unwritten | Reviewer: anonymous | 5/6/07

everytime i hear this song it puts me in a good mood. if im feeling not very good i just put this song on and my moods better!!!!!!!!! woohoo thanks Natasha!

thanks natasha! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/7/07

this song pulled me through an awful period of depression last year... I used to hear it every morning to help me start the day. Now I'm better and I love this song even more, for the energy and inspiration it gave me to start again! music can be so powerful...

AWESOME! | Reviewer: the special one | 5/7/07

I love this song! it's inspires you in every aspect!
lifts my spirit up every time I hear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/07

this song is sooo amazing and i love to look up the lyrics and just sing away... what a moving song

yeaaaah | Reviewer: awesome random!! | 5/2/07

hah this song is so cute, makes me smile, and feel as though i can do anything.. it rocks x

Unwritten, more than a song | Reviewer: Tolden | 5/2/07

Long time before I heard something so refreshing. The song makes you want to get out and live, no matter if it rains outside.

Sparks | Reviewer: So. much alike | 5/4/07

I Love this song... it immediately made me spark and sent a shiver down my spin. Its represnts my life in a way... And i must say it also really represents a book a book " Noughts & Crosses" by Malorie Blackman... and it just works perfectly for that book... But this is one of those song i could listen to for ages and not get tired of it!! AMazing!!!!

Shirley Peter-Point | Reviewer: Shirley Peter-Point | 5/2/07

When I heard this song I sang to it and my voice surprised Canadian Idol And I almost got through. Because of the song that brought up my life better it makes me feel like i can do anything if I try it,I mean like everything.So far i did Fashion modeling,music(Everything),Writing(stories,poetry,etc),and many more.

i love this song! | Reviewer: poppy | 5/1/07

when i went to florida last month it was on the radio EVERY morning and i feel in love with it. now my whole family knows the words! we all ended up singing it in the mornings on the way to disneyland lol
luv it!!!

Confidence | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/30/07

This song has given me so much confidence in public speaking. Whenever I have to speak to a large group this song runs through my head and I do great. What a great song.

best soong ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/07

this si absolutly the best song eva im doing it fora talent contest and we just had practic and ever one was clping it was awsome

Awesome Natasha | Reviewer: Pinkie-Person | 5/4/07

I just love this song and it just makes me feel good when I hear it. I sing it all day long and I just love it!! This is the most awesome song I've ever heard!

me and some friends are singing this in a pop concerte!!!!! | Reviewer: sally | 4/27/07

thank you so my natasha for writing this song even my teacher loves it...... WAHOOOOOOOOOOO

magic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/07

This is the best magical song ever1 I could just feel teh magic@!!!1

Fantastic | Reviewer: Cristhian | 4/24/07

Me encanta!!!! I had to say that in my mother tongue. I love it!!