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Performed by Nickelback

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Good stuff. | Reviewer: TREY | 11/24/07

Definitely one of their bests. The video is awesome. I havent came across anyone who has disliked it yet. They only speak the truth as said before of how "WE" think "ROCKSTARS" do it.

love it | Reviewer: petite brunette | 11/16/07

really. first heard this on my friend's cd coz he played it at a restaurant we hang out in.. another friend of mine said that the video is great coz people in it dub thee lyrics.. when i went home i watched mtv and i saw the video.. very awesome.. can't get the song outta my head. just memorized the chorus =)

VERY cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/07

I'm in my 30s and I LOVE this song!!!!!! When I hear it I get P.O.ed at myself for not being in band in H.S.!!!

great fabulous awesome song!! | Reviewer: Tiff | 11/12/07

I luv that the song has the Girls Next Door, Holly/Bridget/Kendra! Fabulous song guys! I normally dislike their genre, but the song is true about celeb life

What A Great Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/7/07

This was such a great song. I enjoyed listening to the song, and being able to look at the lyrics at the same time.

Kaycie D. ♥

could be better but its better than the other crap they play | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/07

i think that they could have made this song better. first off im not a fan and second i would have loved to hear a harder chorus i mean if dan is the best drummer of all time like chad says hed let it rip. i do like the buzzing guitars for the verses and the lyrics are pretty funny unlike the friend of the reveiwer before me seriously thats just annoying grow up loser. but yeah its great that theyre poking fun at the perception of what celebs are like that is the message of the song guys.

most awesum ever! | Reviewer: rockstar luvr | 10/22/07

i fricken luv this song, mi friend alex bursts out singing it in class, its really funny, but good job nickleback, i love alll of your songs, but this one is the best so far.

This is a hottttttt song | Reviewer: Jannah | 9/30/07

i love the part with all of the stars sing in and the part when he says everyone gotta drug dealer on speed dial. Now thats hot (not the drugs) :)

Great video and song but I gotta question? | Reviewer: My Patronus | 9/20/07

Great music and lyrics in this song and I love the video. But I got a question, could someone give me a list of the famous people in the video there's a couple that I know I should remember who they are and I just can't think of their names to save me. If someone could help out I'd really appreciate it, chuck me an email...Thanks!

Awesome | Reviewer: Power Ranger | 9/17/07

I have always liked nickelback and i think they write mostly good songs.

This song goes down with some of the best ever written, it's right up there with Jack Blacks Tribute.

it's not often a song is written of this quality.

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