i love you | Reviewer: kayakay | 9/21/10

she really has guts to make this song you the best and iam really sorry to read about your mothers death i hope you keep your head up cause no matter what you still have plenty people to love you iyt want be like that mother love bt most of i love you you my inspiration *kiss kiss*

OMG!!!!!I Am So Sorry To Hear That | Reviewer: breona hill | 8/7/10

Omg i never thought that she had a baby and then adoptted it...wooh,&i knew that her mom died because it says that her daddy burnt the house down with her mom in it hello buh i really love nicki minaj nobody never express their feelings ,in a song ..It takes a lot of guts to tell a personal life story and i really love nicki minaj for that..now i dont judge her from the looks you have to look at their background first i learned my lesson i really love you nicki minaj..no homo.

i feel ...... | Reviewer: jasmin gibbs | 8/12/10

i feel that nicki did have a abortion but adapted another soul in side of her which was her mom when she passed. nicki went thru so much that yea she wasnt ready for a child at the stages she was in . now just maybe she might make some chances and be ready now :)

life changing autobiography | Reviewer: ashante | 5/15/10

This song is amazing and i am so sorry for the loss of the mother of nicki minaj but this is one of the only songs that actually expresses someones feelings and we need more songs like this out because thats what music is really all about.

she smart ! | Reviewer: jalisa | 5/1/10

I personaly thiink she was smart for what she did. .because she wouldn't be were she's at now. .I know its not right to give up a baby.but sometimes people got to take those risk..it had to hurt her a lot to do what she did..&&+ somedays she regrets it..but you can't be mad at her..she wanted her baby to be safe because she loved it..she did the right thing . .

SHE HAD AN FUCKING ADOPTION!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: ms.pinky lawenski 2010 | 4/3/10

many people saying she had an abortion but i my personal opinion is that she din't have an abortion but she had an adoption cause dn't you think if she had an abortion she wouldn't say mabey if its god plan someday we can meet again if she had an abortion i feel as though she woulda been like maybe one day well meet again when i come home you feel me dawgs then she said conseive which means she carried her child for nine months maybe she tried to have an abortion but was to far along but if she actually conseived it and went through nine months she didn't have an abortion she gave that baby away for adoption yaw folks know goddamn well she didn't have no damn abortion!!!!!!thank you