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Performed by Nickelback

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Army Relationships summed up. | Reviewer: Alisha | 7/28/07

My bf chris just left for iraq... And it's so hard to deal with the fact that there is a chance he wont be coming back. This really hits home everytime i hear it and we both feel the same about it. We both love Nickleback but Far Away is definatly our song. When he is on leave and gets to come home for a week or two it's so hard to let go of each other even for a second. he now won't be back for another 15 months at the least. BUt no matter what you have to just keep thinking the best and it will all pay off in the end.

l m really far away | Reviewer: Adil | 7/27/07

This song was made really for us, if you only you knew our story, you will know this song was made for us; l love you Julie!!!

It's our wedding song | Reviewer: :) | 7/26/07

'Far away' is my story... There have been a time when me and my wife were so far away from each other. But our story has a happy end - we got married and this song was our wedding song.

Hello from Kiev, Ukraine

cry | Reviewer: Damon | 7/19/07

I cry everyday listening to this song - it goes straight to my heart over my lost love - the love of my life. Thanks - I guess.

14-07-2007 | Reviewer: stacy | 7/14/07

Hey nickelback! I really do feel like i am in love or in an other world when i listen to all of your songs!you are lessed with a really great and sooooo cooooool voice!

About the song Far Away performed by Nickelback | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/07

This song is awesome,so deep. Is it about a guy who wants his girlfriend back or is it just about some guy who loves his girlfriend?

this song | Reviewer: scd | 7/4/07

I like this song 'cuz it makes me think of my girlfriend. The lyrics are really deep.

Excellent | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/07

the lyrics r perfectly correct...the lyrics of this song is sad but it means a lot

wonderful | Reviewer: ghiz | 6/11/07

this song is just wonderful, i cant help listening to it ,everytime i feel down it gives me hope, thankx nickelback for this wonderful ballad:-)

A very touching ballad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/07

This is a song that touches the very core of my heart....

Excellent! | Reviewer: Elisa | 6/6/07

I love this song when first time I heard it. The most powerful ballad by Nickelback.
Danny, this song represents my feeling, I love you!

So much meaning. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/07

This song can be more than a song of lover's.

for me it has two meanings.

The one that comes to me first is how much I messed up, I had a perfect relationship and this song helps me reflect on what went wrong but mainly how much I still love this guy, we may be friends but it's hard to have such strong feelings for a friend who won't take you back even if they feel slightly the same way.

My 2nd meaning of this song, my Dad. My dad means a lot to me, and we fell out too long ago, it's silly because I miss him, he was more than a father, he was my best friend.

This song has helped me understand some aspects of my life. It showed me that when I was starting to give up hope, instead I should keep the hope one day things will be a lot better.

I also found that this song is like a drug. It has affected the way I think so much that I can't get enough of it.

Truly amazing song and heartfelt lyrics!

nOt far froM my heart... | Reviewer: cherRypatRick | 6/2/07

tHis is oNe of the best soNg ive ever heard...the best of aLL time.and actUaLLy,my favorite of aLL the best soNgs ive ever heard in My Life.

Luv it | Reviewer: Courtney | 5/27/07

This song says it all.It is a great love song that most everyone can relate to...I love It. I dedicate it to Luke.

A saver | Reviewer: Noneya | 5/14/07

My girlfriend left me about 3 years ago for always being drunk off my ass.. I started listening to this, and I think it had changed me. I learned to play it for guitar, learned the lyrics off of this page, and managed to get her back after the month or so of saying I was sorry and proved to her I cleaned up

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