Brother Love's ...aka... Sunshine Sonny's Elixir | Reviewer: JoanneJ | 6/26/14

The first time I heard this song was on the Sonny and Cher "LIVE in Las Vegas" album (triva - after the divorce Sonny filmed himself with young daughter Chas doing the spoken part for his solo tours) ...
This song was one of two Sonny Bono solo's in His and Cher's live stage shows in the 1970s. Sonny may have never been accused (during his singer/songwriter days) of having a great voice but Sonny was funny and charming and very very entertaining in front of a live audience. This song was always a BIG hit with live audiences.

To play up Sonny's strengths the spoken word part of this song was changed and personalized just for him (and stretched out longer). It took inspiration from the old time Traveling Medicine Shows (and not just the traveling preacher shows).

(Sonny always started off the song with these spoken words)...

Now gather 'round folks
I heard you say
You wanted a pick me up
That wouldn't let you down

You lookin' for a cure
It's got to be sure
It's got to be pure
Got to relieve your sore bones
Your aching toes and your runny nose

You know what you got to have?...
You got to have the one and only
"Sunshine Sonny's Elixir"

Buy some, try some
And you know what folks
You're gonna fly some

Now I say it's true
Now it's up to you
Whatcha gonna do
"Sunshine Sonny's Elixir"
I'm gonna fix you up quick, sir
"Sunshine Sonny the Elixir"

It ain't no where we can't fix, sir
Best relief and it tastes good too
You know what ...
The stuff is really really good for you

(And then he'd start singing HOT AUGUST NIGHT ...)

(and in the middle of the song replacing the spoken dialog Neil did originally)...

Now step right up
And don't be shy
You can tell by my face
I'm a nice guy

How much does this cost, this stuff?
Well lady what's in your purse
Is good enough

~ ~ ~

Haven't seen Neil do it live but I'm sure it's a highlight of his shows too.

This was probably the first song of Neil's I ever heard (because of my childhood love of watching the Sonny and Cher show on TV with my grandmother as a little kid). I love pretty much all of Neil's songs, although this the first one I ever heard will always have a soft spot for me.

My favorites songs of Neil's are often from his BANG records days ... with my favorite being SHILO (from 1967)...

Young child with dreams
Dream every dream on your own
When children play S
eems like you end up alone ...

Ahhh ...
as usual great lyrics and great music ...
Diamond knows how to make music!

perfect song | Reviewer: Julie Safe | 1/5/14

My dad used this song to teach me two part harmony. He played a lot of Neil Diamond and felt he was the perfect musician. I know this man is amazing and this song will always be a reminder of my dad can't hear it or sing it without tears. Neil Diamond literally was part of me growing up.

real music | Reviewer: Doc Watkins | 1/3/14

there once was a time when music meant something, when words were clear and sweet and reminded you of what is good in life...and actually required talent to produce. Neil Diamond was an artist and a musician of unparallelled caliber...if you can listen to "Brooklyn Roads" without a tear trying to come up in your eye, you have no emotion.

Rolling In The Deep | Reviewer: Sandra Weinhardt | 8/24/12

This song makes me feel as if I were floating in the ocean with every single part of my life perfect. They must have invented the term "honey voiced" for Neil Diamond. Back when life was easier, he was a gift to us that keeps on giving today. I never went to a travelling show, but the music must have rocked!

brings me right back to 1970 | Reviewer: teresa bogener | 6/19/12

So wish I could have seen you in Ft.Pierce, called to late about seats. Do hope you come back I'll call sooner. I saw your wedding dance photo you posted on twitter. Wow, how can you look so young and me so old?