FACT:leant to rap lyk nicki | Reviewer: dipuo | 12/30/13

nicki u r de fact y i luv hip-hop so much,i really fell in luv with it....nd i luv u nicki,ur songz,expesially "High school",i even leant to rap lyk u....wish to meet u someday....that would be ma dream becoming true,and plz dnt let me down,cuz u'r de only person hu cn make ma dream cum true.....*xxx*

lisa mfeka | Reviewer: l luv gal | 12/30/13

hey nicky l just wanna tell u that ur the best luv gal keep it up wth ur songs and ur beauty god bless u wish to see u one day lm 23 yrs old livin in Pretoria in SA luv u gal big time mwaah.,

the way I love her | Reviewer: petunia | 12/29/13

De way I love u nicki I cnt even explain it u drive me crazzy I realy wanna meet u 1 day n wat hurts me de most is dat am far away in S.A bt I hope n pray dat GOD will make a way so dat I cn meet u.love u

Jamaica Queens Bee | Reviewer: Elizabeth | 12/27/13

Nicki I totally love your music and the message you send the world. We are from Jamaica Queens and my son and daughter love listening to your music. Keep doing what your doing. Proud to be a fan, and FYI I love Wayne too but you and B.o.B sound AWESOME together, just saying.

my queen | Reviewer: rachel burton | 12/20/13

Nicki minaj is the person who inspires me to do my best in school because she's grew up with such a hard childhood&wheneveri'm sad I just grab my earphones&listen to her music, especially my song 'freedom'i'm not the best singer but i've heard worse, so i'm just going to carry on trying because I don't want to be a failure,I love&adore you onika tanya maraj my whole inspiration comes from you!

Nicki my inspiration on hip hop music | Reviewer: Paballo | 12/14/13

I was jst a kid who loved hip hop mostly loved weezy my man! then i wantd to rap but then i thought 'twas jst a guy's things... then i saw nicki man i went like WTF b*atch! She a gal and she rap. pober'lly i can do it if she can do it.then i got into music industry...i also did a track like urs...."RIGHT BY MY SIDE" i love it.I am only 15 yrs at the moment was born on 13 may 1998 im in South Africa in limpopo polokwane wish u could come at once.Thanks for the efforts ur puttin' in ur job nicki u realy inspire me!!!! keep up the good work,Love yA!

alias:Princess Pablo-barbie

Nicki Minaj she's The best female. | Reviewer: Kiza Dayana | 12/15/13

I always love to hear u rap nd ur one in town swag...... I have now seen it that it is not good to give up....... Good job my sis.
NICKI MINAJ She grew up in a troubled family, probably without any money and You are living a life that every other wish they had.I have an a dream that there is one day i will see you and to ask you some questions. Thank you and may God bless you at all.

love you nicki | Reviewer: abongile | 12/12/13

hi....am frm s.a....nicki minaj firstly i lyk u secondly i adore you...i lyk everthng about you:your songs,your style grl!it drives me crazy one day i would lyk 2 see you n hold your hand byee and happy belated!love you

My mentor z u | Reviewer: Daffodil Akingbesote | 12/8/13

Anytime i listen 2 ur song i always ve dis tin 4 u, u're mi hero& mi mentor. I luv u so much. i'm curious nicki i cant wait 2 c u. Mi favourite z 'freedom'. And dnt 4get kip on persevering. KISSES 2 U ONIKA:* i'm jus 13 yrs old pls cme 2 NIGERIA we all luv u

it is good not to give up | Reviewer: bobby. D | 12/6/13

i love u nicki minaj nd i always feel d way u rap..... I always love to hear u rap nd ur one in town swag...... I have now seen it that it is not good to give up....... Good job minaj... Nd if u dnt mind u can let me have your mobile pin in my fb acct................ Jerry themayjih

I luv u a lot *,* | Reviewer: Nani | 12/6/13

Hi Nicki Minaja I love you I am a huge fan of yours u are pretty I also like your music my to favorite is moment 4 life , an super bass and stupid h** I listen to clean version because I am younger than must of your fans I am 12 year old girl and happy birthday your birthday dec 8 today is the 6 and mine is the 23 have fun I love you

Nicki manaj u r hot! | Reviewer: Kamogelo | 12/5/13

I love nicki manaj coz shes beautiful nd hot nd i love nicki manaj songs.i wish u where at S.A.so that i can c u live nd ask u som question.u wana knw wat i wil always lv u nicki manaj.I give u this messege tat i wil always lv u nd am 4rm S.A nd i wil always lv uuuu

Hw much i love nicki | Reviewer: Maluleke Renolda | 12/5/13

I am maluleke Renolda frm s.a limpopo province....i inspire u nicki yu made a brighter future for urself sister...yu are a great singer nd a great rapper...yu are my role model...am always listening to ur songs

A Brqht Future.. | Reviewer: Shaniya | 12/2/13

I inspire you Nicki.. you made a bright future for your self girl. You is living a life that everyother wsh they had. Your a great singer and a great rapper widh you well and more to come.

I love nicki | Reviewer: Palesa monaheng | 12/2/13

Nicki i lv u alot with all my heart i have thousands of ur pictures and alot of videos,songs in my phone..if u come to S.A i will be the one to come 2u..please come to s.a i will buy u anything u want im dangerously inlove with you woman even my vrends call me''nicky'' i lv u nicki alot..lv u mbah.. De way u rap geez u myk me fil dizzy i lyk u ey! And u hv ur own style