Ne-yo can i be your lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Nicole Council | 10/8/07

It's not the money it's not the fame this guy has true passion for what he does and it's enough to make me say. . . . MARRY ME NE-YO!!!! no seriously ne-yo marry me!!!!

What about add a new challenge in ur life? | Reviewer: Jaqueline | 9/28/07

I just wonder, do you will ever learn portuguese, will you? So you could took with me when I meet yo. And for now, continue com o bom trabalho. Hugs ( abra├žos) and kisses ( beijos ) .

Hi Mr. Smith | Reviewer: Andrea G. | 9/18/07

I love you so much and your words mean so much. Everytime I go through something you come out with a songits like I cant explain what it is I feel but throgh your songs I express myself. My step dad took a picture with you in Vegas and I was so mad but I just pray that one day I will have the pleasure of meeting you I've been to your concerts when you come to Detroit and I just love your presence. I have been a song writer since I was 8 and have been singing since I was 3 I pray that one day I can share my music with you just if you dont listen to anything in this message just know that you have made a strong impact on my life luv u.

I love and appreciate you Ne-yo. | Reviewer: Deondra | 9/13/07

Never in a million years have I ever seen a guy that can sing, dance, write music, deal with past feelings/relationships and be so genuine and sweet keep it up!!!

I changed myself for the better all because of you. | Reviewer: Ebony | 9/12/07

Ne-Yo, I dont know if you'll read my message or not but... I've went through alot in my life just to be 17, Im not longing for a reltionship with you sexually because im more than a woman, not saying it's wrong to have special feelings for somebody but you can never tell who's lifetime material especially in the music industry anyway. But your music is very inspiring to me and it honestly feels like i write and live every word you sing. And what i admire the most is that you keep it coming even if it's you on somebody elses track you let the world know who you are and what you came for, And i thank God for you Ne-Yo your one of the higher influences in my life since i was 16.

i love you neyo | Reviewer: Eriin | 9/8/07

hi neyo my name is eriin i am ur biggest fan ever no matter what. i love you so much its unreal... i saw that people was writing asking you to give them a call i was confused so i thought i would leave you a message if its you that reads them. if u send me an email back i will be so grateful. thanks love you loads eriin.. xxxxxxxxx

YOU ARE THE GREATEST EVER | Reviewer: Avion Thompson | 9/5/07

Im not 1 of yr typical fans, but i am a lover of yr music. Your words & voice touch me in ways i cant explain. When im down i listen to yr CD & everthing melts away. I would love to meet you some day. your words have meaning & passion that sends shivers up my spine. If you continue on this path you will reach far & i wish u all d best. I LOVE YOU!
P.S.Come back to Trinidad

Thank you | Reviewer: | 8/11/07

Hey Neyo... I would if i could say all this to you in person. But i can't so i guess i have to let the world know... I dont even know you... and yet you have been a friend, your song's have wiped away my tears when i 've cried, they have rejoced with me when i have been happy, and they have sung me to sleep.. through those long sleeples nights. I know meeting you is out of the question, but if you could only for a min, read in between everything i have just written, and understand how greatfull i am to you...that comes from my spirt. So thank you... Good lookin out! Oh and so comendable what you said about putting out music, and god choosin the vessels. he took his time with you... mind body and soul.. truely insperationl. Thanx again

what i feel about ne-yo. | Reviewer: Titi | 7/30/07

I totally love you.You make the most beautiful r&b, you must be a love say the words just like the ordinary man are a true talent,just like a blue mountain art card.LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Japan tour 19th on July | Reviewer: ni-ko | 7/25/07

Hello, Ne-yo. I'm from Japan. I went to consert in Tokyo of you.
Thank you so much showing great performance and your voice was really beautiful!!! I love your songs, I'd love to meet to you next time if I have a chance. Love you!

:D | Reviewer: stephanie | 7/24/07

i say chill with the cute part.. HOWEVER his musik is the best & i love him too death cause of that... idk where i'd be without his musik & i met him too.. he is a really great person.. I LOVE YOU NE-YO. :]

so sexy | Reviewer: MIMAR | 7/4/07

hey Neyo i loooooooooove u soooooooooooooo much,yo music is sexy n i love the way u dance in yo music case u wanna halla at yo fan will alwayz b available.luv u sweetheart.

hottie | Reviewer: nicole | 7/3/07

you are so hot IM your number 1 fan i wish i could meet you in person well always know i will always love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DON' B SO SICK OF LUV SONG | Reviewer: tina | 7/3/07


I'm gone off u, so cold..... | Reviewer: Miss Lexis | 6/28/07

Ne-Yo u r so cold and I Love ur CD Because of You keep writing and singing them songs cause baby you are really good at what you do your #1!!!