this song is awesome | Reviewer: laurz | 5/25/07

Although this song is pretty old now, i found it in my music list & HAD to listen to it. It brings great vibes :)

HOPE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/07

I've been studiying my whole life. I became a suurgeon but my boss didn't accept that I was a woman and made my life impossible. I finished my speciality the best and I decided to start a new speciality to improve the field I chose. It was the most difficult decission I've ever had to choose. As the song says, no one else can feel it for you.Fortunately, I've just started a new residence just now. My boss is a woman and is one of the best in my country, she agrees with investigation and doesn't make jokes when you're worried about the patients. The song gives me strenght to go on and also shows hope and illusion. Thanks Natasha for making everyday possible !!!!

about this song unwritten | Reviewer: jessx....x....x....x | 5/25/07

this song is ace man! i cant stop singing it n mi m8 vanessa r always singing it its the best song i knew dis was a gud sond ever since i heard it dis is the best sond i erd from a mile off!!!!!!

this is all truezz | Reviewer: katherine | 5/22/07

oma god yo dis song itz all true every last word of it n yes jessika itsz me katherine 4rom the passaic high school n u no katherine my best friend the other katherine

This song iz kull | Reviewer: Mercy | 5/20/07

This song is so kull and the words r lovely. I love all of Natasha Bedingfield's songs.

Great! | Reviewer: Emma | 5/21/07

when i heared this song for the first time it just left me speechless!great song ppl! it transmits me joy and i feel really good when i hear it even when im in a bad mood!

great | Reviewer: michelle | 5/21/07

as soon as i heard it i knew it was giong to be a big hit. everyone loves the song!i knew that this had to do with life when i first heard it, because natasha was saying that only you could can feel it if someone is bullying you only you could feel that you are upset, not them.

SoFiA De aRgEnTiNa!! | Reviewer: Sofia | 5/18/07

i'm sofia from arg. and I don't speak very well engish so i'm going to make this msm short:
I LOVE THIS SONG!! It's really fantastic..the lyric, everything!!

loving it!!! | Reviewer: casey | 5/15/07

I just love it !!! after I first heard it I started singing along ...
This song taught me to forget fear!!

start bouncing!!!!

Great!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/15/07

I loved it, it just was the best song EVER!!!! The words are really inspiring!!!!Thank you to NATASHA and the author it was awesome!!!!!

Unwritten | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/12/07

Very good song. Very addictive with a catchy beat. The songs keeps playing over and over agian in your mind.

Best song ever | Reviewer: clarissa | 5/14/07

This song is the Best! going through a separation after an 8 yr relationship and everytime I listen to this song it gives me the Boost and strength that I need to get through the day. I just turn it up and sing and I feel better.

-- | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/07

this song is so optimistic.. the rythm the lyrics everythin is great..cheers u up everytime u hear it..n the vid clip is magical -perfect

Inspiration | Reviewer: Drantel | 5/9/07

This song can give anybody inspiration to do what they want to. It gave me inspiration to go back to college to get a better job than I had. I have 3 children ages(18mths, 3yrs and 5yrs) and they all adore this song. I am poor but still adore her. Inspiration was all I needed while I was going back to school(I just graduated 1 month ago but when I started college 4yrs ago,I had a 1year old to look after aswell as 12 hour days with school and then part time jobs) Thank you for writting this song. I feel like it is dedicated to me because It has helped me through so much. I love it so much I almost think it could babysit my kids I trust and know it so well. Thank you for also listening to my story of my life with this song and caring for me in tough times.

gr8 | Reviewer: lina | 5/9/07

wooow wat an amazin sng rlli it js wnt u to fly da mint i hrd dis sng i js felt lik i wanna dance n flyy rlli gr8