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Perfumes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/06

I would like to say that NICKELBACK has been MY favourite band since 2002.That does not mean that N*B is the best band ever.I just wanna say that rock bands are very similar to perfumes.Every perfume(band) is on sale for a reason,I mean somebody(or many others)has to like it,it must be good (at least for one).There is only one above thoses billions that will sute perfectly to your skin.I think I have found a exellent perfume for me... but I keep searching...
Good Luck
Nema Greece

Figured You Out: Nickelback makes millions off you fools | Reviewer: whraglyn | 8/19/06

Nickelback are useless filth as artists, musicians, and as human beings.

try the above link if you think those punk-thug-slimebags have any talent, let alone a real desire to create music.

Their only goal is to create, with as lttle effort as possible, crap that you stupid, foolish children will pay money for, so they can continue their useless waste of life with jets, whores, and better drugs than they grew up with in boring Canada.

The above link clearly shows just how cynical, untalented, repetitive, cliche, predictable, and just plain junk is the garbage put out by these punk-thug-slimebags.

Within 2 years this bunch of exploitative no-talents will be relegated to the ash heap of music history, and the only fools listening to their tripe will be those who were stupid enough to attend one of their shows, and will be trying to relive those memories the rest of their useless lives.

Oh yeah, and one more thing, i've been in the club and music biz in
Austin, Texas since 1988, and i'd really like to meet any or all of these punk-thug-slimebag weenies in a dark alley sometime.

The only danger to me might be from the rear, but any and all of them, (and any of their wimpy, man-wanna-be, fans), would be lying facedown in the dirt about 1.4 seconds from our meeting.

NICKELBACK ROCKS!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/06

Nickelback is like the best band in the world; who could really object to that??? The guys in Nickelback are really talented and are good at everything - From the melody to the music videos... Nickelback all the way! Chad Kroeger really knows how to write those lyrics and if you ask me, Nickelback is one of those rare bands that are talented in every musical aspect! GO NICKELBACK!!! THEY ARE THE BEST BAND EVER AND REALLY KNOWS HOW TO ROCK! I LOVE NICKELBACK!

Best thing that has happened to the musical world! - They rock, like seriously! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/06

How can you not like Nickelback? They got the best lyrics, best talent, best music videos, best I could go on forever! So I'll sum it up in three words: I LOVE NICKELBACK

"You're my favourite damn disease" | Reviewer: Magz | 5/11/06

Nickelback is one of the greatest band I've ever heard! Maybe, this last album "all the right reasons" wasn't so good, but that doesn't mean that they are bad, does it? As you see upon music today, many hits are very depressing within rock music, or full of Britney- songs and rap music. I can actually understand and relate to Chad Kroeger's opinion about depressing song, that he hates them. No wonder, that teenages goes on prozac or commit suicides!

Chad Kroeger's voice is easy to fall in love with and perfect for hard rock. Daniel Adair woke up my interest in drums back to life and the ability to learn to play it. Ryan Peake has a great voice, which complements perfectly together with Kroeger's. Mike Kroeger gives the little extra in the vocals and plays his bas, as good as Peake and Kroeger do with their guitars.

A great band with the little extra, which none of the other bands like Simple plan, Good Charlotte, Hoobastank etc. have. As I listening to other rock bands, Nickelback seems to dominate all the time. So listen to them! One of my favourites are "money bought", "Flat on the floor", "never again" and "because of you".

THANK GOD FOR NICKELBACK!!! | Reviewer: john | 3/21/06

no matter how much these music experts try, Nickelback will not be denied. their recent album has not gotten much play in the U.S. there seems to be a conspiracy to keep this band down. instead we are treated to prissy bands skipping around the stage in womens makeup singing about suicide or how bad their day was. no wonder kids are turning to rap. THANK GOD FOR NICKELBACK!!!!!

Why? | Reviewer: Rodney Sterling | 1/27/06

Yeah, so I've heard some of their songs on the radio. I don't really listen to the radio, just at work, so I've only heard of few of their songs. Well, I'll cut to the chase. I think they may be the worst band to discrace the radio since Styx. Look, pop radio has always been bad, and always will. I'm not denying that there are plenty of horrid bands out there, Staind for example, and then there are the pop starlets that don't write their own music. If you don't write your own music, you automatically have an excuse for sucking, which is why I think Nickelback is so bad. They write these ridiculous songs that seem to have little thought in both the music and lyrics. They are un-apologetically cookie cutter, each song with the same drab sound. I've heard that their albums are singles surrounded by filler, and I believe it, especially because their songs are essentially radio filler. Honestly, what seperates a Nickelback song from a Staind song? So, I've established Nickelback as unoriginal, but there are plenty of other unoriginal bands out there. Why else is Nickelback so bad? Well, in an interview I read of them, Chad Kroeger was discussing the recording process of his most recent album. He talked about all these "great" rocking out songs that they scrapped. When asked why he did it, he said that his reasoning is that the slower, depressing songs sell more. That sums up why I hate them so much. I'll end with a question: why are the major labels wasting their money on this filth? There are so many talented bands stuck making no money on tiny indie labels and amassing large followings out there. Why doesn't a major label just take a chance? Instead they just play it safe with bands that take no risks, writing songs with no intent other than to move copies. Bands like NIckelback.

THE BEST !!!!!! | Reviewer: sessions | 2/2/06

Nickelback is the GREATEST band.These guys know how to rock!!!Can't wait to see them in concert.

Awesome! | Reviewer: Brandyt | 7/13/04

This band rules! Love Nickelback, just saw them in concert last night and they f***ing rule!!! Great music, great energy, and great musicians!

Love ya!

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