The clip is NOT the wiz of Oz | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/13

Music video deliberately alludes to The Wizard of Oz as in attempt to hide a story in a story. Those who aren't familiar with the Bolivian legend will perceive the video as a re-imagination of Wizard Of Oz.


wow | Reviewer: lalala | 6/5/13

i seriously believe this song is amazing cuz it reflects what we feel towards a specific person in our lives and admit it everyone has this one person who is so annoying and never seems to shut up and we just want to murder for his constant blabbering

Catchy and emotional voice | Reviewer: Daantje | 5/29/13

Shooting was in Bolivia, the clip is actually the wiz of Oz.
The voice of Sam is emotional and catchy, you have to sing along, the beat makes you move and all your pain stops..
This song made me realise how emotions can block you.

Amazing | Reviewer: Guru | 5/22/13

This song is amazing and the video is even better check it out at youtube/naughtyboy.lalala it ROCKS you can also watch it on sky channel 388 and you can see all the latest tunes check it out peace out later dudes