New zealand fan wanting to say thank you | Reviewer: Pauline Ashron | 2/1/13

I have been listening to your music since I was a teenager but it has only really meant soo much since i have been through the Christchurch earthquake and living in an unsafe house that you give me comfort every night to ease the stress of another quake. Our home is not really fit to live in as it had 62 tonne of liquifaction removed, our doors and windows do not close and our landscaping has disappeared. However that is not why I am writing, it is because i listen to your music every night and it helps me from stressing about my home. We are after over 2 years still waiting for our home to be fixed and listening to your music each night relaxes me. I want to thank you soo much as you have been part of my life for soo long. You inspire and me and help me sleep. Thank you so much from a Christchurch New Zealand earthquake survivour, I love Your music.

Praise ! | Reviewer: catherine condren | 1/20/13

I love Neils Music, I always loved his Music. I have never seen him in person yet, hopfully i will soon.In my Teens I was aware of his great Music,although i probely would not have recognised him.Looking Back he was handsome,except for the mad wild hair,which was all the fashion then. x Fantastic ! Neil.

I loved his music for over 32 yrs.................. | Reviewer: ROBIN CRANNEY JUNG | 11/16/12

I'd love to meet him, that is my DREAM!! The guy just sings great, I love his voice his lyrics, they seem to touch my heart in alot of ways, as grieving for people whom I lost so close to me! To his "handsome" face, can't believe he still has got it after being just 71! I HOPE i will get that chance of meeting him, he is my ONLY favorite singer!!!!

I CAN'T GET HIS SONGS OUT OF MY MIND! | Reviewer: FreeYourMind | 9/4/12

Even though I always liked his music, I only saw him live once: it must have been 1966-67, at a high school in Brooklyn. He performed with the Cafe Wha? house band, The Raves. Neil sat on a stool with his guitar, a mike, and a spotlight - that was it, no band or other music, and I never forgot it. He must have sang "Solitary Man" and "Cherry Cherry", at least. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when a friend invited me to see the "Real Diamond Band", an excellent cover group. When I heard all the songs they did I could not get the songs out of my mind, so I bought 3 CDs on Amazon. Now I play them all the time and even am getting my husband to like him (he never liked Neil's voice - said it was "too raspy"). I am hoping to get a chance to see him again live as soon as possible!

Truly One Of The Greatest Ever In My Lifetime! | Reviewer: Mary Ann Detorres | 9/3/12

Last night I was privileged to see Neil Diamond's show performed at the MGM theatre in Las Vegas, Nevada, Aug,30,2012. I was once again, blown away! He is truly my favorite performer. I was born on Jan. 24, just as Neil was. and I am a "believer" of great music. Thank you so much Neil. You will always play a huge part in my life because your music "always puts a smile on my face! My generation was truly blessed by the wonders of you!

Neil Diamond Concert July/2012 | Reviewer: Esther Sebastian | 8/13/12

Have been a Neil Diamond fan for over 40 years, Wore out many of his albums, even my daughters became fans at a very early age.The concert we attended in July was the very, very best. Hope to see you again Neil.
Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada

the man with a heart | Reviewer: M Douglas | 5/3/12

think neil diamond is great i am in my 60now and now my family have grow up with him he is great all age groups can enjoy this music seen him many times niver disapponted keep on going we love u from glasgow

flick coffee house | Reviewer: jane meyers | 11/7/11

fantastic memories-going to the coffee house near the U of M in Coral Gables-remembering when he was asked to be on the Johnny Carson show-such excitement-now I am privileged to be going to the Awards at Kennedy Center-hope I get the opportunity to say "hello" from the coconut grove era.

My Neil Diamond Website (check it out) | Reviewer: Steve | 10/5/11

I to have been a Diamond Fan for well over 40 years. I have also seen Neil in concert here in Indianapolis every year he has been here.
He's one singer who never let drugs get in the way of his outstanding career. Keep making that beautiful Neil Diamond..and I will keep on listening! I have also created a Diamond website if you'd like to see it, and here's the address if you'd like to view my site.

Good evening Birmingham | Reviewer: Deb | 7/16/11

Neil has marked my most memorable moments in life - Hello Again will remain special to me forever. Equally "Pretty Amazing Grace" is a phenominal song - brilliant mix of good news and reality that we can all relate to. I was desperate to see Neil in concert and he didn't disappoint me - it was a night that I will remember for the rest of my life. Thank you Neil.

At the Greek | Reviewer: Mary Snyder | 7/8/11

I was at the Greek when "Hot August Night" was recorded. When I listen to it now, reminds me of how young I was and what a great concert it was. I been to others of his but for me that was the best.
Hope you never retire. God bless you.

June 2011 Dublin Concert | Reviewer: linda walsh | 6/28/11

Just come home from this mans amazing concert. No time wasting just 2 hours of all his hits and boy does he belt them out. I just cant believe a man of his age can still have that great voice. So impressed have dowloaded all his greatest hits onto my Ipod and will watch THE JAZZ SINGER film again. I remember all those years ago being very impressed with this film and now have the impetus to watch it again.

Neil Diamond, my memory man! | Reviewer: sylvia guzman | 5/22/11

Neil is a great singer/song writer. His songs bring so many memories of my high school and young adult years. Song,Sung,Blue is a song I reguested, one nite on the local radio station. I was so excited when they played it. I could never get tired of Neil Diamond songs.

DIAMOND IS FOREVER | Reviewer: Cathy van Heerden | 4/15/11

I am 61 years old this year and went to see Niel Diamond at the FNB Staduim on 2 April 2011. It was a magical night, the man the music the passion he has floored me. I have been a fan since 1969 when I heard Sweet Caroline and am still a fan, his music is all I listen to in my car and when I get the chance at home on the cd player or the DVD playewr withhis videos. Keep going Niel.

Hot April Night-Cape Town | Reviewer: Joan Mouton | 4/12/11

What a great night it was! Neil Diamond in our very own Soccer stadium! He must be a truly honest guy to stay 'the same' thru all these years. At 45 I was a 'rockin teenager' last night. Thank you Neil Diamond! God Bless you!!