I love ur music grl | Reviewer: Hi am nicky onica maredi | 5/18/13

Hi nicky.i lv all ur music.ur a big hero.i wish i cld rap lke u.i like ur body.actualy i wanna be a model whn i growup an hve a gud family.plz keep on wth ur music.ths is my no 0745092695 lv u gal mxwaaa.

MY BEST RAPPIST IN DA WORLD & A GOOD FRIEND | Reviewer: Robyn Melody | 5/17/13

Hi Nicky, I love ur songz and da rapping is way 2 wonderful . Coz u put much effort 2 perfect 2 da songz. I`d like 2 one day 2 come to Kenya,and to help us with those who have talents like rapping like u coz ur rapping it is encouraging mostly 4 fly ft Rihanna. U`re da best person I`ve ever heard of. PLZ,send me ur phone no. and also Rihanna. GNIT.

I love nicki minaj | Reviewer: Rickazia aka lala | 5/15/13

i love you nicki plz hmu on fb Rickaziarogers everybody knows how much i love you i braggggg about you all the time nolie but yea hmu plz every since i listened to your music i started rappin nolie you taught me how to rap i listen to your music 24/7 <3 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

AMZUNG TALENTED OH I CANT EXPLAIN | Reviewer: Icametofly | 5/14/13

Nicki you are like my favorite singer you can sing and rap really good I wanna be like you when I grow up im only 11 but you know what they say follow yours dreams im listening to your music while writing this because you are a amazing young lady and you have some reaaaaaal crazy outfit but oooo honey boo boo child you sure do know how to rock em.


Your the best! | Reviewer: Elaina Anne J. | 5/10/13

Okay so Nicki your the best ever! I want to be just like you when I grow up, I know all of your songs. You inspire me minus the fact that I'm better at rapping than singing. :/ :)

Your my Idol | Reviewer: Jaxi Hater | 5/10/13

your the best person ever, I wish I could meet you I can rap but not sing but your great at both, But the way you grew up with so much trouble and still grew up to be the Idol of so many people like me.Nicki your the best in the world.
Luv ya,

Fish Yolo Mic

My role modle nicki minaj | Reviewer: Loveness | 5/10/13

Nicki i lv u,i lv ur raps,ur personality i lyk ur swagg,i hv eva fell in lv wth a female rapper jst lyk i do wth u....u inspiers me,encourage me wth ur music..i loved u wth ur 1st album i jst wish i could meet u sumday...nd i dnt care wat thy say abt u..u my role modle nd am ur biggest fan now nd 4eva..plz call me 0840868619 u al ova my phone ur picz nd ur music..my love 4 u is evn bigger than the universe..

love u xxxx | Reviewer: sammy dominic | 5/9/13

hi niki i went to your concert it was fantastic u are the graetest ive ever seen in my life i hope your ok you dont need to change like all the others say your perfect the way you are love yopu nicki call me 01634316557 i am your biggest fan i want u to come to ,my bday on the 8 th of agust this year i would love that so much i live in kent on steele street no. 13 love u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Love 4 nicki | Reviewer: Black bitch | 5/8/13

Hy nicki i love u so dame much and ur songz mst especially your rap am so dame dyin 4 u,ur rapz give me inspiration on how to b a black bitch like u,nicki i want to live with u i want u to train me on how to b a black bitch cos black bitches like us is hard to come by

U r ma rock | Reviewer: I col maslf maggieNARJ | 5/6/13

I so mch lv ya,dnt wana exaggerate,bt i jst wana say dat u'v inspired me wit ya music so nw i wana b a rapper lyk u,anyway thnx 4 da music u gv hpe u always diliver,i luk up 2 u,lots of lv.

the best rapper in the world | Reviewer: sarah deng | 5/6/13

you are the rapper in the world and i want to bee like you when i grown up so i can be a rapper one day and i love you nicki minaj i wish i can come to your consent one day <3 :)
by Sarah Deng
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Haterz | Reviewer: Madison | 5/5/13

Im 10 yearz old & Nicki Minaj is like the only person i listen to.i have been one of her fans for about 4 years.I dont even know why hoes even bother at this point cuz Nicki is #1. - MADISON

Why boo Why ? | Reviewer: Lil Nikki | 5/2/13

Listen Nikki Manaj I love ur muzic but change ur gay sign to a straight sign becuz look on the bright side I'm all straight I seem to understand I waz once that way but I changed I'm not that type of person anymore.Ichanged I'm not sayin u have to but I think that u should change becuz ur beautiful u don't look gay at all and u should have kids by BIGDADDYCARTER

I lv ur song nicki | Reviewer: Geoffrey swaga | 4/29/13

Nicki even since i start listening 2 ur music i cn't get my mind off you i wish i could see u,u r such a good sein in my lyf,bt my advice 4 u is dat u should try nd hv kids good bye

FREEDOM | Reviewer: PROF*G | 4/29/13

I luv nicki in all aspect mst especialy on my favorable muzik freedom & gal on fire remix she is just lyk my mentor weezy carter. Luv u nicki minaj luv u young money. Forever u queen minaj.