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Love you Nickic! | Reviewer: Velia Reyes | 10/15/12

Well Nicki hi my name is Velia Reyes and I am a big fan. I am 15 years old and I have heard most of all of your songs :) My music teacher told me to do a report on my favorite artist and guess who I chosed? of course you! I hope everything is good take care and keep on doing awesome records!
Love, Velia <3

THE SHITTY OF ALL SHIT | Reviewer: chuck norris | 10/14/12

I mean, where the fuck all of your mind gone people? There're a lot of talented musicians out there! not fucking garbage like Nicki "Shit" Minaj.

me and nicki da baddest barbie bitches!!!!!! | Reviewer: oneeka | 10/13/12

yow nicki is like my twin siter because we have da same first name but da only difference is dat our names are spelled differently.da first i heard about u i was like OH MY MUTHA FUCIN GOD,ME AND NICKI HAS DA SAME FIRST NAME?as she said in her song beez in da trap,dat"a hundred mutha fuckas cant tell me nuthing"!dat only goes for me and my girl nickian i want u 2 know dat i like all ur songs and we are da most sexiest,baddest bithes ,cutest bitches in da whole wideworld!!!!!its us oneeka and onika lewenski

youngest but bigest fan:* | Reviewer: kionna | 10/10/12

im a huge fan of nicki got all your pictures and watched all your videos im your smallest fan im 12 if i could meet nicki it would be a dream come true are you going to be coming to south africa soon any concerts???? I live in pietermaritzburg kwa-zulu natal

nikki fever!!!!!! | Reviewer: Malachae | 10/10/12

i <3 you totally addicted to you and your songs just gets me on my feet.yeah nikki i love what you do and especially the way you girl you are my role model and im crazy to ii live NIKKI FEVER!!!!!2012 SWAG MINAJ<3...i hope and dream to become like you someday.

Nicki Minaj ! | Reviewer: Kenneth | 10/9/12

Nicki Minaj is a great rapper but sometimes you annoy me, with all your illuminati shit..
You shouldnt be threatening Mariah Carey anyways. She's a better singer then you
Nuff said

i luv u gurl | Reviewer: my swagger go hard | 10/9/12

hey nicki im like crazy 4 u gurl i mean crazy u da most inspiring person in da world i wish u were in my family i love so much im like ur biggest fan.please come 2 north carolina i love all ur song and gurl u can fukin dance baddest barbie bitch 4 ever. peace out!

A gr8 fan of a gr8 rapper | Reviewer: cassy_me | 10/9/12

gurl yu ar my #1 rapper if wayne wasn't alive...apart from that i admire you with my heart., 16 but i know age dozn't matter since im yo a roman ol day eeeeeeeeeeehhh!

TRUTH HURTS | Reviewer: Hater yet Fan | 10/6/12

Nicki Minaj, seriously dont you think you should have respect for female rappers who were in the music industry before you!?!. FOr you to start rumbles with Lil Kim and mock her about her being a slut yet there you in your video clips practically naked. Now you start a rumble with Mariah Carey threatening to kill her and wishing you had a gun so you could...Girl you need to be grateful but i gotta say you do somewhat have a sort of talent...just stop creating trouble and talking/rapping with a british accent use your real one, what ever that is.....

nicki minaj i love you | Reviewer: ranai | 10/3/12

i love you sooooo and soooooo much i can't slipt wiht out listening your musik nicki yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
i am from algerai i hopt you will visit us becouse they are hir love you ......yes i am cruzy like you

Hop off | Reviewer: Ya buggin | 10/4/12

Ya are too much, stop idealizing a rapper that doesnt talk about real stuff, but only talk about nonsense ya young generation listen to. Once ya all know how to spell, then ya will understand what is takes to become a real true rapper. Suckassss.....

I LOVE NICKI MINAJ!!!!!!!! BIGGEST FAN EVA!!!! | Reviewer: Mélla Bates | 9/30/12

I love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Nicki Minaj.I listen to all your song nearly over 100 times a day and i know the off by heart i love all u songs and i will be u biggest fan till the day i die. I'm Mélla Bates i live in England and I am 10 years old xxxxx

love u nicki minaj | Reviewer: Tsholofelo T | 9/28/12

I lov u nicki minaj!u got perfect body and face!you are the great rapper!keep it up nicki minaja!keep it up nicky !knw that Tsholo loves you!you like the biggest fan I ever had!lov u nicki!

Love nicki | Reviewer: Natalie | 9/26/12

I love Nicki Minaj!!!!! She is my role model even though I'm only 13 years old I look up to her. I want to be just like her when I grow up. I love her songs and everything, I know the lyrics to every song she has ever made, matter of fact I knowall her songs without looking up the lyrics:) YMCMB that's what I say I'm her lil number 1 roman/Barbie fan!!!!!!!!!! I Love You Nicki So Much

Love: Natalie; p.s-please come to California so I can come see you,,

a good star shine in the morning | Reviewer: nkkkkiiiopoio | 9/22/12

nick ua so cute,so bright,so strong,so amaizing,so good,so sweet,so hot,i like ua songs and videos,im so proud to see ua perfoming on the stage,ua a good dancer for sure ua talented in dis career ,ua a very famous female artist of dis century,we luv u so much,we bless u ,amen.

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