Love This Song! | Reviewer: Tammi Bivans | 6/12/13

This song is an incredibly moving piece. It's inspirational, uplifting, optimistic, and thought provoking. I don't care if its a bubble gum song, either. This song means that your life is an open book with blank pages and you have the freedom to write your own story. I don't believe that you can put an age range on this song or any other song. It's important for everyone to listen to and appreciate a wide variety of music, regardless of age.

Illuminati | Reviewer: DEE | 2/9/13

This song is so illuminati that not even funny....the lyrics are decieving, sounds beautiful but what is really saying is...."do what you will" - satanic only rule of thumb.
It's pretty much telling you (behind beautiful words and female singer....and a catch song) the same lie the serpent told Eve in the Garden of Eden.
Steading of "open up your dirty window"...look at life through the light of God's Word (the Bible).

i love this song | Reviewer: grace | 4/11/11

the first time i hear this song when i saw the movie of the ice princess,its a nice movie same as the song thats why even now my hand phone ringtone was still the same (unwritten ) i love it so much thanks natasha for sharing your talent and giving inspiration of every people who admire your musics so keep it up we support you

Cool song | Reviewer: Damilola Elegbede | 9/7/10

I heard this song while watching HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL "GET IN THE PICTURE". Was mimed by three nominees...Stan,Tierly and Isaac. I fell head over heels in love with this song.
This is really COOOOOOOOOOOL.....

unwritten | Reviewer: Linda Green | 3/23/10

Natasha wrote this song for her brother's 14th birthday. She did not have a present for him so she wrote the song. It simply means exactly what it sounds like. Someone young life just beginning, no big mystery. This was the explanation she gave on the Ellen DeGeneres show last year.

Beautiful Song.. | Reviewer: Sham-ath | 12/13/09

The song compares ur life to that of a book that is not written...a book can be anything: creative,imaginative,old,new, depends on who writes this case you do.
What the song is trying to tell you is you make something out of your life, and its going to be what you let it be. You are always open to new boundaries, ideas and possibilities. "Open up the dirty windows"...i think it means..don't hide your true self..'let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find' means find hope and inspiration from all around you..because its there..and you just need to find it. No one else can be you..and your life won't be over till you die..till then..your story is unwritten..a book in progress..just be yourself..release your up to the world.It will make a difference.
This is what i got out of the lyrics..i've just turned 20 last week..i have lived little..guess others can make much more of this.;)

positivity | Reviewer: abi | 8/30/09

I knew this song a while ago but I didn't remember it and I didn't know who sings it 'til I heard it on The Hills!!
It's amazing, it spreads positivity and it makes me wanna enjoy life and stop wasting my time in stupid things!!

my review of Unwritten Lyrics | Reviewer: Phil Kvasnica | 6/10/09

I have loved this song ever since it came out, and unfortunately, some deejays from the station I hear it on don't have any idea who sings it or what it's called! Sounds like this song is about freedom, about letting yourself be known, that you are important in this world and have a unique destiny. What's more, it has positive lyrics that are more profound than "ooh baby baby", or "pump the jam". Kudos to you Natasha!

"unwritten" defenders = crybabies | Reviewer: ( . Y . ) | 6/4/09

To reviewer from 4/30/09 -
Did you really just accuse someone of stereotyping others and then immediately after, make a blatant and presumptuous generalization towards that person? That's awesome. You DO realize that, if "opinions are never wrong", then that persons opinion of the song is just as legitimate as your own or anyone elses, even if you don't like it. The only thing amazing about that song is that it got any radio play at all. That person doesn't have to call you stupid, you pretty much just identified yourself as such.

The same basically applies to the rest of you who whine and cry when someone doesn't like a song that you do, and expresses why. If a moronic bubble-gum song like this inspires you so much, why is it that all you are inspired to do is complain if someone else isn't moved by it? Grow up and get over it, you pathetic crybabies. Welcome to the real world: not everyone is going to like what you like, opinions will vary, and you like crappy songs with no substance. End of story.

to the pessimistic person who enjoys insulting others | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/30/09

Okay; why do you think that you can stereotype people into one category? Not everyone is like you who enjoys insulting things, and others. This song is amazing, so you can just shut that annoying llittle mouth of yours, okay? And if you decide to reply back by saying that I'm wrong, and that I'm stupid, you should know that I'm not stupid, and I'm not wrong. Opinions are never wrong. So have fun sitting in your little pessimistic corner of gloom, stupid.

Guys | Reviewer: Caroline | 3/2/09

You guys know that it wasn't really Miley Cyrus who wrote that, right? It's just someone who wants attention.
Anyways, totally LOVE this song! We're having a project in music class, and I'm singing it since I'm so totally in love with it. :D I think the song just has such a power and that it is even better when Natasha sings it. She is an amazing singer who really gets all her power out there when she sings, and I think that is absolutly fantastic that she manages to do that with so little strain on her voice, because it certainly is not an easy song to sing. Many people, most likely including myself, will have pithproblems when singing this, but Natasha is so talented that she can just sing it and be absolutly amazing. I think she is absolutly fabuless, and this is her best song yet.

Miley ur not sexy so shut up!Natasha your talented | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/09

miley ur not hot or sexy so shut up.

OK, Natasha youre so talented.Your voice is amazing.I was suprised when i found out you sang this,I almost screamed.My teacher's ringtone is pocket full of sunshine it goes off a lot in class.When it first did we all looked around wondering and singing the song until she answered it.We kept on singing though

this song is rellay awsome | Reviewer: kikka | 11/7/08

that's crazy... i really liked this songs from the moment i heard it at the tv... natasha, you've got a special voice... and you're very good!!!please continue to sings songs like this, i always will love u!!!! kiss from an Italian girl..

ya | Reviewer: miley cyrus | 10/19/08

it is awsome i love it i asked natasha if i could sing it she said yes so my next world wide tour you will be hearing me sing it i know its incredible and ifcoure you are all boys right remember the picture i posted up on that site of my NAKED i look so hot and sexy!!!!!

good song lover:) no 1 on da corna has swagga like me!:) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/08

i love this song:)
but there could be more than one meaning to it
like she could be refering to a book as in a writer having writers block
or about someone living their own life
this is the best song from her
i love songs that have meanings behind the lyrics
i just love her and her lyrics
idk how ppl can write such good lyrics:)