Dis album is amazin!!!! | Reviewer: ME! | 1/29/2008

This album is indiscribeable..... it is soo inspirational to me.... frogs aand princes and wild horses are my faves! they are sooo amazin... but da best is without a doubt were all mad. It made me realise that people may think im strange... but they are too!!!
Thank u Natasha!!!

shes great......... | Reviewer: suhada | 8/21/2005

im so suprise when i first time heard were all mad.i love that song.its so meaningful to me.its really taught me how to be understanding girl.it says'were all made in our own way,fill the sky with different shade,read the story on each page,it reveals the meaning'i guess im not going to write the whole song.i do hope she will read this review.last butnot least ilove u natasha..........

hiiiiiiii :) | Reviewer: hrista raleva | 1/16/2005

hi.. I don't know who's going to read that what I'm writing here but anyway.. :)
first I wanna say that I'm learning English from three months and I'm not very good.. perhaps you will find many many many mistakes but that's the best I can:))
I just wanna say that this album - UNWRITTEN - is one of my favourite albums. I like Daniel Bedingfield but Natasha Bedingfield is the singer who I like the most!!! she's new and that's her first album but I think she's giong to overbear stars like britney spears, christina aguilera, anastacia and other...
and at last I just wanna say one big THANK YOU to Natasha Bedingfield for making the song UNWRITTEN because this song help me to make my life better.. the song SINGLE helped me to get over my fears of single status.. :)
and the song THESE WORDS bring back the joy to my life because before that I was just a girl in the small small small small country Bulgaria and I was so unhappy that I didn't want to get up at mornings...
from the happiest girl in Bulgaria and in the whole WORLD:)))