Got on a plane and never looked back. | Reviewer: Proud American | 12/29/11

We can to the United States in 1971. A family of four with two suitcases and a grand total of $500. After 40 years of hard work everything has paid off. We never took any government money, never took a welfare check, never took unemployment. America doesn't owe us a thing. America is still out there for those who refuse to be brainwashed, work hard and sacrifice.

Vietnam | Reviewer: timk | 11/20/11

Just a reminder, this song was written about the boat people - refugees from South Vietnam who braved, what, 9,000 miles of ocean just to escape the evils of the VC..... I'm glad we took them in, because they got screwed when we didn't keep to our word and go back...

America | Reviewer: Randy Atkins | 7/7/11

I'm singing this song tonight in a karaoke contest at Casino Aztar in Evansville, Indiana.
This is one of my fav songs of all time and have been wanting to do this song in competition for years and now on "Patriotic Theme Night" I get my chance. I've seen Neil do it in 4 different
concerts and it gives me chills everytime I hear him sing it...GOD BLESS AMERICA...THIS SHOULD BE OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM!!!!!!!

I came here to SING! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/28/11

I came to sing and find this...some guy mad bcos CLEARLY his girl saw a cuban guy and took a liking to him making him look extremely stupid and comes here to vent, and some other guy that lacks understanding for the concept of syllables and bars and clearly inserted too many words for the melody of that song.
I give it a 7, it was a little sloppy and choppy....

NOW, thats what you get for posting THAT on such a good ol fashion, wholesome, patriotic proud American song.

Yours Truly,

Hillary Clinton

They're Coming to America | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/11

I think That I am going to rewrite that song, here goes nothin'

Far, They've been travling far, without a home and certainly not in a jar.
Free, They only want to be free. They huddle close in a suitcase and box springs.
On the boats and on the planes, Bedbugs are comin to America. Never lacking tacked, there here again. Bedbugs are comin to America. In the home they seem so far away, Oh, but when the light goes away,
more are being born, more are being born.

Home to a new and hidden place, gettin in bed and saying our pryers, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bit..and don't let the bed bugs bite.

Everywhere from around the world, Bedbugs are comin to America. Everywhere city or rural, Bedbugs are comin to America.


My Country 'tis of thee we are no longer Bedbug free and the treament will cost you alot of money..ching, ching..TODAY!,TODAY, TODAY!,..TODAYYYYYYY!!

Thank You Ladies and Gentlemen! Nature King Pest Mgmt.

A different perspective | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/11

Cubanos come to America and we give them a pat on the back and a job: Fine, I an American. But we regard them as "escaping oppression".I dont debate this. However: Last I checked, Mexico has been run by the same party since 1929. Conditions there are quite literally worse than Cuba. The poor are abysmally so...the rich are heavenly so. However, when they come here, they are treated like shit. Try challenging the Multinational Corporations to hire American workers and watch your grocery bill break your bank account. You want the criminals to stop hopping the border? Fine. Legalize Pot. Put up or shut up. But when you disparage people who do the hardest work there is, so YOU can buy produce for a cheap price, and maintain your precious way of life....go fuck yourself. Yeah, thats right. You heard me. Hey hey, hey hey....USA USA.

Beautiful but hollow | Reviewer: Frank | 4/9/11

Your history has shown that your last wave of immigrants after being despised but finally assimilated became reactionaries and unwelcoming to the newcomers. Now it is the time for Mexicans, despite the fact that you took by force a great chunk of their territory not so long ago. Not being American neither Mexican I feel you have betrayed the ideas shown in the Statue of Liberty. Your immigration is a selected and qualified one like that of posh club. You did not live up to general expectations. The song is beautiful and moving but it is another lie to swallow. You speak of dreams but want to put borders to them!Yes, they are still coming to America for you care only for those with money and skills you are in need of. America has become a bank where you are welcome only if you have more to give than to ask.

A song that reminds me of when America was strong. | Reviewer: Bjones | 3/9/11

I got teary-eyed today when I heard this song. I'm in my mid forties and I am an American. The song reminds me of a time when America was respected, loved and we were mostly in tune with each other. It seems that we have lost our way. It's seems that we have grown apart from each other and the world. And I blame this on all of us; but mostly on our lack of leadership. There are no consequences for breaking the rules anymore. I embrace those who immigrate here according to the rules. And those who are still here through illegal means, are still here because our leadership is asleep at the wheel. When will an American step up and take the helm with authority, integrity, focus and a love and respect for the American ideal? I miss the days when we were proud and strong and would smile and speak to each other.

True - every time flags unfurl they come to America | Reviewer: Tushar | 3/1/11

Saw Jazz Singer decades back when I was in school. An ICONIC song ever since then and - so true, so true. Millions have made it here, with nothing but the power of their dreams, but more importantly millions have felt at home. It does get me, as I am sure it does for many others.
An anthemic song - it is stirring and no other country in this world can even aspire to sing such a song - without being hooted flat out.Only USA can pull off such a song. BTW I am not an American,but I have lived here for some years (legally and paid taxes)and in 3 other countries. So I know what I am talking about.

Here's a concept. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/09

I love our legal immigrants. By and large, grand people. Our nation can absorb and assimilate these fine folks into being true Americans. However, what with the rate of ILLEGAL immigration to America from the south, encouraged by the Mexican Government, this sounds more like the national anthem of Mexico!

Didn't Do it For Me | Reviewer: Darren | 5/8/09

I love this song, but neil diamond is such an esstatisical person that i almost feel akward hosting such inferbious music at a social gathering. Constiteritary to my prior knowings, this music was too "mozarty" for me. Thanks for posting the luyrics thanks a lot.

America be blessed | Reviewer: Chijioke | 3/2/09

For all the grateful first generation immigrants like me, this album is a must have. It is a song of thanks both to God and other Americans who set their foot on this soil before me. Thinking about the opportunities, one cannnnot be thankful enough. Play this song first thing in the morning before heading out the door and let us help each other live up to those dreams that brought us all here. God bless America!

This song should be our national anthem | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/9/09

It talks more about the promise of America throughout the world, is easier to sing, is not sung to the tune of an old English drinking song (yep, our current one is!) and doesn't focus on violence - which has sadly been necessary to protect our county, but is not what our nation is about. Time for a 21st century national anthem (sorry Francis Scott Key).

Neil Diamond's "America" | Reviewer: R.M.Gobar,American Son | 8/11/08

I love this song,especially the long version. WE are AMERICANS, no hyphens! WE come from the WHOLE World, to THIS Country, to BE AMERICANS! The sooner WE ALL realize THAT, the sooner WE will BE indivisible, ONE NATION under GOD!

Air force One | Reviewer: -------- | 1/11/08

I <3 this song,

It reminded me of the movie Air Foce One, I loved that movie too.
It's about a president was traveling to Russia, and terrorists are on the plane. His wife and daughter and his workers are on it too. The terrorists came onboard because there leader was arrested in America. Like all movies, he made it, almost 50 people died onboard. When they were going to land, they found out (OK MAYJOR SPOILERS HERE!) the plane was too damaged to land. Another plane was to save them, only 4 people could go on it. All of the people was carried out with parrachutes before, but there were 5 people on the plane, the President (Jim) his wife, and his daughter, and his congress editor, and a chef. I thought the chef was a terrorist too, cause no one pointed the gun at him, and he wasnt getting shot at, and also, he has been sitting by the terrorist in the plane the whole time. So when the president and the chef was the only people onboard, the chef kept whacking the poor president to go on the rope and slide on, (the mother and daughter was sooo scared cause they did that.) Also, the president won =D I OFRGOT ONE THING! YOU MUST BE WONDERING ABOUT THE TERRORIST LEADER!!!!! HE WAS RELEASED FROM JAIL CAUSE THE MAN WAS GONNA KILL THE DAUGHTER AND THE DAUGHTER, UNFORUTANETLY,THE GUY LIED, AND TRIED TO KILL EM, BUT THE PRESIDENT TOOK A PHONE, AND TOLD THEM TO KILL THE LEADER, MAKING THE MEN MORE ANGRY, BUT STILL, THEY KILLED ALL 14 TERRORIST!~