sizzling hot talent... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/21/09

the Micheal Jackson of our time if you ask me! Keep it up man, i love your music through and through! You make all the ladies feel special. Mad and Single are it for! oh, not forgetting all because of you! love you, mwaaaaaah!!

Ne-yo #1 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/09

All 3 of Ne-yo's cd r great! Very talented man & sexy 2! Keep doin yr thing Ne-yo & bringin yr fans that great music. If he ever comes across this I just want him 2 know that Feb 28th @ the Fox n Det, U KILLED IT! GREAT CONCERT!!!

Great Album... The Prince is born | Reviewer: Kells Jabari | 3/6/08

Now in R&B there are so many stars, mostly for their good voices and display but a feew write their own songs. Seeing R.Kelly my mentor getting old and planning to quit in lets say 5years you really would ask who can step-up the throne wen he's gone. I would pick my 5***** Ne-Yo. Good Voice, Steps, Looks, Skills and above all "LYRICS" both for himself and everyone he has written for. Well-done Man.

What Was He Thinking About? | Reviewer: K. Cherrelle | 7/5/07

First of all i don't want people to think i dislike Ne-Yo. Everyone who knows me knows that i'm dead in love with him. In My Own Words was the hottest cd, point blank. My only problem with this cd is that Ne-Yo dedicates songs to address the rumor about sex addiction [Addicted]. And sex with my ex is lacking class. I guess my only issue is that my standards of good R'N'B music increase when i'm listening to one of the most talented artistes i've ever seen in concert. Ne-Yo (incase u ever happen to come across this review) ignore stupid rumors and acussations. Keep doin' yo thang 'cause i'll always support U! P.S. Your Performance @ Scream Tour 5 was hot. Love U!

NE-YO the lyrics Hero | Reviewer: Andy Imade Bazuaye | 6/14/07

Really, i say Ne-yo is red hot. The album "because of you " speaks for itself. I think he is one of a kind when it comes to R n B music genre. Do me a favour, if you see Ne-yo tell him i love him.

ANDY Imade Bazuaye
a.k.a A.I.B the star

Great | Reviewer: Chris | 5/15/07

Ne-yo is my favorite artist right now. The songs on this album are a little different than on In my Own Words. But this new feel from him is good. Nothing short but greatness by a true r and B superstar

Because Of You. | Reviewer: Brittany | 5/7/07

Well first off, i have to say this is a CD that is something we, or should I say I, consider out of the box for Ne-Yo. Its a new and diffrent sound from him. (Just speaking for the CD in general) I really enjoyed the CD after i listen to them after a while. Because like many others, as well as myself, took the CD listen to it heard some sounds that just didn't sound right or like Ne-Yo and just stated that song as one we did not like. I did took a while but i had to go beyond on what i heard and listen to the meaning...and then afterwards did everything start to kick in. I can not say i like "Because Of You" better than "In My Own Words". But I can state that to me his lyrics are better. It may come off weird but i can't think of another way to but it. =] I would give this CD a 4.5 star. (1-5 star) So that pretty darn good. My review may not seem like i enjoy it as much as i rate it but i actually love it! i can't state this for many artist.