Comfortable | Reviewer: CJ | 8/4/08

When I was very young I discovered Neil. I found that he voiced my opinion for me. He is able to capture moods in a song that in a moment can touch my soul. I love you Neil. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for pursuing this career and for sticking to it. It must have had its moments when it was not that easy but I appreciate you. Without you, I might not have grown to be who I am.

Your new cd is amazing. Know that your fans are loyal.

I have always known Neil... | Reviewer: jordan | 7/17/08

I have always known Neil or he has always known me. His lyrics are my thoughts that he puts on paper and sings in songs. He must feel a presence of me. I have taken him whereever I go. He has always come along.... the voice is always present even when no music plays. He has stood by me in extremely hard times. I am thankful to have someone who understands the pain a human life goes through just to get by. It is no accident that his success has soared. From the moment of his first breath God knew what would become of him and how much he would influence the lives of others. I am not star struck... only honest...he is just a man yet his precious gift has made life easier to bare for many people who stop to hear the words he creates...he is gifted beyond dreams...he is one of thoses people you meet in heaven and say "my life was better by far because of you...thank you for opening yourself up and letting me know you and you know me from day soon hugs a plenty for sustaining my hurt...hugs

He's like a friend that always knows exactly how you feel. | Reviewer: Deborah Read | 2/27/08

Neil Diamond came to me when I was about 9 years old. The radio was on in my bedroom and the strains of "Play Me" began. I WAS HOOKED. Men will tell you that most women are taken in by a brooding, uniquely handsome guitar-playing type, but this was so much more. As the years went by, I found myself feeling like I knew him. Whenever I saw him on television, heard him on the radio, listened to his music or read about him in the paper, the feeling was the same. This was MY Neil and I still can't exactly explain why that feeling is renewed each and every time. He embodies that of which most singers and entertainers can only hope to aspire to; a warm, comfortable, soothing presence that keeps you feeling there is someone that understands your moods and truly knows how you feel on the inside. Is it possible to not wonder what he is like personally when he makes us feel this way simply through his work? I am and forever will be grateful of the joy his music has given me. Thank you for the music, Neil. I know everyone says that they're your number one fan but I feel a little differently than that. I feel that even though we've never met (and likely never will, even though it's on my life's to do list), you are a true friend. You've seen me through good and bad times and a gift like that can never be returned. Please know that no matter what anyone may say, you will always have a friend and, yes, a true fan, in me.

Etheral Tones when Diamond Sings. | Reviewer: JW. Benunu-Mareiti | 1/23/08

I had grown up into an era of diversant styles of music. R&B, Jazz, Rock, Country and many ethnic styles too. The late 60's introduced me to Neil Diamond. At the time I was in High School. LP's soon followed and his mood swept through the yard. He told a story in many differing ways. His arrangements reflected that style and mood. I've very much enjoyed his music and still do.

"The Very Best" | Reviewer: Esther Sebastian | 1/18/08

Neil Diamond has been my favorite ever since he sang his first song!!Have idolized him most of my life.Even my grown daughters think he is cool.

Golden Voice | Reviewer: Narayan Sundaram | 1/9/08

Neil, i am your greatest fan since childhood, i've grown listening to your songs. Trust me, you are the quintessential king of music. Your songs has inspired me for years and still it does. The songs will never fade and it's always evergreen, very fresh and pleasing to ears. Truly your voice rejuvenates everyone's soul. Your a golden man with a golden voice. God bless.

The best years of our lives | Reviewer: Laura | 11/14/07

Hi my name is Laura Bernstein and I would like Neil Diamond to come again sometime to the Pam American Center in Las Cruces and I really missed him alot. I send him a email and I hope he gets it. I gave him my email address so he can email me if he wants to. I think he is a great singer. Your truely Laura Berntein

The best years of our lives | Reviewer: Laura | 11/14/07

Hi my name is Laura Bernstein and I would like Neil Diamond to come again sometime to the Pam American Center in Las Cruces and I really missed him alot. I send him a email and I hope he gets it. I gave him my email address so he can email me if he wants to. I think he is a great singer. Your truely Laura Berntein

a long time favorate | Reviewer: trudy parrish | 10/12/07

i have love neal diamonds music since i was in my early teens. i have never been to a concert, but it does not matter to me if he is on TV or the radio. it really stops me in my tracks.when i know he is going to be in a movie i watch it.
if he is going to have a special on i will not miss it. im going blind and planning on going to his next concert when he comes to my home town.
i told my hubby i was going to sit on the front row so i can get a close up of him.

Troubador in Hollywood | Reviewer: Linda Bethel | 9/26/07

The first time I saw Neil Diamond was 1972 at the Troubador in Hollywood.....a small theatre, but a great audience. He sang his most famous songs at the time...Cherry, Cherry, Holy, Holy, etc. The audience went wild. That was the start of a great career. I'am glad I saw him in the beginning. After the show ended, he walked upstairs to his dressing room and he said thank you to me....that was the most exciting evening of my life. I was 21 at the time and will never forget that evening @ the Troubador. By the way that was 36 years ago.

Thanks for the memories.


Just a fan saying than you | Reviewer: Pat Anderson | 9/23/07

I have enjoyed the man and his music from the early days;when most of the young girls were falling in love with the Beatles, I was beginning what has become an enduring love affair with his music and his enormous talent. I have seen him in concert 3 times and my dream is to be able to see him again but close enough to NOT use binoculars and squint! Neil, you have given me some of the greatest musical memories through these long years. Your voice,melodies, and lyrics are like a comfortable robe and a cup of hot chocolate. I love that you have kept your private life just that in a time of sleazy instant media.Thank you for the company on the long road trips,and a sense of comfort when my day has been too long and frustrating(I am a hospice nurse). I admire your talent and your humility.Please continue to write from your heart i am still out here listening.And just a personal note try to abandon the cigarettes??? If you ever find youself in Illinois please come for a home cooked meal and a chance for a fan to just say thank you...God bless you and your family...pj

Neil Diamond- the Greatest singer | Reviewer: Laura Hanawalt | 9/10/07

I really love Neil Diamond as much as all the rest of his fans do. Its always fantastic to see
Neil in concert. I hope to see Neil again sometime in concert. Neil Diamond fan for ever.



"Diamond" is a girl's best friend | Reviewer: Laura-Jean | 6/5/07

The first time I heard Neil Diamond sing was when I was about 11 or 12 years old. I remember the song was "Heartlight", even though I do remember hearing "Song Sung Blue" much earlier not knowing know who it was. I saw him in concert for the first time when I was 16 and 2 other times since then. The last time I saw him sometime between 1986 and 1988 he sang the "Laura" song and I feel in my heart that he wrote it and sang it to/for me. I can't wait to see him again. Also, my birthstone is a "diamond" go figure.

My favorite from the first time I heard him sing. | Reviewer: Sherry Sharp | 4/28/07

He is an incredible talent. There is something in his songs that just reaches your heart. I am not musically inclined, usually enjoy classical music, but when it is not classical it is always, always Neil Diamond.

Thank you for brightening the world with your songs and your voice. You are truly one of a kind!