a very vibrant and lively song :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/19/08

This a great song. If ur just in a relaxing mood and you want something to lift ur spirits then this i the song to listen to. And if you really listen to the words and enjoy the song it makes you feel like you can do anything :)
Anyway thats just my opinion.

>>>To the anonymous person who thinks there so smart! :@:@<<<

Ok, if you don't like this song then fair enough you can express ur opinion but you don't have to go and ruin it for the people who do by "emphasising" every line and making it sound so depressing.
And no it doesn't make you smarter that you don't know what true lyrics are.
After all you sound like a robot with no feelings anyway. Like seriously get a life and find somethign better to do.

Anyway that was the main reason i thought i would post this review to express my feeligns to the robot :)

oh woops soz 4 da abreviatins nd mispeling som ppl jst rnt as smart as u r dey?

xoxoxox | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/08

you know when somthing has made you really really sadd and quite upset, you feel you can barley breathe and your eyes are sore and red because your trying so hard not to cry, then you hear a song... for the few minutes that song plays whatever you were thinking about or whatver was on your mind is no longer there and you are happy and singing along to the words and smileing and even start dancing and when that song is over your left wit a smile on your face and some how it puts you in a good mood, so you listen to it over and over again... its turns your day right bak around and is such a good feeling. i thank this song

Good night, and thanks for all the emo | Reviewer: Hugh Jass | 4/19/08

Congratulations. You've managed to turn major chords and meaningless scribblings, along with your cozy relationship with a soap company, into your 15 seconds of fame. Which based on your alleged talent, is about 14.999 seconds more than you deserve. Keep up the good work!

Smarter? | Reviewer: unwritten | 4/16/08

to those who just can't love this song, what made you think you guys are smarter?
You think the song says nothing? duh, you must be joking.
well there is a whole lotta thing you might wanna enjoy.

it is more than just a song | Reviewer: mks | 4/17/08

i do not only like the song but i have found that i love the song. the song is a sourse of uplifting my sprite. i wise natasha can make some thing like this in my local language. i love u, i love real music. natasha u are a sourse of great songs and life.

Song of the Heart | Reviewer: Guy | 3/30/08

Very good song. I've heard this song on the radio, but it really came alive for me and made me think about it after I saw the version on Live from Abby Road on Sundance. What a positive song, full of hope and longing for the next thing in life! The song conveys a feeling more than an idea and that really is what songs more than words alone can do. It's like dance or painting, true art leaves much up to interpretation.
Even though she has a religious and spiritual background, I think this song is breaking the "dirty window" of traditional religion and politics, and world views. Don't listen to what some say as this is "what is", experience this world and life for yourself. Come to your own conclusions. The most creative aspects of all of us come from releasing "the world" and breaking tradition.

Song of a free heart and mind | Reviewer: Guy | 3/30/08

I have heard this song on the radio, but it really came alive for me after seeing it on Sundance, Live from Abby Road. I decided to read a little about Natasha's background and read the lyrics carefully. Even though her background is religious and spiritual, I think she is trying to shatter "the dirty window" of religious, political, and world views by
creating a song of hopeful feeling. This is what a good song can do more than lyrics, convey a feeling. Truly creative people have to shake off the world and break outside of thierselves and everything that everybody says of what is.

fAnTaStIc! | Reviewer: Nikki | 3/2/08

This song is amazing! It has so much meaning to it. I love this song! Natasha Bedingfield is such a good singer! I am going to try to sing it and post it on YouTube! wHaT a dOrK is my YouTube name! Look for me! Love this song!

fabulouss lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/27/08

hi.. am from dvo.. this lyrics really fits to me.

nice one.. have a nice day to all...xoxoxo .. love you mine hope we can see each other again.. ur always here in my heart no matter what happen..

inspires me so much | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/08

yes..this song is very good and very alive..to that person who doesn't like this song..it's ok to dislike something, but you sounded so cranky with your words.. Anyway, if you're smarter than the rest of us, I challenge you to make one song that would make all the great singers and poets drool...if you can't do that, then shut up and stop talking about grammars and stuff.. Just do something good with your time..

superficially pleasant, intellectually insulting | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/3/08

On a surface level, this seems to be a pleasant song with a "feel-good" vibe that appears to be singing about enjoying life or its experiences and what the future may hold but nobody knows, blah blah blah, etcetera.

But if you really think about it, she is saying absolutely nothing, and you suckers are lapping it up like a candy-coated turd. Really, Natasha? the future hasn't happened yet? Hang on, let me go write this down. Release my inhibitions? Yes, I always accept personal advice from vapid pop stars, thank you. And nobody can feel the rain on my skin for me, or speak the words on my lips? Wow, thats groundbreaking. Here, let me build on that for you: No one else can puke for me after I get sick from hearing this crap, no one else can get back the 3 minutes of my life that are lost forever after wasting my time with this ridiculous and trite song.

If you like it, thats your business. The mass production of pointless filler thrives on the less than discriminating tastes of people like you, while encouraging you to believe that you have taste in the first place. In addition, it is people like you that are necessary to provide the lower levels of the music appreciation pyramid, while elevating that of truly higher substance, of which this is infinitely far removed.
No, I'm not a "hater", I'm just smarter than you and I see songs like these it for what they are. But go on, please tell me how wrong I am, and be sure to include the usual poor grammar, misspellings, and abbreviations of words that are only 3 letters long anyways while telling me how stupid I must be.

what this song means | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/08

thsi songs means that everyone makes mistakes and thats okay. sometimes you have to break free and take a risk instead of having everything planned. you are the person who can chose your future no one else can. you chose what you want to do with your life. if you have a dream go for it. dreams, after all, do come true.

The Future | Reviewer: Olivia | 1/30/08

i think that this song is full of meaning. To me personally, it says, "Life is what you make it." You live your own life, and no one else can take away the passion of living your own life. The future is empty; waiting for you to make it. No one can make your future for you. Hey everybody. I love life!

Back Off People! | Reviewer: CriticHater666 | 1/29/08

This is an amazing song in my opinion and in a lot of other people's too. Nobody said you have to like it. If you do like it you rock and if you don't then just keep your trap shut. And if you do say something about it then why do you have to be so NASTY about it?!

Futhermore, I think the saying " If you don't have anything nice to say,don't say anything at all", is not just for little kids and very much applies to you.....

school project | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/08

i need to find out the meaning of this song. For a school project... anyonenow the meaning??

by the way i really like this song...that's one of the reasons i picked this song!