burnin beutiful grl..i wtch n lstn 2 evry songs tht u a thre js 2 hear ur voice n c u..mxwaaaah

i wanna to be like my girl nicki minaj one day | Reviewer: simone | 11/14/12

Hey miss nicki minaj i love all of your songs and i love you too am your bigest fan i wanna you to come and sing to at my birthday on july 23rd 2013 you like my big sister i love you nicki ans bring young money to

lil' nicki 's message to Onika Tanya Maraj | Reviewer: lil ' nicki | 11/11/12

hi nicki ! you can call me chum :) 14yrs old and my birthdate is on dec 24 , i would rather wish on my birthday that you will have a concert here in the philippines . i love the way act , the way u dress , the way u rap and sing . actually ilove everything about you :) im your biggest and avid fan nicki , i wanna be a good,hot and swag rapper like u ! i will make u my inspiration to achive those dreams :> irealy love u nicky , roman , Onika Tanya Maraj . hehe mwah mwah mwah ;*

Big fan | Reviewer: Hanna h. | 11/8/12

I love u Nicki one day i wanna be like u. U have so much good songs, and my only dream is to meet u. U are a nice girl! <3 And please don`t care about those haters Nicki! Do never stop singing!! I wish i were u! Love ya <3

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