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Performed by Nickelback

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I can relate.. | Reviewer: Jake M. | 12/1/08

I who recently got dumped by a girl whom I loved with all my heart can relate to this song in general, obviously it can be interpreted other ways but, mine is of course for relationships. I feel like she was my last true hope for happiness, and since she left it feels like I've been falling, and no matter how hard I try how loud I call out for her, she's not coming back..

impessive song | Reviewer: adriano | 10/6/08

I don't think the song is about a suicide and stuff like that, altough I don't blame thus who think so. He simply wants to get a chance from someone, that could be god perhaps, even a girl. Definetly it's someone who he loves. That's why in some way I agree with Peter

To travel on angels wings | Reviewer: David Marles Worthington | 5/8/08

To be seriphied, or a seriph angel explained by the catholic dictionary refers to an angel alone here on earth calling out to his kind to bring him home. His ability of compasion for the lives he sees is frusterated by his own dipression because mankind does not understand him.

David Marles Worthington

dude yo ya wrong | Reviewer: peter | 3/13/08

this song is what touchin becuz you have to feel it by hearing it. To understand the meaning of it or try to. The words seem kinda confusing. The way he sings it will show it better. His in love but he feels like his losin the only person that can help him. 18 story part shows that he feels high on top of the world. The part about "these four wall" i think his talking bout fear and how fhe feels traped up. That goes along with the iron bars part. and he needs some to love him and be by his side so his yelling for them as much as he culd even tho he said his fallin.

Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/22/08

I don't think it's about suicide, necessarily, but hopelessness in love. He's at the end of his rope in a relationship. He needs her to just say the words, prove to him that it's still worth fighting for.

my opinion | Reviewer: kat | 2/19/08

this song seems like a form of a gospel song to me. he is calling for someone to catch him when he falls to rescue him from the life he is living and the one he is about to end. i think if interpreted the right way it could help somebody

hmmm | Reviewer: Absinthe | 2/14/08

I'm not one for looking too deeply into things and suicide seems a bit harsh and ... well... rather depressing. I kinda got the feeling it was him longing to someone to say they loved him "say it if it's worth saving me" I dunno all your own thoughts are right I just saw soemthing that was a bit more positive and less judging and depressing. xxx

WHAT THE HE!@ mother !@#$%^ 'S | Reviewer: sam X 17 | 2/10/08

People miss the point of this song alot it is not about suicide or worth lessness at the time all the writers were thinking about money but hey I cant judge other peoples reveiws just cuz of what I think it is catchy though

awsome | Reviewer: sam X 17 | 2/9/08

People miss the point of this song alot it is not about suicide or worth lessness at the time all the writers were thinking about money but hey I cant judge other peoples reveiws just cuz of what I think

WOW awesome song | Reviewer: mark | 1/23/08

Love this song... I believe the iron bars are the life/choices and consequences he's made. The 18th story is the edge of life,frustration, anger, etc. He calling to God for help. Wants to let go and let God. Following God's choices instead of our own choices is where I found the freedom. I had to die to my old life of drugs, sex, crime,& hatred before the pain of destruction started to end.

great song | Reviewer: me | 1/24/08

Savin' Me addresses a man in prison who wants to be saved and a fallen angel who must return to earth to be forgiven for his sins. I think it's a really good song with a lot of meaning.

meaning? | Reviewer: her. | 1/18/08

i never really knew what this was about, but looking at the lyrics, its about a mean contemplating sucicide, (im on the ledge of the eighteenth story) he feels worthless and needs god to show him what to do, he does no if hes good enough, saying these iron bars wont hold my soul in, meaning hes in jail but if he commits suicide he will be free and his soul will go to god.
hes reaching out for god to show him what he can be to help him but fast because hes falling fast and needs him now.
aww songs about god are good :) lol
i sound like a nerd..
anyone agree with the things i said? xo

** | Reviewer: Samantha | 1/18/08

I almost committeed suicide because I thought I was worthless. I told my mother what I was going to do, but listen to this song. It is always better to get help, please, don't do it, if anything, I will help you. email me at: and I'll help you out, talk to you and find you a consuler in your own area.

brilliant song | Reviewer: abbie | 12/31/07

wow this song is really touching. when my BFF got murdered i didnt know how i would cope and my friend sang this for her at a school assembly and it was so touching and it is just a great song it makes me cry when i think of her and i hope she is now in a good place

nickelback | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/07

this song has a really catchy chorus, but i think most people miss the real meaning of this song. He's questioning his life, he's asking if he is in a way worthy of passing into heaven... its a nice song i like it.

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