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Performed by Nickelback

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Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/13

I think the song meaning is different for everyone who listens to it. People can relate in different ways with different contexts. This, in addition to the lyrics and the song, is what I think makes it a really good song.

What This Guy thinks | Reviewer: This Guy | 12/9/12

I think it trying to say when someone you love is in danger, choose to save them,even if it means telling them something that hurts.But,I'm sure someone will think I'm wrong.Doesn't matter to me.I like Nickleback,because they tell the truth in their songs. Thats what This Guy thinks.

Desperation and hope | Reviewer: Heinz Brockert | 11/19/11

There is certainly some mystery about this beautiful song. We´ve picked it to be played at the funeral of my second son Max, who died two and a half years ago at the age of 34 after a heart attack. The doctors found no reason for his early death. Max was a sound engeneer and a musician in his own band. Savin´ me and other songs of Nickelback were his favourite rock titles. Savin´ me must have expressed something in his inner world. I communicate with Max whenever I play it.

salvation cry | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/5/11

I've been seeking ways to amend the way I live for the better, until that turning point of coming in contact with the Holy Spirit of God.
I detest lyrics in rap, that's why I like playing meaningful rock alternative.

life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/12/10

i think its telling u that every one can mess up in life.. and that every one ahs a chance to life and have time to save and help some one out in there further life.It is one of the most favoirite songs but i love nickleback songs. I have all of his cds.

What i think | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/1/09

As a person who has made mistakes in my relationship with my husband i think its me im still worth it and i'll prove that i am. Let me know it's worth fighting for and i'll prove it is....but it can have different meanings for different people.

Agree | Reviewer: Angela | 8/24/09

I completely agree with Crash, and that has been my interpretation of the song all along.

It has a deep meaning for me for some personal reasons. I just had a really tough time, and I didn't feel so well emotionally. Don't really want to get into that...

i think so | Reviewer: Crash | 8/5/09

i think this song arent about love...
i reallt think this song is about a person who is crying for help... i mean look a t the 1st verse carefully...
it was like he/she asking God or maybe (to satisfy who think this song is about love) lover to save him from himself

my boyfriend | Reviewer: pauline olivia | 5/1/09

I love hearing this song, I never tire of it. My boyfriend Charlie has been incarcerated at Collins Bay in Kingston, then tranferred to Frontenac. He's out for now, but I still worry about him going back. He was arrested two weeks ago for something he didn't do (I was with him). I no longer trust the Toronto Police.

myself | Reviewer: Britt | 4/27/09

when i listen to this song i think of myself for some reason. my boyfriend and i have gotten into fights because i've broken so many promises to him. and i just want to stop breaking promises. and its not just him i've broken lots of promises to. i've broken a lot of promises to my friends also. i just want to change how i am, but it feels like i can't do it on my own. sometimes my mouth just says the words "i promise" before i even think about it and once those words are said, theres no going back. i want to change and stop hurting those i care about.

Teach Me Wrong From Right | Reviewer: Michi | 4/1/09

Well before I say anything about this song, this is the only Nickelback song I actually like.

Now, having watch the music video more than a sufficient amount. I have to say, that I dont think this song is about a 'hopeless love' but a cry for help. Not exactly suicide, but help in the concept of changing oneself for the better. I think we all can understand that concept. And thats what I think the music video is actually about.

song book | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/09

i need help. there is this story its called "contents of a dead man's pocket" and its about this man who is trying to do better in his job so that he can have more money for his wife, so he has this paper that is vary important to his work and it fly's out of the window of his 11th floor apartment and gets stuck on the ledge. now his wife had just went to the theater but he said he had to much work to do so he stayed home.(back to the important paper)so he has to climb out on this ledge to get this paper back and he ends up getting locked out on this ledge 11 stories up and the whole time hes out there all he can think about is his wife and wishing for a second chance to live his life and when he finilly gets back in to the apartment he put the paper on the desk and as he walks to the door he see's the paper fly back out the window and he just smiles and then leaves to go to the thearter to see his wife. do you think this song fits this story in any way?

the meaning | Reviewer: Bambi | 1/23/09

He feels as if the world is closing in on him, nothing's going right, and he screams out to the one he loves/his lost love. Her return to him is the key to "saving him" from life itself, a life that sucks without her.

kewl | Reviewer: gatha | 1/25/09

watch the video..

It tells about a man, he's on his mobile, and he was almost hit by a bus when crossing the road, but someone saved him.
That someone walked away, so the man didn't have any clue who saved him.
Suddenly, he's able to see people's lives, displayed on top of them, like a timer.
He's confused and curious, but people thought he's wierd, giving him a what-a-freak look.
He saw an old lady took by the ambulance, the timer on top of her head saying she just had seconds left in this world.
That man saw the timer goes 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. and that old lady's gone.
He saw a pregnant woman, having timers both on her head and on her belly..
He continued walking.. then he saw a woman going into a car, but from the timer on top of her head, he knew she's gonna die.
So he pulled her back. Turned out a part of a building machine fell from above, crushing directly into her car.
Then that woman also can see people's lives, timed on top of them.

great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/09

-When i listenin' this song i think the same:
I don't think it's about suicide, necessarily, but hopelessness in love. He's at the end of his rope in a relationship. He needs her to just say the words, prove to him that it's still worth fighting for.

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