Great! | Reviewer: Kate | 7/22/07

I heard this song a very long time ago and recently saw it in an advert which had me singing. It is a catchy song which is great for a really long time.

staring at the blank pagebefore me | Reviewer: stef__! | 7/21/07

wel this song is cool the lyrics are infectious and the tune gets stuck in your head completely and indefinitely the more you lisen to this song the longer the tune is in your mind
thanks tash!!!

This song is OK | Reviewer: ekke | 7/17/07

The words are to hard to remember to this song. I can only remember the first few words of the chours.

excellent | Reviewer: jessica | 7/18/07

i thought the song was great and i love all the other songs that she does aswell especially unwritten

fantastic song | Reviewer: yosif | 7/16/07

I love the song! It's FANTASTIC, and it brings to me really emotion momments, btw I'm bulgarian! :)

Anduniel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/07

It´s a very special song for me. It gives me happiness when the day is grey. I love it.

error | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/12/07

i'm italian, but in my opinion it says "inhibitions" not "inner visions"!
the anonymous italian girl

Love the song but.. | Reviewer: Hannah | 7/11/07

I totally love this song! But Adrianne and the previous reviewer were right, it is "inhibitions", not "inner visions". I love the song!

les souvenirs... | Reviewer: TClems | 7/10/07

the memories associated with this song... it's... it's like a flood of emotions... i... i love this song...

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/07

i luv it .. i have a video of me singing it on youtube. its awsome song!! x :D x

Unwrittin | Reviewer: Fern | 7/8/07

It says Inhibitons when you have put inner visions. I checked other websites aswell

UNWRITTEN | Reviewer: laura | 7/8/07

i think that this song is fantastic , i like it very much , i´m spanish :D

U r rong | Reviewer: Liz <33 xoxo | 7/9/07

the song says "release ur inhibitions" NOT ur inner visions. OMG!

So GOOD! | Reviewer: alex trung huynh | 7/10/07

that's what i can say about this song! So good! So awesome!

OMG! | Reviewer: Liz | 7/8/07

Omg i LOVE this song. I get freakin goose bumps when i listen to it b/c it reminds me of my bf. This is really weird b/c charlie kissed me for the first time while we were slow dancing to this song, just like kaith! anyway... xoxo this song!