my BEST | Reviewer: Wondewosen Tariku | 2/16/09

WHEN I heard this song for the first time in arbaminch universty ,i felt amazing happy in my heart.Till this time i choose this song when i decide to lisen or enjoy with music.I love not only the song but also i love so much the songer i love NE-YO ,ALL SONGS ,HIS ACT AND ART CHAW NE-YO LOVE....

Sexy Love | Reviewer: krissy | 9/16/07

I remember the first time i heard this song. I was at school in my classroom and my boo was in there listening to it on an ipod and i was talking to my friends and he just came over held me close and started singing it to me and i hugged him and started crying. It was such an amazing feeling. And everytime i hear this song i remember that day. It feels good to know that i'm his 'sexy love' and have been for a year and almost nine months now (JAN 11, 06). I hope it will last forever but only God can decide that. Keep going strong Ne-Yo. I Luv U!

i love you | Reviewer: sharonta | 8/30/07

you are my favorite i have all your songs and cd's i am your #1 fan all have all your pictures and everything you are the best artist i have ever known.

hot | Reviewer: abby | 4/29/07

this song is the best I listen to it everyday and I luv it. it's meaningful to couple to slow dance.

SEXY AS HELL!!!! | Reviewer: angelissa | 2/20/07

That was a sexy song i loved it , it made me think of my one and only!!!!!

awsome!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: angelissa | 2/20/07

that song was beautiful and i LOVED it, it was so awsome and my love i will show that song to him and i knw he will love it too

The best. | Reviewer: Pinky | 9/14/06

I think this is the best and the sexiest song that Neo has done. My boyfriend and I cannot get enough of it. He has said alot for people that they want to say to their lovers each day and I think that is what music is all about.

yeh-yah!! | Reviewer: KweeNs | 9/5/06

...aye man nun of u guyz that alredi reviewd dis song cuda sed it any beta!!!...dis sond iz mint az!!!

MY FAVORITE SONG. | Reviewer: Cortney Tumblin | 9/5/06

Ilove "sexy love". Its my favorite song. I often refer to myself as that too.

love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/06

my ex boyfriend put this on in the pub for me the other weekend it was so sweet coz the song is jus really meaninful we r now back together. TOP SONG!