OMG! | Reviewer: Liz | 7/8/07

Omg i LOVE this song. I get goose bumps when i listen to it b/c it reminds me of my bf. This is really weird b/c charlie kissed me for the first time while we were slow dancing to this song, just like kaith! anyway... xoxo this song!

-Chuckle- | Reviewer: Adrianne | 7/7/07

The first reviewer was right, yes, it is "Release your inhibitions!". Er, and its "Clear in my mind", not "Can't read my mind".
I really do like this song. =)

possible correction | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/07

I think the song says "release your INHIBITIONS" not "release your INNER VISIONS"
I could be wrong but I thought I'd mention it...?
Great song :)

crazy about it | Reviewer: rose | 7/4/07

i just love this song, it makes me in great mood,it makes me feel great when i am in a bad mood, when i hear this song everyone have to be quiet, i just LOVE it!!!!!

thanks Natasha

Unwritten | Reviewer: emma | 7/1/07

this song is excellent. it has alot of meaning. and describes a great feeling of tellin gthat special someone, just how you do feel.

love it! | Reviewer: anaqueen | 7/1/07

love this song. makes u feel like u can accomplish anything u want to. n it also makes u feel gr8 bout urself.

i LOVE this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/07

i love this song like i never heard iit before but still like i really trealy LOVE it<3

The BEST!! :) | Reviewer: Mystique | 6/28/07

I love that song! Whenever I here it on the radio, I want to get up and dance to it! I wish that it was always on the radio, it is that AWESOME! :)

this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/07

it's fantastic...only it makes me smile in hard moments

good memories | Reviewer: kaith | 6/26/07

this song brings to me a looooooottttt of memories... with my friends and my boyfriend, 'cause i was dancing with him thid song when he first kissed me!!! ron i really love u!!

about the song unwritten | Reviewer: kiralynn | 6/27/07

I give this a five because my cousin showed me this song and it just makes me feel sad because im adopeted and im only aloud to write to my brith parents but I have like noting to say so the piece of paper is blank with noting on it.

just WOW <3 | Reviewer: Chanel. | 6/22/07

it's amazing.. i'm happy just hearing "unwritten".
this song sounds great ! lyrics are good, music too.
I love it. And those 3minutes remind me someone... my first tru love <3 MY GOSH !

OMG! | Reviewer: jen | 6/20/07

This Song Is The Best! I LOVE IT! ROCK ON!

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/07

this song just cheers me up and makes me think everything is possible and keeps me from thinking about the bad things that happen in my life..
just for four minutes ^^

woah | Reviewer: none | 6/16/07

natasha is a beautiful girl with lots of talents and she is very young. anyone who listens to this song WILL get a boost of confidence and will love it alot and ,listen to it all the time!