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Performed by Nickelback

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My love | Reviewer: Geoff | 8/7/08

Yeah, i may be young and some people say i dont know what love is... but... this song touches me so when i think of my love. I do dream of her and she'll "never go". Yeah... she lives far from me... but we held strong for oh so long. And "who was i to make you wait". You're probably just waiting for me to let you know all i want is you.

So far away... | Reviewer: miZZy...VvVvV | 7/7/08

I love this song and I feel like it's a bit of him & me... He left and I still don't know what he feels about me, after one year. Never happened to me something like that, it's just... Crazy. I'm just crazy about him, and now he left without saying when he'll be back.
"On my knees, I'll ask
Last chance for one last dance..."

Reminds me of my fiancee | Reviewer: Joe | 4/13/08

This song reminds me of my fiancee. I live in the US and she lives in China. So far away. After being broken hearted many times, I hope that this is the last time. So far away for far too long. Ha..guess I'm just sentimental I guess.

Desperate like I | Reviewer: Angie | 3/11/08

I share the desperate feeling of this song. Just one more time...Get yourself lost in what you had and is gone now. You think if you experienced it once more you could hold on to the moment forever. I lost someone, or maybe, nearly lost.It's not resolved yet. I know every word of this song intimatelly. Even before I really listened to it for the first time they were all etched in my heart.

DAD | Reviewer: cherrios | 3/1/08

this song reminds me of my dad. he lives 1000 miles away from me, and the things he says, is just pushing me away from him. he doesnt see this and that its almost too late for me.
if anyone out there has any advice on how to help me, please email me asap. my email is


miss you 11 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/22/08

this song reminds me of my ex. i took her for granted and thought she wasn't what i wanted. turns out she was everything i was looking for. you really don't know what you've got til you lose it. it worked out in the end because i have a beautiful pefect son and he is the focus of my life.

but there's not a day that goes by that i don't think of her, what we had, and the last woman to truly understand me and make me happy.

smell you later beautiful. always always always

Meaning of the song.. | Reviewer: KhyRhyLL | 2/22/08

almost all of the comments says that this song reminds them of their ex,bf/gf,besfriend,etc. but i really think that the story of the song was about a boy who was far away to his girl and when he came back, its too late because the girl was about to die..a very tragic love story that was depicted by a song..i was really touched by its literal meaning that's why i love this song...

Ireallymissyou. | Reviewer: torn | 2/20/08

I miss my best friend. He means so much too me. Now, all he cares about is someone else. I love him as a best friend..but I guess he just doesn't understand..Now,when I see him he doesn't even mind me's like I wish I never met him..

Imisshim. | Reviewer: torn | 2/20/08

He was my bestfriend. I lost him..let's just say because our relationship went a little too complicated. It became more..then less. He fell for someone else. But I hope he knows..She'll never love him like I want too.This song reminds me of him. It was somehow like our theme song. It's all my fault now..I hope you understand,I miss you best friend.:(

BEAUTIFUL SONG | Reviewer: Naila | 2/6/08

Oh my Gosh this song is sooooooooo beautiful I absolutely love it I dedicate this song to my ex boyfriend who fell in love with another and betrayed me ouch that hurt so yeah I absoluttely love this song I'm kinda feeling like that right now :((

we are too far away | Reviewer: vanessa | 1/30/08

with this song i think about my ex, he had to leave the country while we were together, we broke up, but i recently saw him, and i think i still have feelings for sucks cause i don't think we can't be together..

how i feel | Reviewer: slm | 1/29/08

okay. so this song makes me think about my ex. we dated along time ago. and then he wanted to be with me from then on. even when we broke up but i made him wait [who was i to make you wait]
well he talked me into goin back out with him last year but it just didnt work. and now we both regret it more then ever..and we are so far away because he has a gf. and we just cant be together yet. and sad to say.. i dont know if we will ever be able to be together. i love him. i have loved him all along even when i didnt realize it. i'd give anything but i wont give up!

Rebecca | Reviewer: Sean | 1/28/08

My best friend Moved not to long ago and we dedicated this song to eachother because we could never be even though we both had feelings for eachother. Lovely Song, Iv liked nickleback since i was a Kid. Becca I love you

what i can't have | Reviewer: Anton | 1/25/08

This song reminds me of a girl I met that I can't have because I'm 36, she's 21..and I have met her while I'm already married. We have acknowledged our feelings for one another but yet we remain 'far away' from each other due to my marriage, and the fact that the age difference is just too much for anything to go on long term.

I am deeply in love with this woman, we see each other every week, but she's so far away..

Believe it | Reviewer: Steve | 1/18/08

My wife and I were childhood sweethearts. When we came of age, I went to California and she stayed on the East Coast. 25 years later, thru the miricle of the internet, she found me agian. We have been married for over a year now. "Believe it, Hold on to me...never let me go."

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