d way i lov u nicky | Reviewer: precious smith | 11/28/13

Nicki m Precious mlambo frm S.A kzn.I HOPE U'RE READING THIS.each n evrytime i listen 2 your voice tears flow on my face***TEARS OF JOY**** i love d way u dress,sing,rap n your style actually i lov evrythng in u!whn i looked at a flower i thought it was d most beautiful thing i've ever seen,till i saw u nicki u're so beautiful,u're stunning!wow nicki i dnt hav much 2 say ol i cn say is:i loveu alot,u're my role model.keep t up.TAKE CARE.god bless you!!!!MWAAAAAHHHH!!!!

i lv nicki with all of my heart | Reviewer: precious smith | 11/28/13

wow wow wow nicki i lov the way u rap u r d best rapper i've ever heard.i lov d way u dress,speak,rap actually i love each n evrything in u.u rock ma world,U ARE MY ROLE MODEL.i wish dat 1 u culd com 2 c me ur little daughter m 14 yrz m 4rm kzn PORT SHEPSTONE.I LOVE U N WISH U ALL THE BEST.TAKE CARE.mwaaah

The way i love u nicki | Reviewer: Veronicca | 11/25/13

Nicki i luv the way u dress and u know what suits especially wit the colours girl u are so dangarous and u are fu*ken beautiful u look like a doll u are my role model i wish u could come to s.a and take me wit u i luv u very much.im veronicca from pretoria s.a

the best female weezy | Reviewer: mindless | 11/21/13

hello nicky i'm mindless frm south africa in limpopo province at lephalale i love they way you sing i wish i can came to S.A and visit our town i dont have many words to say what i want is to see you real face buy

I love Nicki | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/13

Hi nick im ENTERTAINER from S.A i lv ur work the way i lv u . Well the way i love it makes me wish you to be my wif one day but mybe to that could be imposible but to me its posible because i belive that nothing can stop love.

Nicki is my best friend(bff) | Reviewer: Dustina | 11/19/13

Nicki is a fabulous girl and not stupid like other girl who don't respect their peers. She grew up in a troubled family, probably without any money. Now look at her, she's famous, she has money, she lives in a proper home with her family, and also has a beautiful voice to express herself. I hope one day, I get to see her and tell her that I am so happy that she found her talent to become sensational.

Nicki deo whinsky | Reviewer: Keitumetse Mosime | 11/18/13

I lyk the wy u rap, i wish u could be my mother, all i nd u to knw iz tht YOU ARE MY ROLE MODEL I LOVE YOU I WLL NEVER EVER HATE YOU IN A MILION WAYS, i like tht song 'MUNNY' eish tht song it work my world!!!

Nicki's fan | Reviewer: Lesele kebone | 11/8/13

Got much lov 4 u Nicki...i wana b lyk u wen i grow up....u r ma inspiration,AH HOPE U'LL VISIT HERE IN MZANZI(SOUTH AFRICA) WEN Tym goes on...eix u drive me crazy....i even col maself Princess Bianca Minaj...

I love you nicki | Reviewer: Munah | 11/6/13

How i feel for u is what i can discribe, people say ur music has no understanding, but i say ur music is the best i ever hear, i like u, i like how u dress, i like how u put colors together most of all u like the color i luv pink nicki you are my role model, you the best i ever had. Am from liberia.

Nicki rocks m world | Reviewer: Lebo | 11/1/13

Hii nicki u realy insipire me in evry angle gal u a so beautiful,uve got talent like no other in this world.u rock m world gal,i have no words to expres how i feel for u,ther s no 1 like u gal,keep up the good work,i love you always.

love | Reviewer: frans | 10/31/13

hey nicki...u're as good as a mother to me...u are morethan a celeb...i love you very very much...nd gues what...am now like you...i hv all types of voices u hv wen singing...i wish u could come to SA nd take me with u....#'em haters aint shit on us#...."love you

i admire u nicki | Reviewer: lerato | 10/30/13

Hey hey Nicki i'm lerato 4rm S.A and I school in jeppe Prep and i'm 12 years old.I like the way u rap.. u inspire me, nicki u rock.my friend callz herself the hakajuk barbie .I love u nicki I wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish u would come to S.A to visit .I LOVE U NICKI MINAJ THEY AIN'T NO BICTH LIKE U NICKI.No wander why u call yourself a Barbie Bicth,you are a Barbie Bicth 4 life.Nicki Minaj LOVE u!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God bless nicki everytime. | Reviewer: donzai sherpa | 10/28/13

Helo.. ma'am m donzai Sherpa (tshering yangzom Sherpa) from Bhutan .. I love the way u r n u rock the world... u r only no one can b u... coz u r the best n not the rest... God bless u always... best Of luck

songs | Reviewer: henna 1999 | 10/23/13

hiya ijust wanted to say your the best rapper I have heard your my inspiration I am singing one of your songs and its going well because I can nearly rap as fast as you I just wanted to say when I become famouse I would love to sing with you

Nicki is the best | Reviewer: Suab kalokoh | 10/22/13

I had listen a lot of female song but nobody make me to feel happy like nicki minaj,nick was good in raping and she knows well to sing better than other she is my favorite female artist and nothing can stop me to be a fan of nick,ever due u hate god will blessedp.take it from suab kalokoh in sierra leone