Reviews for You Don't Bring Me Flowers Lyrics

Performed by Neil Diamond

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Bring them flowers.... | Reviewer: Bev | 3/17/12

This song is symbolic of much deeper issues in a relationship than can be addressed with bringing flowers . However, having said that--- flowers are one of the nicest things you can do to show you care. Everyone smiles when they receive flowers and long after the flowers wilt the remembrance of that lovely thought will linger for years to come.

Letting Go | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/27/10

Having loved and lost. When you don't do anything to change your love experience better, nothing but "bringing flowers" remains as an act of showing love to your significant other. There's nothing left of the interaction, its nothing more than a biological need satisfied with the one that you incoherently share lie-f with...

Used to be doesn't count anymore... | Reviewer: nadia Talha | 3/21/10

The song is too beautiful & sung even more beautifully by these two singers..
It's so true that "used to be" doesn't count after a while in life.... They just lay on the floor..Till those whom we love sweep them away

Haunting | Reviewer: Mar | 10/31/07

Beautifully sung, almost haunting. Sunf by two greta artists who really convey the feeling of the 'relationship' breaking down. Almost brings a tear. Simply awsome and powerful.

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