Why i lik nicki minaj,nd hp 2 be lik her some day | Reviewer: Nelly john | 10/16/13

Wow nicki ur r a beautiful damsel,nd d hottest rapper among rappers.i lv d way u sing,ur rap,ur dressin nd ur pink out fit.infact i lv evrytin abut u nd wana sing lyk u some day.am Nelly John nd my stage name z nellyswazy.am young 16 nd gat so much tracks.i wil lyk us 2 sing a song 2geda title STAR GIRLS.keep it up babie cuz i lv ur swags.am 4rm Nigeri.LV UUUUUU.

I love nicki with all ma heart | Reviewer: Mothobekhi kholofelo jaunty | 10/16/13

Im mothobekhi kholofelo jaunty,known as hope,Im a rural gal,i atend school @ mandela barloworld agricultural high school,im in grade 10,I lyk u nicki minaj,i lyk ur lips,ur weaves,eye lashes,infact i lyk da whole of u,i wix if 1 day u cn visits me here in limpopo bolobedu ga-matswi,u r ma role model,i reed ur story,it makes me a complete persn,i can see that with god evrythng is possible,people out there,dnt take other people for granted,nicki is da example..kao rata nicki(dnt b surprised,im a pedi spkin)..I LOVE YOU NICKI

Nicki minaj,my second mommie and role model | Reviewer: Kiki Zolanski | 10/14/13

Hey nicki,i sent you a review before,i'm still your daughter,i'm sending a new review cause i made errors in the first one,once again i wud tel u to pay no attention to ur haters,they are whining cus they want to be like u,lov u mom frm wunmi judith oduntan in nigeria muah

Nicki daughter | Reviewer: Wunmi judith oduntan | 10/13/13

Hey ma'am i love you so much nicki minaj,i am your greatest fan,i'm 13 from nigeria,i love your style,charisma and determination,you thrill me alot and that is why i have all your raps in my brain,you ase my idol aod inspiration,i would like to have a track with you,cause it will bf a honour to me i love my onika tanya maraj,nicki minaj,harajaku barbie,roman zolanski,cookie,i actually named myself kiki zolanski cause i sincerely love ur ways,anyone who hates u is a whiney little cunt,pay no attention to ur haters and keep up the good work from ur lovely daughter in nigeria

Nicky minaj you are awosome | Reviewer: Andronicah | 10/12/13

hy nic, i luv ur music so mch n it means a lot 2 me n it makes me feel lyk i wnt 2 lyk u,ur song n ur rapping do mre gal so i wsh sometimes u could vst us i wish 2 c u face 2 face here in Limpopo province in South Africa luv u n alot

Nicki i luv your songs espcially fly, d way u imsert english into d rap was amazing, i luv so much, i wish u live long 2 give us more..... | Reviewer: My name is sebastine from nigeria. . | 10/10/13

I luv ur music so much, i can feel it that u ar highly educated among other rapper, how i wish u are lil wayne's wife so that u guys will give us more rapin songs:: thanks i luv u

Love u nicki | Reviewer: Tom boy | 10/6/13

all I have to say is Nicki is the queen of rap and i love her very much with all my heart. Keep on doing what you doing nicki and we Barbz, Ken Barbz and Kenz love u so very much and I hope I could meet you one day please come to Norway :) Love u Queen Barbie ♥♥♥

nicki is my life♥ | Reviewer: brebree | 10/5/13

Nicki Minaj just doesnt know how much us barbz and kenz look up to her. I want to be JUST like her when i grow up. Shes my inspitation and her music helped me out of some tuff times. I LUV U NICKI

U are my role model;he addicted to hustle am addicted to fame. | Reviewer: Blessing | 10/3/13

How do i discribe what i feel for u;my name is blessing am from nigeria and my stage name is flimzynicki or flimzybarbie.nicki is my role mode i love her raps,voice,hair,makeup.eyelashes,and everything,love u nicki wants to be like u;and i believe our haters are our motivators nicki for flimzynicki.

I love nicki more thn anythn damn | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/25/13

Ei nicki,i love u lyk hell u'r amazing,u'r brilliant sngr.u rock ma wrld.i jst wnt 2 let u knw dat im ur no1 fan dwn here u'r de best among de rest keep it up,looooooovvvvveee uuuu barbie bitch..4rm ur sis twin ROMAN MINAJ

1413 | Reviewer: Lerato.. | 9/25/13

Hi nickie-i jst wanna b like u,u rock ma world barbie bitch,i like evrything about u..im a 16 year old girl from south africa i jst wanna be popular as u are..i love you with the whole of my heart nickie and ur music drives me crazy:*:*.

with out u i can breath nicki luv u lotsvtxxxxoooxxoo etc | Reviewer: lil tempowery heat | 9/21/13

How can i start.my words are to little to define the individual u are nicki. mr minaj is just a wonderful gift and a huge supply to young people and she raps so differently from the present rappers there good to but nicki minaj isjust good at what she does i love nicki minaj and what she faces in life is difficult but she never gives up on her funds family friends and herself:)f

i really love nicki | Reviewer: loverth | 9/21/13

hi nicki am loverth am 15 yrs .am from nigeria . am a girl that luv listening to american music .the reason y i luv nicki is that d way of doing her thing is diffrent from other. luv u nicki from ur fan loverth.

I lol nicki minaj | Reviewer: neli | 9/21/13

I lol him bc she is beautiful nd tidy when I grow up I want to belike u and remember that lol we share is here to stay lol u well done of your wonderful job pround of you I will aiways love u bye

wish 2 b in ymcmb | Reviewer: Rizwana shariff | 9/20/13

hey I am 11 years old.love your music.My fav song is high school by nicki minaj and lil wayne.the song u made beez in da trap inspired me that no matter wat people say bout u,just don care bout em.i wish if u was in SA.SOME PEOPLE HATE U BECAUSE DEY R JEALOUS BUT ALL I KEEP ON SAYING IS BITCHES AINT SHIT N DEY AINT SAY NOTHING A HUNDRED MOTERFUCKERS CAN TELL ME NOTHING..XOXOX..GOD BLESS U