a very great good song | Reviewer: tony | 1/13/09

the reason why i like this song is because they have to girls named tamara and jasmine they can sing this song really good well yea last year at the back to school bash they were performing this sond do you on stage they were really goog but they always sing a song at the back to school bash every year its a song etheir from NeYo or Alicia Keys

soothing | Reviewer: pauline | 12/22/07

wow what can i say, this guy is like sooooo talented. he seems to know just how to do his thing.thumbs up! ne yo has the flow, the voice, the appeal and the air around him. he is simply the best.

Awesomeness!!! | Reviewer: Aida | 12/24/07

so basically Ne-Yo is the GREATEST song writer out there!
he really has everything it takes to be the BEST!
and so far he has proven it
i love all his songs!
great job!

thank you NE-YO | Reviewer: sofiane | 12/11/07

I really like this song it is wonderful,I feel good and comfortable while listening to it, it has a meaningful lyrics especially with NE-YO he made it better, thank you and good luck.

da best | Reviewer: mbali | 11/10/07

i have to give it to these guys they really outdone themselves. This is a pretty good song that most of us can relate to,especially if you've experienced this before. Its a great song.

this one will be remembered | Reviewer: antoine | 10/27/07

this song epitomizes the mistake of letting go :the one" and wanting them back. I can definately relate to this.

Do you song | Reviewer: Lugoloobi Dennis | 10/26/07

It was quite a fantastic album i have never seen in this world really if was to be able to have achance and get any contact with u, it would be so cuite and believe my dreams would have cametrue because u mai favourite andi am a young great singer but lacks enough help nice concerts NEYO and mai email is Lugoloobidennis@yahoo.ug.com

Awesome! | Reviewer: Billy | 10/25/07

i LOVE this song...
can really relate like with most songs likw every1 else. he knows how to reach us.

luv dis song; it's da bomb | Reviewer: rochelle skeet | 10/22/07

i luv dis song b'cuz it's so kool and it is true cuz sum ppl make huge mistakes and dis song goes out 2 dem.

ii just wonder.!<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/07

I LOVE this song...so much.i mean NE-YO is doing a good jb..everything he does its awesome ..i love all of his songs..but this really has to relate to everyone because..everyone had a gf or bf before..and now they are not together anymore...and there asking each other if they think about them again...this is the SHIT!!<3