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Performed by Nickelback

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pie? | Reviewer: bill | 4/10/07

I think that Savin' Me is the best Nickelback song. I don't understand the part about pie though. It still makes me want to cry.

love it! | Reviewer: anastasia | 4/8/07

i absolutely love this song!!! it's really sad, and i can totally relate to it. it's good!!!

I like Pie because I'm high? | Reviewer: K | 4/4/07

I knew that wasn't the words but I sang it anyway since I had people listening. But honestly. Come on, it's a good song.

retards wit websites | Reviewer: nunya | 3/30/07

i like pie? im so high? the only one high arounf here is the idiot that wrot this

niickkkeeeeeL.baaaccckkk !!!! | Reviewer: anacris<3 | 3/2/07

nickelbaack ! i lobee you and your songss. their greaat, if you are the one that writes them, goosh you're amazing. i lobee u ! am a great fan =) beybeyee<3:)lobeyounickelback(K)

love, anaCristinaa=)

nice | Reviewer: anonymous | 2/18/07

i just gotta love this song, i really almost had to cry when i saw that clip, its just amazing how good those guys are

2/18/07 | Reviewer: kassidy may | 2/18/07

i have to aggree with ashley here there is nothin bout pie and high this lyrics are rele missed up who eva made this lyrics are wrong this is a great song with a good meany don't go missing it up

RE: chorus | Reviewer: Emily | 2/21/07

I'm with Ashley. I read those lyrics & wonder WTF!? That's no where in the song but whatever.

It's an awesome song & very moving.

the chorus | Reviewer: Ashley | 1/30/07

...ok i know that there is nothing about pie and getting high in the songs, whats with the lyrics?! thats just messed up I mean its a good song why mess it up?!

9/11 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/06

My local radio station played a 9/11 remix of savin me and it included 9.1.1 calls from the WTC, talk about something that bring you to tears, but it fit so well. It is a great song. Always rember, and never foreget. 3000+ and 343

Absolutely Great | Reviewer: Alex | 9/12/06

I listened to this song and cried. I <i>cried</i>. It is my favorite song and seems to fit my life quite well.

Answer to 'Kaity' | Reviewer: Ackio | 9/8/06

Hey if you mean the girl sitting on the bench, I've thought about that, and it looks like she's pregnant and is showing the unborn baby.

Other than that, great song, great video clip!

Video no clue | Reviewer: Kaity | 8/28/06

What is up with the apple in the video it has the red numbers to??

... | Reviewer: | 7/26/06

I absolutly love this song. When ever I hear it, I feel like crying... It's a great song. Photograph is also one of my all time favorites by Nickleback.

Savin' Me(: | Reviewer: Malena | 7/17/06

I love this song, it's beautiful! And I really love the music video as well, it's very touching.
Show me what it's like to be the last man standing...

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