Thats nice | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/14

You know this song means a lot to me ppl keep telling you sttuf some times words. Hurt and i didnt find a way to just be my self and dont get hurt but when i hear this song i realiz that it dosnt matter what ppl say just dont care what ever
That. Was big change of my life

This song came to stay...and sound like a bee around your ears... | Reviewer: Chat Arjuna | 1/27/14

It´s a great song...No doubt about it.... It take a long time to hear a song that like and get deep into you like cut of a knife i just put this incredible song and played inside my mind all day and then i try to get into the character of the child who appear in the video then i close my eyes and find myself in a inspirational time loose and faraway from me. The performance of the song the rithm the harmony the elementary of the song and the tribalistical desing "was the point" to get succes. One thing about this song it´s true...and it came here to stay. I said this because not all days that we are hearing songs on radiostations or playing CDs at home take a few minutes to meditate the lyrics. Mid 80´s all 90´s and mid 2000´s songs are the best we can hear it in all time. Now music it´s good (too much electonic instruments and computers are used to make songs today)but not satisfy me at all. It´s take too much time to get a masterpiece when sold out in a CD´s and this song is not comercial song. I hope really the artist make them betters songs at least more social combinations rithms and harmony and a lovers thematic. Love is the hidden force to succes don´t forget that. Thanks a lot. See ya! next time.

Fantastic lyrics with a breath taking video to boot | Reviewer: alleurc | 9/28/13

I loved the catchy song and the video blew my mind to the point where I wanted to know more about the legend and the correlation to the story. I wish songs nowadays had more thought put behind their videos other than gratuitous outpour of scantily clad females. Kudos to the producer of the video

Lyrics vs. video | Reviewer: Adelaide | 9/10/13

I'm going to be honest the video is gorgeous and I love it but what does it have to do with the lyrics? I listen to the song without the video and I hear a guy bashing Christianity. He doesn't want to hear about Jesus from his girlfriend. The two don't seem to correlate well. But that's just what I get out of it

Don't fight | Reviewer: Jose | 9/10/13

I think maybe the video has two layers. It's shot in La Paz so it's not strange that it makes reference to the Bolivian legend but for the general public, which doesn't know about it, the video is deliberately made so it resembles the more famous Wizard of Oz.

haunting, but fascinating. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/3/13

I d heard the song and liked it, but when I saw the amazing video, I was completely won over, but a bit spooked, I dont really get affected by modern music anymore, cause im nearly 60, but my 18 year old grandaughter is always playing music.i was really obsessed with this song, so much so that I read up as much as I could about bolivia and its legends......fascinating,..problem is...the song has been constantly in my head for about 6 weeks now! Its tere all the time,..think ive been cursed by el tio!!

Video isn't based on "wiz of oz." It's based on bolivian legend | Reviewer: bakh | 8/28/13

Excuse me for my grammatical mistakes, English is not my native language.

The plot of the video is based on the Bolivian legend about a deaf boy who ran away from home, where he was insulted. Outside, the boy met a stray dog ​​who accompanied him.
When the boy came to live on the street, he found that he has the talent to feel the people who have problems and heal them with his own cry (which was loud like an earthquake and tornado).
Further, he finds an old man, in whom the villagers threw stones, taunted and ridiculed. With the power of his crying boy rescues an old man, reviving his heart (in the video he buys him a new heart).
Then they meet a disfigured man who felt insulted and lepers to society. Disfigured man told that he is a prophet who was cursed by a demon "El Tio" because of the fact that he did not worship him and refused to society that worships him (where he lived a demon).
El Tio - lord of the underworld, who brought gifts to the death, he defended them, or to reduce his anger.
The Prophet said that anyone who hears the demon - will fall under his control. Daemon can be found in the desert, where there was a city where people worship the demon, but he cursed them and they killed themselves.
Together they went back to where it should be a demon.
One boy had to go into the mine, where the demon's lair, and using his voice to overcome it.
Mine since ancient times people used. Miners at times sacrificed llamas demon, that he did not curse them.
On the one hand the boy could become the biggest victim, which is able to buy back the miners from the influence of the demon. On the other hand the boy could defeat the demon, because other people are not able to free themselves.

fantastic song and not wiz of oz | Reviewer: Jazzy | 8/24/13

why do people say its the wiz of oz.ITS NOT!and LOVE the song.its really a great song.i dont know about the video.but i still love the song.all i have to say is fantastic song!:)

Rightio.... | Reviewer: Burlow | 8/4/13

@Jay, Did you even listen to the lyrics? Because they are not wrong....You "corrections" make no sense at all....
Anyway, I love the song and after reading other peoples opinions, the idea of a modern Wizard of Oz actually makes a lot of sense!

the cave | Reviewer: oliver | 8/18/13

I seen a documentary on national geographic call taboo and that cave was in it. The miners that work in that cave have to make a sacrifice of blood to the devil before they can work in that cave if not they die in freak accidents in the cave. So could it be that the two man are sacrificing the little boy?

I luv dis song | Reviewer: YasminN | 8/16/13

I luv dis song..but not sure about da video,its really emotional esp towards the end when they all leave da boy in da cave and his crying his eyes out..luv da wizard of oz theme tho..

Lyrics are wrong | Reviewer: Jay | 7/31/13

I've posted it before but it seems it wasn't displayed or corrected, so i will say it again. some of the lyrics are wrong, its "i can't find your silver lining" not "i can't find those silver linings" and "if our love is running out of time" not "yes our love is running out of time". its also not "i'm turning off the volume" its "i'm turning UP the volume" common guys, you don't just listen for the sake of listening, you listen for the sake of understanding too!

Metal is every where \m/ | Reviewer: Dark Stranger | 7/23/13

I am a Metal fan indeed Black Metal and i like special musics and arts like this. I saw this clip in TV and yeah it was awesome, this song has many senses and means for different people around the world. Its meaningful... and i surprised in this clip with guy that wear Leather Jackets, why ? \m/ Yeah it seems he wears Leather Jackets with Bathory logo in back \m/ I am Eagle Eye and dont forget it we METAL FANS are every where even in a masterpiece clip Naughty Boy - La La La \m/
Hail to Bathory and R.I.P. Quorthon \m/
If you want see Bathory logo click this link and see some information about this legend band. http: //

Hush dont speak | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/13

The song is about the bollivian legend but the wizard of oz allusion was to distract from the afforementioned legend. But, why? Is it to invoke a deeper want in the viewer to appreciate the song on many more levels? Perhaps, but as a piece of art in itself, I find it flawless!

Figure at the end | Reviewer: lol | 7/19/13

The figure at the end looks like Baphomet (the devil) and d little boy looks like he's worshiping him. The first verse of the lyrics kinda sounds weird and dark in the same way, my opinion