<3 love you | Reviewer: June | 2/5/11

Ne-Yo is my idol because Ne-Yo has beautiful songs, and my little sister is very fond of Ne-Yo so that's what mak that I like Ne-Yo, is affiliated to my little sister!

Ne-Yo er mitt idol fordi Ne-Yo har vakre sanger, og min lille søster er veldig glad i Ne-Yo, så det er det mak at jeg liker Ne-Yo, er tilknyttet til min lille søster!

the way you sing | Reviewer: PETER MAKAYA | 1/30/11

when you realy enter the studio it shows that you have that dedication & passion for the music that you give to your fans! I for one have a brother who whenever he hears your songs just has tears running out of his eyes , not because he is crying but because of the words & the message that your songs carry & as i see it if you keep up with this type of music & keeping your records low ,you have a brighter future ahead of you!! Make us proud & never let the fame control you, but you control the fame!!!!!!

LOVE YOU.... | Reviewer: lycia lennox | 1/14/11

My name is Lycia lennox, I'm 18y old male singer, my bigest dream is 2 record a song with you one day, people sed that my kind will never have that dream come true. But my hope is still alive. And I know one day you will read this message. LOVE YOU BROTHER..

im in love.... | Reviewer: LaShelle | 10/15/10

Hi Neyo,
I'm not going to lie to yu and say that I am yur biggest fan. I thought I was, but judging by the responses from other listeners I can officially comprehend that I can not even compare. What I do not seem to understand, however, is how they can be "in love" with a man they do not know. I know that the title of this review is "I'm in love" however, I do not mean with yu. I'm in love with yur music, yur charm, yur passion, yur understanding that even though life isn't perfect, yu'll be able to bare it if yu have music. YU see, music is mi life, mi all. I understand that reading these must be a waste of time, a pain(if yu will). But, I just felt like I could finally get out that yu are mi idol. Everyone else has shared their thoughts, so why can't I? I would love it if i could sing for yu some time.
Signed with a burning passion,
Niecy LaShelle

You truly are a gentle-man in my eyes | Reviewer: Queen E | 6/5/10

Hi Ne-yo am frm The Bahamas and we too are loving you as much. I love your song mad, I can't get enough of that song, I just think that your appearance is just so charming and inviting. Your mom did a really good job raising you. Hope to see you here in Nassau to perform soon would really love to see you in person just thought i may add that keep up the good work your doing it....

jazzypooh | Reviewer: jasmine jackson | 5/31/10

you are the best artist of the 21st centry as far as r&b goes. if you'd come to Muskegon,MI and perform,i could prove it to everyone else. you are truely an inspiration to me. >one of your biggest fans<

hi | Reviewer: chuluun baatar | 5/19/10

hi ne yo.Im Mongolian.im sorry,i little speak english.Id like it your all song,iknow your all songs.Im 21 yers old.Im american r&b,korean r&b stylet. i can r&b dance but i belive christ.Im gonna the church of jesus christ of later day saints.Im your fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

babygillian | Reviewer: gillian francis | 5/5/10

hey neyo iam fr jamaica i am 23yrs and let me just say i am inlove with u ,my fav song would be i'll be waiting the message ur sendin in ur songs are crazy but i mean that in a good way ,i would love to meet u some day ,just keep writing and singing and i'll keep listening ."no 1 is perfect until you fall inlove with then" lots of love fr ur number 1 fan gillian georgia francis

letting you know how i feel | Reviewer: Draia | 2/26/10

Hi Neyo im Sandraia Im 15 years old im really writting this because i love you and your music. Your music makes my world a better place. I can also sing and i love it aloot mist of the time my parents makes me made becaus their always making me sing some where. Not that i dont love singing bt not all the time your my favorite singer please email me back thank you!!!!!

You are a really great singer | Reviewer: faraimoyo | 1/12/10

Neyo you are up and coming, and already a rising super star, i love all your tracks especially singles, i remember when i first head it play, iwas like this can only b Neyo! and i was write, i love your music badly.....

I LOVE YOU NEYO. | Reviewer: megandoss. | 1/2/10

neyo... your by far the most talented r&b singer ever alive. every song you wrote touched my heart. no other artist can do that. i thank you for every song you wrote because without it, i wouldnt know what music was.<3 you complete me, each and everyday. i cant go a single day without your voice. i truly love you neyo from the bottom of my heart<3 p.s your too good for Tila Tequila, you need a real women, your to good for her.

id love to meet you one day | Reviewer: Karima | 10/18/09

you are my inspiration and everything i always wanted to be Your songs speak my mind i can relate to almost all of them your a very deep person and for that my favorite artist and very talented wow your so great we could really hang out as friends and kick it

HOW MUCH I CHERISH MA MAN | Reviewer: Tiina | 10/19/09

Baby, i can`t wait 2 see you in the jingle bell ball since if i don`t see ya i don think i can live. I love you big and i would do anything to be by your side and make sure you wouldn`t be so sick of love songz! Keep 1 thing in mind that I`LL ALWAYZ LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ily :) | Reviewer: tilly | 9/23/09

hey wats up i think ur songs r pretty kool i think u should come 2 a small town called wickham W.A everyone loves u xo so how is it being a big singer? do u love ur life now or back then when u was not singer..? bye :)

Mr love song | Reviewer: ntombi | 8/5/09

hy am 1 of ur biggst fan i love all ur songs especialy d followng, part of d list,mad,single,no 16,14,15,09 nd mis independant frm d album d year of d gentlemen n frm other albums i lyk sexy love,go on gal,etc looove u vry mch..