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My mentor z u | Reviewer: Daffodil Akingbesote | 12/8/13

Anytime i listen 2 ur song i always ve dis tin 4 u, u're mi hero& mi mentor. I luv u so much. i'm curious nicki i cant wait 2 c u. Mi favourite z 'freedom'. And dnt 4get kip on persevering. KISSES 2 U ONIKA:* i'm jus 13 yrs old pls cme 2 NIGERIA we all luv u

it is good not to give up | Reviewer: bobby. D | 12/6/13

i love u nicki minaj nd i always feel d way u rap..... I always love to hear u rap nd ur one in town swag...... I have now seen it that it is not good to give up....... Good job minaj... Nd if u dnt mind u can let me have your mobile pin in my fb acct................ Jerry themayjih

I luv u a lot *,* | Reviewer: Nani | 12/6/13

Hi Nicki Minaja I love you I am a huge fan of yours u are pretty I also like your music my to favorite is moment 4 life , an super bass and stupid h** I listen to clean version because I am younger than must of your fans I am 12 year old girl and happy birthday your birthday dec 8 today is the 6 and mine is the 23 have fun I love you

Nicki manaj u r hot! | Reviewer: Kamogelo | 12/5/13

I love nicki manaj coz shes beautiful nd hot nd i love nicki manaj songs.i wish u where at that i can c u live nd ask u som question.u wana knw wat i wil always lv u nicki manaj.I give u this messege tat i wil always lv u nd am 4rm S.A nd i wil always lv uuuu

Hw much i love nicki | Reviewer: Maluleke Renolda | 12/5/13

I am maluleke Renolda frm s.a limpopo province....i inspire u nicki yu made a brighter future for urself sister...yu are a great singer nd a great rapper...yu are my role always listening to ur songs

A Brqht Future.. | Reviewer: Shaniya | 12/2/13

I inspire you Nicki.. you made a bright future for your self girl. You is living a life that everyother wsh they had. Your a great singer and a great rapper widh you well and more to come.

I love nicki | Reviewer: Palesa monaheng | 12/2/13

Nicki i lv u alot with all my heart i have thousands of ur pictures and alot of videos,songs in my phone..if u come to S.A i will be the one to come 2u..please come to s.a i will buy u anything u want im dangerously inlove with you woman even my vrends call me''nicky'' i lv u nicki u mbah.. De way u rap geez u myk me fil dizzy i lyk u ey! And u hv ur own style

d way i lov u nicky | Reviewer: precious smith | 11/28/13

Nicki m Precious mlambo frm S.A kzn.I HOPE U'RE READING THIS.each n evrytime i listen 2 your voice tears flow on my face***TEARS OF JOY**** i love d way u dress,sing,rap n your style actually i lov evrythng in u!whn i looked at a flower i thought it was d most beautiful thing i've ever seen,till i saw u nicki u're so beautiful,u're stunning!wow nicki i dnt hav much 2 say ol i cn say is:i loveu alot,u're my role model.keep t up.TAKE CARE.god bless you!!!!MWAAAAAHHHH!!!!

i lv nicki with all of my heart | Reviewer: precious smith | 11/28/13

wow wow wow nicki i lov the way u rap u r d best rapper i've ever heard.i lov d way u dress,speak,rap actually i love each n evrything in u.u rock ma world,U ARE MY ROLE MODEL.i wish dat 1 u culd com 2 c me ur little daughter m 14 yrz m 4rm kzn PORT SHEPSTONE.I LOVE U N WISH U ALL THE BEST.TAKE CARE.mwaaah

The way i love u nicki | Reviewer: Veronicca | 11/25/13

Nicki i luv the way u dress and u know what suits especially wit the colours girl u are so dangarous and u are fu*ken beautiful u look like a doll u are my role model i wish u could come to s.a and take me wit u i luv u very veronicca from pretoria s.a

the best female weezy | Reviewer: mindless | 11/21/13

hello nicky i'm mindless frm south africa in limpopo province at lephalale i love they way you sing i wish i can came to S.A and visit our town i dont have many words to say what i want is to see you real face buy

I love Nicki | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/13

Hi nick im ENTERTAINER from S.A i lv ur work the way i lv u . Well the way i love it makes me wish you to be my wif one day but mybe to that could be imposible but to me its posible because i belive that nothing can stop love.

Nicki is my best friend(bff) | Reviewer: Dustina | 11/19/13

Nicki is a fabulous girl and not stupid like other girl who don't respect their peers. She grew up in a troubled family, probably without any money. Now look at her, she's famous, she has money, she lives in a proper home with her family, and also has a beautiful voice to express herself. I hope one day, I get to see her and tell her that I am so happy that she found her talent to become sensational.

Nicki deo whinsky | Reviewer: Keitumetse Mosime | 11/18/13

I lyk the wy u rap, i wish u could be my mother, all i nd u to knw iz tht YOU ARE MY ROLE MODEL I LOVE YOU I WLL NEVER EVER HATE YOU IN A MILION WAYS, i like tht song 'MUNNY' eish tht song it work my world!!!

Nicki's fan | Reviewer: Lesele kebone | 11/8/13

Got much lov 4 u Nicki...i wana b lyk u wen i grow up....u r ma inspiration,AH HOPE U'LL VISIT HERE IN MZANZI(SOUTH AFRICA) WEN Tym goes on...eix u drive me crazy....i even col maself Princess Bianca Minaj...

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