wow | Reviewer: hannah | 8/4/07

wow she is amazing the first time i listened to this song i was like wow

its 1 of my fav songs for sure!!!!!!

Wow | Reviewer: | 8/5/07

I can sign this song infront of a crowed because it represents me, i won hospitality idol with this song! :)

So Touching... | Reviewer: Holly Hanson | 8/3/07

Wow, this song makes me feel like I can accomplish has touched me in a way, some way that no other song has before, thanks!!!

Great! | Reviewer: Anna | 8/1/07

This song is one of the best I know. Everytime I feel bad I just have to listen to it and then I feel better. So great!

Gives me power | Reviewer: SteeveJack | 8/1/07

It's a great song that when ever i feel down or gives me new strength to carry on no matter any disappointment..It tells me i can make my on life the way i want it to be.

Favourite song EVER! | Reviewer: Jenna | 7/31/07

Wow, this song is amazing, i loovvee it!. Definatley my favourite. I cannot stop singing it lol.

One of the greatest songs ever! | Reviewer: kitty | 7/30/07

I've been struggling with depression for years and hearing this song helped me out of. Whenever I get pulled down back into that pit I just listen to this song and it screams at me to go on living again. I am very grateful for this song. It reminds me of living again.

Bravo! | Reviewer: Dana | 7/30/07

I love this song! It has just the best sound and It makes me feel like there is always a tommorow! no matter how old!

huge meaning | Reviewer: semih | 7/27/07

this lyrics are absolutely incredible!!!they have huge meaning.this means " you are not alone:),always be with yourself"

Katie | Reviewer: Katie | 7/26/07

this is my favorite song EVER
it gets me through any hard time
not gonna lie its my ring tone

yeah | Reviewer: Berenice | 7/23/07

wow this is a great song!
And the performer sings it
so nicely, the tune is great
i love it!!

very nice!! wow!! | Reviewer: joanzzz | 7/24/07

i can relate in this song!! it's really great and I love its message!! i think it must be "inhibitions' and not "inner visions" coz slightly slang!! heheh but still I love it!! mwaaaaahhhhh..

makes me sad! | Reviewer: frank | 7/23/07

this was the song they sang at my graduation... 6-28-07...everytime i hear it it gives me chills cause it brings back memories from that day.

aloha | Reviewer: Storm | 7/24/07

it is a lovely song but the lyrics here are lil bit off...but thats kool! :p instead of inner visions"" it is inhibitions"" also instead of within conditions"" it is we've been conditioned"" thankyou x peace out!

i like to review the second last paragraph. | Reviewer: Anika is my name | 7/22/07

At the end of the second last paragraph i thought the visionnnnnnnnnns part did not sound right when i sang to myself but everthing else if the best!i love the song