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U r ma rock | Reviewer: I col maslf maggieNARJ | 5/6/13

I so mch lv ya,dnt wana exaggerate,bt i jst wana say dat u'v inspired me wit ya music so nw i wana b a rapper lyk u,anyway thnx 4 da music u gv hpe u always diliver,i luk up 2 u,lots of lv.

the best rapper in the world | Reviewer: sarah deng | 5/6/13

you are the rapper in the world and i want to bee like you when i grown up so i can be a rapper one day and i love you nicki minaj i wish i can come to your consent one day <3 :)
by Sarah Deng
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Haterz | Reviewer: Madison | 5/5/13

Im 10 yearz old & Nicki Minaj is like the only person i listen to.i have been one of her fans for about 4 years.I dont even know why hoes even bother at this point cuz Nicki is #1. - MADISON

Why boo Why ? | Reviewer: Lil Nikki | 5/2/13

Listen Nikki Manaj I love ur muzic but change ur gay sign to a straight sign becuz look on the bright side I'm all straight I seem to understand I waz once that way but I changed I'm not that type of person anymore.Ichanged I'm not sayin u have to but I think that u should change becuz ur beautiful u don't look gay at all and u should have kids by BIGDADDYCARTER

I lv ur song nicki | Reviewer: Geoffrey swaga | 4/29/13

Nicki even since i start listening 2 ur music i cn't get my mind off you i wish i could see u,u r such a good sein in my lyf,bt my advice 4 u is dat u should try nd hv kids good bye

FREEDOM | Reviewer: PROF*G | 4/29/13

I luv nicki in all aspect mst especialy on my favorable muzik freedom & gal on fire remix she is just lyk my mentor weezy carter. Luv u nicki minaj luv u young money. Forever u queen minaj.

Ur my favourite artist n i've written ur songs al coz i lv u n i wna be lyk u.I FIL FREE,THE BOYS those songs mke me crazy | Reviewer: Michelle | 4/22/13

Nicki i wsh 1 day i could meet u n teach me hw 2 rap cz i realy lv 2 rap m nigga bt my flows if i meet u my flows wil be dizzy lv Nicki Minaj.YOUR LOVE is da 1st song i lvd n dn i became acros u at YOUNG MONEY wn u rapped i bcame so mxwa chara

Nicki minaj lover | Reviewer: Alyssa Tully | 4/17/13

I love nicki so much I live her and
Her music she is awesome she has
Just the best personality in the world I started to love nicki after my
17 yr sister died of drugs she
Used to love nicki and after she died I have just had the biggest passion for
U nicki I love u❤

'AKA sit on ur favourite rapper's face' I LoVe U DeAr. | Reviewer: TYRA | 4/20/13

Each tym i listen 2 ur songs,i feel so much excited.i'll call u POP QUEEN if u don't mind bcus u're my mentor.i luv u so much.hw i wish i cn c u face 2 face.but i believe dat i'll meet u one day.infact,i can't wait 2 c u.young money stay fly,u can call me"Have a safe flight" And my wrist froze...stage fright.Hahaha...Nicki Minaj i cherish u...

wana meet u | Reviewer: charrys ann | 4/15/13

Hey nicki although I'm nt a fan of any singer bt I would like 2 meet u I wna knw wht u like nd wht do u wana do when u older enough will u hav any kids and so on nd I'm nt sure if u hav anytime bt I would love it if u deliberate on mah message

I love nicki minaj both her song and d way she rap | Reviewer: anuoluwapo adeyemi | 4/14/13

My name is anuoluwapo, I am her to acknowledge and get some advantage of nicki minaj I want to be like nicki minaj, just like the way sings,her rapping and her tones. I am 15 yrs old my parent which I could be like, so daz why am interested to be like u.

why i love u | Reviewer: taija | 4/10/13

you are my hero your music inspires me.i wish i could look up to u as my older and my best friend alexis are collecting all of your stuff.we listen 2 your music 24 hours a day.i love u and your music.we both are saving up are money to go to your concert we have 160 dollars hope i can see u as a sister.

HEY SHARKY --- SHOHADA | Reviewer: Mezzy | 4/9/13

Hey I randomly came across your comment (don't ask :P)
But I shall tell you that if you prefer God you wouldn't listen to Nicki Minaj. Because she is against Islam (which I'm guessing you are a
But nevertheless, I may have mistaken your name as islamic.
However, everyone who likes/loves Nicki are most probably kids who really shouldn't listen to her inappropriate songs.
Especially if any of you see her as an "idol" and look up to her... well let me tell you now, you shouldn't dress up like her (which is half naked and totally inappropriate) or even see her as an idol. If you want an idol, look up to someone much more better like for example Michael Jackson or maybe Demi Lovato ;)
much love. Peace.

Inspiration | Reviewer: Mary Emmanuel | 4/9/13

Hey nicky,i rili dnt knw wat 2 say but 2 tel u de 2rut i want u 2 come tak me out of de shit i am,i also av a family dat doesn't care abt me nd i av passion 4 singin nd rappin,i want 2 learn 4rm a gal of 19 who doesn't knw hw de future wil luk lyk 4 her,am 4rm nigeria nd dis is my number,08105470758.plz help me,i luv u very much

I call myself khanyi minaj jst bcoz i lv u | Reviewer: Khanyisa hlonguane | 4/1/13

Hey nicki am carnyiser frm south africa am 16 nd am in grd 10 nd i luv ur music my 4n is full with ur pictures even my room i lv u so badly nd i wish u can come here i just wanna song my favourite song 4 u i mean super bass :D i call myself khanyie minaj jst bcoz i lv u keep on rockin

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