thank u ne-yo | Reviewer: beza'bb' | 7/28/08

there was this guy i was in love with started when i was 13 now am 17 and i used to belive i was only born to love him and i was loving him alone and he was hurting me more than words can tell but some how something inside you says beza comeon this is not you, you can do much better and now am ok please whatever is your doing keep doing it coz i love it and its keeping me from etiopia say something will yaa?

you will always be my man | Reviewer: tierra | 7/11/08

I'm in love with u so much i just dont know what to do.I am your biggest fan.I am 19 years old,birthday june 27 1989.I like to Danceing,Singing,And Cooking.And I really like your new song Closer iI be listen to it all day everyday.

i think we have the same father | Reviewer: DeQuevies | 5/24/08

i just wanted to say that everybody i've come in conntact with asks me if ne-yo is my brother because i lokk alot like him and my mopm tells me i look just like my dad and when i look at a picture of my dad he looks like ne-yo also so i just some how think that maybe its possible my dad has never benn there for me and my mom raised me alone i live in las vegas now with my god parents after my mom died i just want to find out if this possible send me an emale to get my contact information :)

good artist | Reviewer: yakson | 4/12/08

my name is yakson from nigeria
i do music am an r&b singer, i have been into music for 6 years now but no good promoter
i have my music but looking for a sponsorer to sponsor my music and help me go pleacese, i need help hoping to here from you guys please i need you help........ fro yakson nigeria

Awesome Artist. Great Future Ahead. | Reviewer: S t a c ii - L e e | 2/12/08

Neyo you truly are a great artist. You have such talent & you will truly go far in the future. Your career has only just begun. You are an inspiration to us younger generation. "Everyone wants to sing & dance like Ne-Yo". I'd love to one day meet you as I am a big fan. You are truly an inspiration Ne-Yo. Keep It Up. Kia Kaha. Ka Pai Te Ora. =). Stacy-Lee. New Zealand.

Congratulations | Reviewer: Natalia | 2/2/08

Hi Smith, I only want to congratulate you and your "team", I really liked both of ur albums, you did a very good work. The songs make me dream away, and the melodies seems to be in my mind for a long time. When I hear them ,they put m in a different time and space. So, keep your heads high. Best wishes to all of u. HUGS

what's up! | Reviewer: Saba | 1/28/08

Hey how are u doing i hope u are doing well coz I pray for u day and night u know what I love u so much I swear to God I am gonna find u one day and i am gonna give u my hugg and kiss "Ne-Yo is the sweetest drug i am addicted to u " In one day i Cant sleep with out listen or wacht ur music so see ya boy

the love of my yo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/08

ne yo i love u, u are my day i want to became like u....i love singin your songs....u are the best.....i love and i will love u for ever and ever....when i hear you're song's i'll became to sad and i yo i love u.....4 ever....(becky) from italy
i love u i love u

cornelli | Reviewer: Cornelli | 1/4/08

Ne-yo youre a handsome hunk of human flesh. You are so talented. I admire you. You can sing, dance, write good lyrics hey! you're the BOMB. I love you and would like to encourage you to keep up the good work love Nelli.

DONT MATTER | Reviewer: Asia T | 11/26/07

ne-yo i lo9ve you more than any body in the worl i really do think that all those folks a out there really need to get of yo back about that bull i love you so much and forget about all that mess they saying keep yo head up
sincerly Asia

artist so | Reviewer: danielle lenice bones | 11/26/07

Hey ne-yo this your biggest fan danielle.And I love to sing I have all your songs.So can you please help me become a singer.I been singing every since 6 and all I just need is a manger and I really want to be your artist.I am 14 years old.My time is going short

i love you ne-yo | Reviewer: teahecia | 11/9/07

i love ne-yo he is my heart i listen to him every morning noon and night i cant live without you i wish i was old enough to be your girl because i wanna be with him so bad when i do get married i am gonna make sure he is just like ne-yo because he is the greatest mman alive except for god and i will do anything to meet him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

best artist | Reviewer: Dalida from Bosnia | 10/22/07

I think that Nw-yo is the best artist on the Wooooorlllld... His song "Because of you" is my favourit. I like him because of his strong voice and because he knows how to burn us up...

I love you Neyo!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Tsepiso | 10/11/07

You are so amazing-honestly, your lips look so kissable-youve got the sense of humor, the looks the taste and the voice. Most of all you write the best lyrics ever!! Honestly i could swear my boyfriend is getting jealous!! I love you neyo!!!!

Sorry | Reviewer: Jaqueline | 10/8/07

Sorry (desculpa) ,my english is so bad! So, I'll correct the question. I just wonder, will you ever learn portuguese? So, we could talk, when we meet. I am from Mozambique, you probable don't know where it is. I gue§ it does not matter, does it? Hugs (abraços). And I really liked the lyric of "Say it"