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number 1 fan | Reviewer: tee mina | 9/8/12

nicki minaj if youu ever get to read this i just wanna tell you your the most amazing beautiful barbie bitch princess in the fucking world you mean more than everything and i love you more than life itself your amazing nic truely i love you more than you love us seriously your more than my idol your like my big sister you give me inspiration,damn i wish we could meet one day i love you so muchhhhhhhhh!

Celebrating you. | Reviewer: George | 9/8/12

Infact i start know u by d track u were ftd by gyptian dat is-hold yuh.infact i often play dat track over & over just to hear ur voice & other like "litting go." u 'r ft by sean kingston & manymore of ur personal albums .maybe is funny to say am faln 4 ur luv but i do & i'll do anything to luv u more .u can call or text +2348038017829

i <3 nickiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: nikki pettway | 9/7/12

omfg nicki minaj i love youe so freakin much u wont belive i know ever single one of your song my favorite is beez in the trap you probly heard of my last name my uncle plays for the dolphins NBA football team and HAVE THE SAME NAME AS nikki pettway idc i luv you more than just becaues you have my name lol anyways luv you girl my idol my hero the reason i live NICKI MINAJ

Pathetic People | Reviewer: OleSchoolAmericana | 9/5/12

All of you people write poorly and almost incoherently, nothing but a bunch of idiot psychophants. Reading your diatribes to demagogues makes me see clearly that America is truly screwed.
Oops, be careful, you almost tripped over your own sagging pants.

Nicki Minaj is cool | Reviewer: Danny | 8/31/12

Nicki you are the best fukin princess in the world.Can we have sex?I've not got a girl friend.
Your future husband

Nicki Minaj's number one fan | Reviewer: Caitlan | 8/31/12

Nicki is a great rapper.Sometimes I like to act like Nicki and dress up like her.When ever I go on you tube and always like Nickis song.Mabye i'll met you Nicki one day and if I will i'll always remeber it in my heart.

Gerogia your number one fan | Reviewer: Gerogia;> | 8/31/12

Hi Nicki Minaj the best and the only barbie girl in the world.I'm Lily my name is not what it says on my title that my bffs name.By the way i'm 16 years old by nicki I will write to you real soon and I got A in my Gcses.
Love from your real number one fan

Iloveyouhh nicki | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/12

I love u ur like the biggest rapper ive ever admaye
Ppl at school tell me tht i look like u :0
Wow but iloveyou u never gave up on ur dream so i write songs n im not gana give up :) bcs of u i havent gaved up theinx :)

Biggest fan | Reviewer: Kirsty | 8/24/12

. ...Nicki, I lyk da fact that u neva gave up on winning da battle u've been fighting. Yes in life we come across many challenges and obsticles, some they find the obsticles a stumbling block but u find it as a stepping stone....... I hope many of the young people out ther wil learn 4rm you......... My dream is to see you in South Africa at Cocacola Dome... Or mayb I'l find a chance to see you because i want to work as a gastreontelogist at U.S.A...

much lav | Reviewer: zamaj&b | 8/20/12

lav u so much sexy nick,u got a perfect body structure,m close thou 2 dat hour-glass body lyk urs.plz cum 2 sOUTH AFRICA especialy KZN n m sure ul b amazed of wat it can offer 4 u

Biggest Nicki Fan | Reviewer: Nicki Lady | 8/19/12

Hey nicki you are like the biggest fan I ever had. When I 1st listened to your music I thought it was so boring but when Starships came out I jumped on my phone and downloaded it and I downloaded Beauty and a beat where you ft. Justin Bieber YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!

wat we go through makes us stronger | Reviewer: danielle | 8/12/12

I just want to say i lived a a life with a junk as a father well didn't grow w him my mom was a alcoholic. Her by friends beat her and me my grandmother is who took care of me till she couldn't then i went to foster homes.i believe that yes our past hurts but it also gives you the greatest strength the drive to success the life opposite of the past we were handed if i could go back and have better childhood i wouldn't cuz im strong because of it. You are too !i love urn music urn are the best !thanks fir ur words! Godbless you d nell .27

nicki | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/12

i know u have probs heard this but i love u you r talanted amazing geourgous insperasional and one butifull girl on this earth i am a big fan and always will be see ye lve karen <3<3<3<3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nicki minaj | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/12

My name is lerato letsoela well known as lu-ray am your biggest fan and because of you I love rap-hip hop and . Only 13 I just wish to be like you I love you mwwwaaaaaaaa and to all the bad batches

DARRON AINSWORTH | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/12

hey Nicki if you every read this I'm one of YOUR biggest fans I love style I love the attitude that you put up against females who think they doing something big you have females right now listen too YOUR music an trying to basic THERE music upon yours BUT an a different matter!!! #with all that been said I'm a gay rapper an I can blow these rap bitches off the map!!!!!!! Nicki you is the only thing popn an these streets where Kim where Trina where everyone eles when someone open up a door FOR females rappers to come back #!? THERE should be thinking you FOR doing that besides haven beef with a legend that they know they can't defeat!!!!!! #*I'M COMEN OUT SOON FOR GAY PEOPLE WHO NEVER THOUGHT THEY COULD BE A RAPPER!!!! MARK MY WORDS!!!!!!!!! I'M YOUR KAN NICKI !!!

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