AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Natasha | 7/18/13

This song is Amazing and beautiful . And the story resembles the wizard of oz.

And the little boy is constantly annoyed and bothered by the feeling that he's so small compared to the world and is constantly being abused. I LOVE THIS SONG!

Wow | Reviewer: me | 7/17/13

Wow... I repeat wow!
To get things clear before continuing; unsuccessfull people love judging others// this is a fact.

So for the people who have alot of time on their hands, those who like puting others down, or wasting review space for their ignorant and immature comments ( kindly; go to hell)

About the song; its in my head, somewhat primitive, yet catchy - like listening to it, but i fear i will get bored real soon.
Otherwise great.

P.S: Dont really care what you have to say to my response, so dont bother wasting your time.

Legend | Reviewer: Dave | 7/17/13

As far as I know, the video refers to a Bolivian legend: A boy who is maltreated by his mother, escapes from his home. There is a gift, that allows him to take away the anxiety of people when he is screaming or yelling (the lalala-part)and he helps them to live in freedom without worrying.
Anyway, the song is absolutely catchy and I lololove it! =]

Wizard of Oz | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/16/13

To me I see this video as a modern take on The classic Wizard of Oz. The little boy is Dorothy, the dog resembles the Lion looking for courage, the guy in the gym is the tin man looking for love, wanting a heart (which the kid buys him) and the guy directing the traffic is the urban representative of the scarecrow, who wants a brain. It's about overcoming your weaknesses and moving forward.

oliver,s view | Reviewer: smart oliver | 7/14/13

guys dnt get me wrong.but the song,s lyrics and its video does nt fall on the same line.the lil boy left his home being tired of his life dats 4 sure.but hw cum weneva d boy closes his ear any one he meets goes along wit him(the dog,the man and the masquerade)and at d ending of d song they left the boy afta he met a monster,wateva dat thing is.the video is too complex.i,m nt bein judgemental but the video does nt fall in line with my idea of life.

random | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/3/13

really nice song with a little passage...
to me this is a song about a young boy who is tired of constantly being abused and has enough of the filthy way some people live in today. he basically turned himself off to show how careless he is at that point:)

La La La | Reviewer: Amethystbunny | 7/2/13

I know that people are arguing on exactly what this song is about but I believe that it is meant to mean something different to all of us; we are all perceiving it differently and that's what was intended to happen anyway. No hate please just my opinion! (A really great song by the way!)

just sayin' | Reviewer: just my opinion | 6/27/13

LOVE THE SONG, LOVE THE VIDEO, LOVE THE MEANING, I LOVE EVERY BIT OF THIS! and heres just a note to love star: the first part of your comment was beautiful. the second part, not so much......

Just a little comment ;) | Reviewer: Randomgirlinlove;) | 6/25/13

This song is amazing and creative...
I actually dont have much to say about it, so hate me for bringing up a random convo...
Amazing songs:
Leave me my pen by Tino Coury
If you could see me now by The Script
Beakeven by The Script
And loaaaaaaaaads more ;)
I wont come back on this website, so ders no point of replying ;)

OMG FABULOUS!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: love ★ | 6/22/13

i pearsonally thought this song and music video was amazing i loved it!!!!,it put me in tears...
BTW: anonymous plez dont start fights and dont tell people they should get murdered becoz U SHOULD!!!! lol you got cussed by a girl . wanna bang me wiv ur dick

naughty boy | Reviewer: bella | 6/22/13

I don t like this situation (where the boy is)He's not a naughty boy but he doesn't like his life.He can't to resist he is so small and young he must to have a good life with people that love him and some education(that's why the song's name is so).So he wants to leave home and to next his own way where he will meet three friends:An old man and I think a policeman and a dog.When anyone shout to him a bad word he "coverings his ears like a kid".This song is very special and I love it very much.

The person who below said that anyone should be murdered is wrong! | Reviewer: Janoskian Lover | 6/16/13

It isnt the wizard of oz, though it is easy to see how people can confuse it. The dog is a chow called a LION dog the clay man does look like the tin man and the other person looks like a scarecrow. In fact it is based on a bolivian ledgend. The boy is deaf and cannot speak, but his shout is as loud as a tonado. He finds a man being stoned and revives his heart. They also meet a disfigured man, who is the prophet f a demon who curses others. Anyone who hears the demon is cursed so they bring the boy to the demons cave. The boy stays there and shouts (La La La La La) to overpower the voice of the demon so he cannot control anyone else. The video was DELIBERATELY made to resemble the wizard of Oz so that people wo were not familir with the ledgend could think of it that way.

It's good | Reviewer: Beth-Ebony13 | 6/14/13

To the reviewer who is 'anonymous' because he doesn't want to get himself into shit: Why the hell would you go to tell someone they should be murdered just because the got the meaning of the song mixed up? How low could you get?...

IT'S NOT THE WIZARD OF OZ!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/13/13

It was a Bolivian legend, NOT THE SHOOTING (DUMBASS), and the little boy is deaf but he screams really loud. He runs away from an abusive home, finds a stray dog, helps a man being stoned and gives him a heart, finds a guy that is ugly because he was cursed by a demon. Then the little boy visits the demon but he can't hear his curses and screams so the demon can't curse anyone else. Okay so don't make up some bullshit story that 'the rest of the songs will tell the story' because they won't. And this isn't the wizard of oz. do you see a tin man? Do you see an emerald city? Do you see a wizard? No me neither. Because this isn't't the wizard of oz. to the reviewer lalala: you are wrong it isn't about that, you should be murdered. To reviewer daantje: you are so dumb and wrong, you should be murdered too. And to reviewer guru: we know where to find the song you are no help, it's so great to have you alive and wasting oxygen. Just no.

Amazing | Reviewer: Lozzy2003 | 6/11/13

It's amazing mostly because its following the story of wizard of oz! People are saying that it isn't the full story! There right it isn't, naughty boy said that all his next sound is going to tell another part of the story so then when all his songs are out it will tell the full story :) hope this solve the problem :)