Great Book and Insight into Neil's Life "Waging Heavy Peace" | Reviewer: Bob Lillas | 12/25/12

What a busy life with all the trauma, ill health, happy times, dissapointments and projects youv'e worked on, yet you still have a great sense of humour, a wonderful way with words and make incredible music. You are a true guardian of nature and protector of the enviroment. I grew up with you since the sixties and wouldn't wish it any other way. Keep on rocking Neil, you are the best.

Loved him since I was a kid | Reviewer: Bev | 7/13/11

I grew up to the album "Harvest" and even as a kid I couldn't get enough of it. The songs "Heart of Gold", "Old Man", "Needle And The Damage Done", and "Harvest" are among my all time favorite songs. I just love Neil Young.

Just like to say, his Voice, has changed over the Years. | Reviewer: george walker | 10/29/10

He seems as a Singer, to have acquired a voice that has changed from in earlier days a voice of Crying out with emotions of a young man having faced hard times and events to a man who has learned a great deal, from Life. He seems also from the last 20 years of songs to have brought His Voice to a Sweeter, if I may use that term Voice. Yes, I heard him singing Christian Songs, and his Voice sounded Much Sweeter and KInder then at the First Ones I heard, on Youtube.

Neil Young..where to begin.. | Reviewer: Jessica Hudson | 10/16/10

I recently discovered an amazing singer, songwriter, and poet named Neil Young. His music has changed me. It really has. Listening to his songs touch a place in my heart, and they take me to a far off place in my mind. Words alone cannot describe how I feel about Neil. His lyrics are so incredibly deep. What a passionate man. I will enjoy his music until I grow old. Everything about Neil is amazingly beautiful. Thanks to the internet, I have been able to watch concerts that he performed live many many years ago. I am so grateful to get a glimpse of what it was like back then. It kinda makes me sad..I missed out on a pretty cool generation. I love you Neil!

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/09

my parents grew up with neil young. my brother can play some of his songs and i just sit here almost everyday and listen to his songs. we're all huge fans and i personaly hope he cotinues until he's on his deathbed because his music is just so awesome; i'll listen to it forever

the long journey | Reviewer: mike trigeros | 9/22/07

I bought my 1st Neil Yonug 45 in 1973 from Woolworths and have grew up listening to all his music and i have seen him in 1989, i have a good fiend who gave me a copy of the Massey Hall concert and i think its great...i recently saw Steven Stills in 2007 and they have acomplished a lot of great music and they are storytellers of what life is about....