big sky nights | Reviewer: thomas helm | 11/4/14

thank you neil for all your wonderful music I can relate to many of your songs when ever I play one of your songs at are family camp outs on the gutuir I can get everbody to sing along forever in blue jeans

view from aTexas gal ! | Reviewer: W.R. Hampton | 10/18/14

Neil, I love,love, love your music. A s a young girl growing up in Dallas, to a mature girl in San Antonio to a really mature lady in Frisco. Just saw you on the Tonight show with Seth Myers which brought back all the concert memories especially when you wore the Blue sequin Jacket in San Antonio . Keep it up you Young whipper snapper.

You are one of a kind | Reviewer: Ladibug | 10/9/14

I was born in 1953 and have grown up with your music - I loved it then and still love it now - always had a crush on you - no one compares to your voice (no competition) and it brings me happiness when I am driving in my car -- your music uplifts me in this complicated world. Thank you for that!! I wish you much happiness/

Your music will last forever and will be loved my many | Reviewer: Lutrecia Hickman | 9/2/14

So very long ago (early 1970s) I attended your concert in Portland, Oregon. A memory to cherish for sure. My brother-in-law, also a musician, had the gift of singing your songs as your double. Noone can duplicate your unique style but he came close. Our entire family loves your music and that includes my mother who turns 100 years young the end of this month. What a gift you have given the world. We share a birthday and each year I wish you happiness and good health.

Cracklin Rosie according to Neil Diamond | Reviewer: Froggy | 8/18/14

I first saw Neil Diamond in concert in Laramie, Wyoming. 1969. I had no idea who he was, two songs into the concert, I knew where he was headed, to the top.
Almost every song he sang that night had a prelude story to it. In fact most of his songs then and now are stories. The story behind Cracklin Rosie was no exception. The original author of this Bio, points out that Cracklin Rosie is a wine. Neil went further with the story than that. The Alaskan Pipeline was starting about that time and according to Neil, gentlemen working on the pipe line would go out at night in search of company, when none could be found, Cracklin Rosie, was the lady of the night. Listen to the words, the song tells the story. Cracklin Rose, you are a store bought woman, . . .

I stated earlier that Neil was headed for the top, he made it there, not so long ago when he was at or near his peak, he would advertise two concerts in San Diego, back to back. In two hours, both would be sold out, another night would go on the block, 2 hours, it was gone as well. A 4th night was put up. It would sell out as well. Very few performers can sell out 4 nights at the San Diego Sports Arena Center. I know Neil did it at least 5 years in a row, I went to one each year.

Neil Diamond Rocks!

BLESS YOU NEIL | Reviewer: Juliet V Canada | 7/27/14

Neil, you have been my favourite singer from the first time I heard you. Your voice has always calmed my turbulent spirit and brought me comfort over and over. I could not pick a favourite song because they all are; but now I think I pick PRETTY AMAZING GRACE. I have prayed for you over the years, and I am so thrilled to know that you know Jesus. Be wonderfully blessed.

Over and over again | Reviewer: Helen | 9/19/13

I have the cd Neil Diamond's Best Hits in my car. It is the only music I listen to while driving. It never ceases to inspire me. Neil's strong voice and the beautiful lyrics he wrote seem to go right to my soul and give it whatever it needs. That's why I just listen to him over and over again.

Awesome Neil Diamond | Reviewer: Wanda McKnight Albrecht | 8/28/13

None can compare to this man. Special in many ways. His songs tell so many stories. Heart felt in them all. He touches the souls of man, that in itself teaches us how deep Neil Diamond's work goes.

Beautiful voice | Reviewer: A. Murphy | 8/14/13

I first heard Neil Diamond sing when I was just 13 and I fell in love with his beautiful voice and all the emotion he put's into his singing, I'm 63 now and to this day have never heard any singer who could match his wonderful talent and charisma. I have had the privilege of seeing three concerts so far, Wash. DC & twice in Portland Oregon & hope to see him again. It's just wonderful seeing every possible age group in the audience enjoying his music. Hope you live a very long & healthy life so we can continue enjoying your beautiful voice & songs for many more years to come.. just awesome

simply the best | Reviewer: Rosalyn McLeod | 7/10/13

my oldest daughter surprised me with a Neil Diamond concert. he played in normand oklahoma and i got to see him. what a fabulous birthday present.I will never forget it. to borrow a phrase from Tina Turner, Neil is simply the best, better than all the best, better than anyone.
carry on, you sing my heart. People used to say the reason they were so crazy about Frank Sinatra was they felt he sang only to them personally, same with you Neil, you sing straight to me.

God Bless America | Reviewer: Lill Sarrero | 7/6/13

Hi, Neil,
Watched you perform 4th of July/2013 in Wash DC.
"America" is an all time favorite and we have a dance at our senior club with your great hit"Sweet Caroline". You were awesome in
"Jazz Singer". I suspect there was a little bit of the truth in that movie. God love you.

God of Music to me | Reviewer: Sandeep Sen | 7/5/13

I feel numb to write about him or his songs,his lyrics. But I must say a few words. Neil Diamond to me is the God of Music and one of my wishes in life is to see him and hear him live -just once.His song lyrics are indentifiable to many situations in my life, I listen and hum his songs everyday with joy and tears sometimes. I am I said...Neil Diamond- am blessed to hear your songs. Sandeep from New Delhi( India)

I am I said | Reviewer: Luz | 4/25/13

This song is just so beautiful that you want to close your eyes and just sing to the chorus. Neil Diamond is a beautiful man inside and out. He is so special and I want to wish him well so he can stay with us years and write more songs. He deserves all of his success.He ia just so powerful with that strong voice and sweet demeanor.

Croake Park Dublin 1984. | Reviewer: Mannie McLoughlin | 4/23/13

This was the first concert Neil played in Ireland and he has come back several times since then. I have gone to all the concerts but this first one will live in my memory forever He was on stage for 2 1/2 hours a great performer he gives 100% every time a true music legend and a very humble man. His music appeals to almost everybody keep going Neil we need people like you in this world a legend.

I have been listening to Neil Diamond for over 40 years and I never
get tired of his music. I have seen in concert twice and really
enjoyed his show. I saw him in TX in 1988 or 1989 and again in
Indianapolis. He draws young and old and every age in between. He
has to be the greatest singer/songwriter ever.