Tila | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/1/09

hey its me tila and i really dont like how you played me its guys like you tht make me glad tht im bysexual because now im gonna hate men for like a month you said you liked me and shit at the club but i guess all you wanted was a good time

Please call me

Tila Tequila

I luv Neyo | Reviewer: Dominique | 4/29/09

Neyo hi im 16yrs old and i have a lot to say. First off let my say i love u so much. I love the music you write and i listen to all of them. Me and my sister loves your music and your are my favorite singer. Now the reason why i love your music the most is because your music is like sending me a message and all of your songs is like true. I mean the stuff you sinf about is true you fall in love then they break your heart. but the one i love the most is the song called "Time" that song right their is so nice and i like "Go on girl" that one is a hit. There a much more songs i would list but to long. i just like the way you write them and bring out a message but just to let you know that to keep writing and live your life. your doing real good and my wish is to met you and sing wit you.

am ur no1 fan | Reviewer: Bjay | 4/24/09

Hey, am Busayo and am 14yrs old. I rily love ur music and also ur swagger. i must confess, you are rily hot. I love your songs so much, especially "mad". I also love d song you did with Keri hilson "knock you down". i already short of word. Ciao

i lab neyo xooo matx... | Reviewer: roselle arian | 4/9/09

..hey im roselle from cavite city..im 14 yrz old..haha..wud u mind if i ask u..do you hve a grlfriend?or dating someone?ip u had a grlfriend i wil b hapi 4 u... ahm by da way ilabueh.. i lab ur songs ur voice ur personality i lab evry little things about u..ahm i think ur like jzt a drug..cause i can help 2 fall in lab with u..im addicted 2 u,..and i dont know y?you know evry time i watch myx i w8 ip their playing one of ur songs..cause i'd like 2 watch it evrytime and i'm not tired of watching and listnening to them..i hope u can read dis message.. i hope someday u'l come in da phil..and have a concert..so take care of yourself and dont 4get 2 pray..and i wil miss yah.. love u and godbless..
..id like 2 join ur fansclub..cause i want 2 support u.. in all of ur doing..

your fan,

i luv u | Reviewer: Latifah age 14 | 4/8/09

i been loving you since ever.every time i haer your voice on the radio or tv i just yell.not only im a fan.i also look up to.i admire everthing you do.your music made me think about alot of things twice.i i used to solve my problems by fighting.now i listen to your voice and i say to myself.is this what i really want to do with myself.and i stop myself.i push me to be better.and one day become a singer.Ne-yo u change my life.and for that i thank u and love u!!!

You are the Bomb! | Reviewer: Theophilus (a.k.a) Teep Soul De Krown Prince | 3/24/09

Right from the time i started listening to your music, i must confess I love your style of Music sooooooo much. I am an uncoming artiste I sing R$B and blues and i hope to meet you one day with faith. you are my role model

Keep the fire burning

Teep Soul De Krown Prince

Sup Mr. Smith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Jailene | 3/13/09

Hey! I'm Jailene, I'm 13 years old, I live in PA. Don't you hate when people say "I'm your biggest fan," but you have a million fans out there, so no one that is famous has a number one fan, cause alot of people like that one famous person. I'm not saying I dislike you or anything, cause I love and I pray for you. Well also what I wanna say is just because someone is famous dosen't mean they are any different then people that can't dance or sing or things like that. I just wanted to say that to get it off my mind. But anyway I love you, I will always pray for you and hope someday you find the perfect someone and I hope everything works out the way you want it to. I love all your songs. I listen to everyone of them. I don't have a favorite, cause I love them all, they really touch me. I wish you so much good luck in life. Always live your life the way you want it to be, never let anyone tell you how to live your life.

Jailene aka LiL JJ
I love you!!!!!!

a swagger | Reviewer: susan | 3/6/09

ever since you hit the music indusry every one has had your name in their lips because not only are you a great song writer your also a good producer. when you came in into the industry i had no doubts tha you would stick for longer the expected. your music has touched me so much and the fact that you write about your experiences its just amazing to think that a person like you has the power to change peoples thinking in a way you relate your music to your life, things that most of us also go through. to say your my hero would be an understatement the best thing to say i think is that your swagger is what puts you out there in that number one spot in billboards year after year. i would realy like to see more of your live performances in future and if you can i would also like for you to halla at us here in south africa cos i know that there are so many fans of yours out here too. keep up with the pleasures of intoxicating us with your voice and your lyrics. KEEP UP WITH THE SWAGGER

deondra heaven sent | Reviewer: deondra s. | 2/15/09

I really love your music everytime i hear a song of yours i be anxious to hear more. I love your style and your are definetely a role model of mine your more than just neyo you are one of a kind i couldnt find a better face.

₮₦É BeSt R&B SinGeR AlIvE | Reviewer: Odalis | 1/10/09

I juS waNna Say mAn nEyo ur ₮₦É best R&B SiNgEr AliVe I LoVe all Ur SoNgz N I BuY all ur CD DaT comes there da best n right n one of my favorite song of urs is mad I love it I cry a few times couse I kind of relate 2 da song my last words 2 u is 2 stay up all da way n keep ÐΘÌÑ wut u ÐΘÌÑ with ur music I love it:)

great stuff | Reviewer: gloria | 1/6/09

i think ur talented.. i wouldnt say your my type but its like every music u make it just seem great.. u should carry on making music.. im sure ur an insperation to a lot of people.. ur kool dude.. xx

gilvonnie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/09

neyo im sooooo in love with u serious talk your so unique at what u do what u do u do it so well I want to be complement to ur swagg ur beautiful strong and I love the way u dress its sooo different I know every one of ur songs I loooove number 11 on the first cd your voice is so beautiful don't worry u have no competition chris brown is good but he no where near better than u I love u and my goal is to marry u some day

i love neyo | Reviewer: stef | 11/8/08

I Just Wanna Say I Loveeeee Yooooh!!! I Love Your Music, Dancin I Just Love You! Its A Shame Your Much Older Then Me :( ....I Love Allll Your Songs I Know Them Off By Heart, I Also Cant Wait To See You Live In Wemberly! Your Soooooooooo Sexy!!! XXX

Man u such a dancer & singer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/08

Waz`p dog.Dis is chizdogg frm Bots-Tside.There is this song,'Do u',wch makes me cry everytim i listen to,wanda if wat ya wrote did happend 2ya man.Anwa watch closer video n tryna dancer like you G!

dancer/wrter | Reviewer: Tyeefah | 10/2/08

i neyo ijust wnt to ay tha i love you music and i just wantto know how do i audition to become one of your dancers hit me up on my email adress o lt me kno because if you make a video fo single i wold lve to be a dancer if not the lead dancer. An I can write music hit me up or an you giv me a few pointers as to how to get my music u there thanks much love