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Performed by Nickelback

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why do u even bother? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/07

if you dont like the song .. dont put so much effort into bashing it .. its as simple as that .. go and analyze a song that you enjoy ..

to everyone "dissing" this song.. | Reviewer: anonymous | 9/24/07

If you dont like the song, why read the lyrics? I say that you take your heads out of everyone elses asses and dont worry about what anyone else likes, you wouldnt look like such a deuch. so to all so called "haters" fuck off and dont worry about what you dont like.done.

The Names | Reviewer: Nascarmom | 9/23/07

Could some one tell me all the names of the actors in this video.. and where i can find the list// some one told me jack black is the guy who's dressed like elvis and i said its not.. Please help prove me right..

rap star | Reviewer: fancy | 9/23/07

ok i listen to mainly r&b, rap & blues but i think this song is the shiznit. luv the video, luv the lyrics & its true i actually do wanna be a rockstar. this song rocks.

people are this way | Reviewer: ebony | 9/22/07

some people are rilley like it u no right my daddy was a drugy he was a aluckuhalik to u no i was 6 too
i am now 11 i miss hi too but i don't i wish hiwasen't like that. don't no were he is at so i was sad but now i am mad. get lost dadd because if u cared about me u would come for me i wish i could tell u i love u to
but i can't daddy but u no what u have to do to make me love u too.

this song is so real | Reviewer: dannie | 9/21/07

This song is so real. We all at times the want what we don't have and don't realize that with all that fun comes some other stuff that ain't so fun. Plus, the song simply rocks. Anybody who doesn't like it is sad and in denial they never discovered their inner rock star. GO PARTY!!

get a fucking job | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/20/07

these lyrics are brilliant - assholes and tassels rhyme just fine, thanks. What a bunch of strait-laced tight-ass jerks. It's a smart, clever, fun song. This is from a 46 year old teacher.

Put the knife DOWN!!...please. | Reviewer: Eric | 9/19/07

Man,what happened to just enjoying a song for the fun of it. Crankin' the volume up in your beater til the bass vibrates your fillings and singing along with the tune because you think you know the lyrics and no one is there to correct you( that's why I'm at this site). It feels good. Off key and all that. It's good for that crazy look coming from the other cars at the stop light. just lighten up folks. Don't get so damned analytical. Love music.If you don't like the song, your car comes with two knobs, volume and CHANGE THE STATION, you knob. Don' let your meat loaf! :-)

Stop acting like your parents for two seconds! | Reviewer: Lorrie | 9/17/07

Has it really been so long since you were kids? Don't you remember a time when the lifestyle of a rock star was EXACTLY what you wanted? OK, so maybe you never felt that way...I can assure you, most kids want everything Nickleback is singing about. Why do you think this song was a hit? Geez, I'm 43, and would still like to at least have the option of just saying no!

Fun Song | Reviewer: BeanCounter | 9/17/07

I think it's a fun song to sing along with and I love the video. This from a 53 yr old accountant.

It's obviously satire... | Reviewer: Dear lord | 9/14/07

But that doesn't change the fact that these lyrics are some of the worst ever written. It sounds like a terrible poem written by a 13 year old. I mean... seriously, it's more than a stretch to rhyme "tassels" with "assholes". And I can't think of why any worthwhile reason to mention "quesadillas" in a song. Everything that's not crazy, horrible wordplay in the song is just a complete cliche. In order to pull off satire, you need to be smart. Nickelback just aren't very smart.

Woop woop woop | Reviewer: TaterMySalad | 9/12/07

This song sucks even more than Nickelback usually sucks.

For something like Nickelback, but about 1,000x better, check out Theory of a Deadman. I think it was even the lead singer of Nickelback that signed them or something. Whatever it is, they sound like Nickelback should sound.

Does ANYONE understand? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/07

This song isn't talking about wanting to be a rock star, or even about what people think a rock star is. This song is about how rock stars are and is telling all the nasty dirty stuff that some people (if it weren't for the paparazzi), wouldn't know about. I also think that Nickelback is telling everyone, that, in fact, you DO NOT want to be a rock star with the extraordinary use of sarcasm.

sveet | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/8/07

this song is soooooooooo sveet if u havent heard it then ur an idiot if u have haerd it & dont love it ur an even bigger idiot

rockstar is a satirical song on rockers | Reviewer: Karie | 9/8/07

Nickelback isn't saying they really want to be like this. It is a satire. A tongue in cheek look at all the excesses of rockstar-dom. What all young guys think they want until they get it.

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