Making sense | Reviewer: Behrooz Navaii | 2/5/13

Given that from this person whose name and bloodline does not match songs content about Brother Love's traveling and so forth (I believe Neil like Neil Armstrong must be a brother from a Jewish faith line?) and given that My favorite Song of his is, September Morn(ing) song i would say it is a pure Existentialist song with, cute slang meanings of the words like hell, etc. In my lyrics writing I evade groups of terminologies trying to make things clear, decent and meaningful rather than Dennis De Young did same analogy in a different way in his later solo album that parts of context seemed somewhat changed opinion from say, Suite Madam Blues writing (greatest work of Styx commendable beyond Stairway to Heaven of Led Zeppelin that had semi libertarian meanings in a folk poetry manner or, war pig story of the Black Sabbath. Thus, to convey a satire in his response for his love of life I could humbly state "Jesus Fitzgerald Kennedy" © it was a naughty honest and, leading song to state one needs to keep hir time intact for purposeful moments.

N.D. 'The Greatest' | Reviewer: Paul | 1/15/13

Last Christmas walking through a store and saw some boxer shorts that had 'hell Yeah' written on them, I just had to get them, my wife, well she just thought I was more of a ND tragic then she originally thought I was.

Whoa. Hell Yeah | Reviewer: André | 5/17/11

Saw Neil on the 2nd of April 2011 at FNB stadium. Whoa what a performance and the song Hell Yeah gripped me. Reading the words and listening to it on Hot August Night/NYC dvd, I must admit that it actually is what i want on my funeral letter. It sums up my life to a T. Thks Neil for an amazing show and music spanning from 1972 when HOT AUGUST NIGHT was introduced to the world. As we say in South Africa "AMA-zing"

What was that!!!? | Reviewer: Hamid Sirdar | 4/7/11

I had the pleasure of watching Neil live in Durban a few days ago.I loved the songs that were strong in my growing days. But there was one song that struck me...and I had never heard it before!!! How to find its name as no one around me had any idea. The lyrics just gripped my heart strings and had me stunned. Thats why I am on this site!!! I was wondering if I could fathom out what song it was as I searched.....!Found it! And having read the comments before mine...I knew I was not alone. Thankyou Neil. I am so grateful for having the pleasure of having this in my library.Absolutely stunning.

My absolute favourite song ever!! | Reviewer: Jurie | 4/24/10

I thought I had heard it all and that there would never be a song to top Jim Steinman's "Making Love out of Nothing at All". Well, after watching Neil Diamond's incredible HOT AUGUST NIGHT Live in NYC, that has changed. I just love "Hell Yeah" and I think it will be my favourite for the rest of my life. Thank you Neil Diamond for sharing this with so many people around the world... I hope you somehow get to read this message so that you can realize how much your music means to a person like me! Hoping to see you live one more time in New Zealand...

Hell Yeah this is a great song | Reviewer: Shundra Stewart | 8/25/09

The first time I heard this song was when they did CBS did a Neil Diamond from NYC.

I thought this was a great song. It was the first time I ever heard and I wanted that song. I think this song has become one of my favorites.

My new favorite Neil Diamond Song | Reviewer: Dave Bradshaw | 8/15/09

I was at the concert last year @ MSG, and heard Hell Yeah live. I was so emotional about the entire concert, that Hell Yeah kind of blew by me. After hearing and seeing it again on the CBS special on 8/14/09, I believe I have a new favorite song by my all-time favorite singer. Hell Yeah !!!

2nd Review of Hell Yeah | Reviewer: Victor | 8/16/09

I find I have to agree completely with Kris. Hearing all the 'oldies' from Neil was great in this tv special, but this song, "Hell Yeah" was very emotional and made me think of my own life as well as Neil's. Have asked all the same questions as are in the song and I hope when I go I can give the same answer..... Hell Yeah!!!!!

Saw this in concert | Reviewer: Kris | 1/12/09

This song was an encore in a recent neil Diamond show I saw, and it was so well done. I mean it was great to hear all the old favorites, the songs I grew up with, but this song struck me, and live, it was so emotional. I actually cried. Well done, Neil. Glad to see you're still going strong, and if you ever leave, I'll remember you for sure. Hell yeah.