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Performed by Newsboys

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You are my King performed by Newsboy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/07

I have the CD with this song but today I could not get this song off my mind and so I searched for the lyrics on line..and I believe I was lead here to see Sammie's review...Whereever you are Sammie know that I now join with others to pray for you. Your MOM is in a much better place residing with her best Friend, Jesus Christ. We feebly humans cannot always see His plans but you hold to God's hand and I know if you are faithful, you will not only be reunited with your mom one day..but God wil dispatch angels every day to protect you. I will definitely be praying for you!

to sammie | Reviewer: dav | 5/7/07

hey girl...honor God with your life...your mum is in good hands...may God heal your disappointments and fill you with peace and joy that surpasses all understanding =)

nice song | Reviewer: becky | 4/20/07

when i heard this song on yahoo i was moved. i love the song, the love God has for us is on compareable. i love the good work the newsboy did please keep it up. thanks

such love | Reviewer: jennifer | 4/9/07

The first time I heard this song was in March, and I fell in love with Jesus over and over- It really was amazing love- I am now learning the lyrics- God bless

love | Reviewer: sammie | 12/18/06

i love this song so much. My mom died when i was 9 and she loved this song and i sang it at her funneral. iam only 14 years old. so pray for me please

Amazing! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/16/06

My mom loves this song so much that she has insisted we play it at her funeral when she dies. It could be a NUMBER of years, but we're all prepared for what song to hear!

Jesus Luva! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/06

Its true. Jesus was forsaken, condemned, and killed. He is the only person who has never sinned! and he did it for us! this song moved me because, how amazing is Gods love? To give his only son for us? I know that his spirit is within us all.

A great reminder of Jesus' love | Reviewer: Relanda Taing | 10/24/05

I found this song very meaningful as it's very important to be reminded through songs about God's sacrificial love- Jesus, a King who died for me, now that's amazing love!

I am forever touched by this song | Reviewer: Michelle | 9/8/05

The love the Lord have for us is beyond compare, no King on earth will give their life for us, there is only one true King and it's Jesus Christ.
When I first heard this song on 88.1 Wayfm I cried and weep and still do, this is the most fullfilling song I have ever heard in along time.
Every words to this song is so true and in return what we need to do to repay our King is give him our Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul, without our TRUE KING we are nothing.
Another gospel song I love is sang by The Grace Thrillers' God gives lives and he takes it away, he is the potter and I am the clay.'
God bless you and I will be praying for you.

you are my king(amazing love) | Reviewer: malissa mohamed | 4/2/05

hi,greetings in the sweet name of Jesus.I love your song so much keep up the good work

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